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  1. This is is a relaunch of the same idea I had along time ago. Basically its similar to the anime known as "Fate/Zero" only with Dragons instead of RPG archetypes. As well as a different premise. Here's the story.


    Thousands of years ago Eight Dragons fought for dominance over the world with little to no regard for the destruction they caused and the humans that possibly got caught in the crossfire. Their conflict nearly drove the human race into extinction, until a young mage from a sisterhood of monks rose up to speak to them. She urged them to hold their conflict so that man cold restore them selves, naturally the dragons were reluctant but the girl proposed a deal to them. She would seal them away in separate realms to restore them selves every 200 years while the human race has a chance to rebuild their homes and raise their numbers. In exchange after 200 years have passed, humans will free them and aid their cause to fight for and obtain a powerful relic... The holy sword Excalibur, which will grant the winners of this "Dragon War" EACH a single wish as well as the right to rule the world until the end of the human's life span. The Dragons accepted the terms, and since then the human race was able to prosper and grow more efficiently while the dragons where able to continue their conflict. The time for the Next Dragon War is close at hand? Who will win the Holy sword?


    is short, humans summon dragons, they help them fight other dragons, get the sword, and have any wish they want granted along with the dragon's wish. The winning human then rules the world with their respective dragon until the human dies causing their dragon to return to their respective realm. The human race then gets 200 more years of peace until the next dragon war and then the whole thing repeats. Each dragon has control of an element, and there are Eight dragons in total. Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Nature, Ice, Light and Darkness. That means there are a total of eight summoners. . .

    Now for the Rules...

    1. You can and MUST have two characters, one human and one dragon. No exceptions.
    2. You CANNOT control the same human who controls your dragon. I.E, you can not have The Fire Dragon as well as their summoner. its either one or the other.
    3. Each dragon requires a tribute to be summoned, no two dragons have the same tribute.
    4. Dragons, DO NOT GOD MOD! you may be powerful but you are NOT invincible
    5. If a Human dies, their dragon automatically loses the fight. And Vise versa.
    6. ADULT LANGUAGE WILL BE USED! If you do not like it get the fuck out.
    7. Grammar is a thing, please use it. I am not a grammar Nazi but I am sure some of you are.
    8. Respect others, attack their CHARACTERS not them.
    9. A human can only use their crest to forcibly order their dragon 5 times.
    10. All dragons have "Self transfiguration magic"... in short they all have a human form. A dragon dose have the tenancy to stick out these days after all, So best to have a way to disguise your self from the "Non-players"
    11. The mage from the sisterhood long ago is still alive (she is immortal) an is under my control, as an NPC. Do not mistake her as an actual player of the game.
    12. I am the GM, my word is law.
    13. Your dragon only gets ONE element
    14. Have fun.
    15. To assure you read ALL the rules leave the phrase "Great Dragon, I summon you!" at the end of your human CS.
    16. Dragons can speak any human language, but for their own tongue use This translator to rewrite what you want to say in their language. ONLY DRAGONS (and the mage from the sisterhood) CAN SPEAK THE DRAGON LANGUAGE
    17. Dragons have all kinds of magic that is affiliated to their element. For example the Darkness dragon has shadow manipulation and necromatic powers while the Light dragon has light powers and poison immunity.
    18. You may have control over any number of NPC's, just be sure to keep track of them all.


    Now for CS(s)


    [Image] (optional)

    Name: (Obvious what goes here)
    Title(s): (what is your dragon known by through out history?)
    Gender: (M or F)
    Element: (What is your dragon's Element?)
    Age: (How old is your dragon? There is a MINIMUM of 10,000 years)
    Crest: (Put a link to an image here for what the dragon crest looks like, this WILL be imprinted on your summoner's hand)
    Dreago-skill: (What is your dragon's Super power? This can only be used three times per fight)
    Dreago-soul: (What is your dragon's ULTIMATE power? this can only used once per fight)
    Bio: (Back story here)
    Other: (Extra information here [optional])


    [Image] (optional)

    Name: (Obvious)
    Age: (How old are you, No younger than 16)
    Gender: (M or F)
    Nationality: (where are you from?)
    Element: (what Dragon did they Summon?)
    Status: (what are you in the world? A Celebrity? A Student? Something else?)
    Bio: (Backstory here)
    Other: (Extra Information here)


    My chars


    "zofaas lund do jul fen neh viir wah ofanjiik zey."
    "The fearful nature of humans will never cease to entertain me."
    Name: Malitaar

    Title(s): Saurus-Bane, The 1000 Dragon, suldaan mel

    Gender: M

    Element: Darkness

    Age: approx. 75,000 K

    Crest: Here

    Dreago-skill: Dragon Necromancy. Malitaar can summon a skeletal dragon to fight by his side
    Dreago-soul: Reincarnate. when his body is destroyed, Malitaar's soul manifests it's self into a new one.

    Bio: Chaos, torment, fear, hysteria, destruction, all this and more is what Malitaar strives for in this world. Never once has he the victor of the dragon war, but this time he is not going to pull any punches. Malitaar is a master of all sorts of dark magic and necromancy, conjuring vast armies of undead soldiers of past conflicts of human strife. But his most intriguing skill is his "Reincarnate" ability... to take on a new form after his current one has been vanquished. This has lead him to be quite the formidable foe in the past and even now makes him a dangerous adversary.


    "Dragon of Light, Please help grant my wish"​
    Name: Sabrina Prya

    Age: 17

    Gender: F

    Nationality: Paris, France

    Element: Light

    Status: Art Student

    Bio: Several weeks ago, Sabrina lost her mother to the blade of a serial killer. It broke her heart to see her go and even now she is stricken with grief. But when she found out about his "Dragon War" she needles to say switched her focused from art to magic to summon a dragon to help get the sword and grand her the wish to restore the life of her now late mother. Question is though, will it be granted?

    "Great Dragon, I summon you!"​


    And now for the Tribute requirements for each Dragon.

    FIRE- Anything flammable
    WATER- Something from the ocean
    AIR- Feathers from rare birds
    Earth- Metal
    NATURE- Flowers
    ICE- purified frozen water
    LIGHT- Something precious to the summoner
    Darkness- A sacrifice (this can be a human or animal)


    and Finally the Role Call of all the Roles taken.


    Darkness: Malitaar - @TyranntX
    Light: Zurielis @daniel reaver
    Fire: @Melon
    Water: @EternalSnow
    Earth: @Krimp
    Air: @Crow
    Nature: Phasirah @-Vesper-
    Ice: @kimsim12


    Darkness: Tyler @-Vesper-
    Light: Sabrina @TyranntX
    Fire: Isabella @daniel reaver
    Water: @Crow
    Earth: @Melon
    Air: @EternalSnow
    Nature: @kimsim12
    Ice: @Krimp


    and that's it, just follow the rules and sign up. It's first come first serve here so do not ask for roles that are taken. Thank you for showing interest :)
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  2. Might I reserve the darkness aligned human and a dragon with the nature element? Also just to be clear about it, I take it this is occurring in modern times? I know you mentioned it's like Fate/Zero, but I wanted to make sure.
  3. Question: How does Earth survive these dragon wars, century after century, and is there really a Paris if this keeps happening? Like, what does the world end up looking like as a result of this, and what does the scale of destruction/combat end up looking like for this sword? Who were previous victors, and how did they rule? I can't imagine they were all consecutively benevolent.
  4. You may, just be sure to have your CS's made soon. It more or less takes place in the sub-future as I have an idea that the previous Dragon War took place in WWII.

    Earth survives because they are given 200 years to recover after the human who wins dies of [Insert Cause here], So if a Human dies at the age of say... 136, then that means The Human race has 336 years to rebuild the damage caused. but f a human dies one year later, then the human race only gets 201 years to fix the damage.

    As for the scale of the destruction... It Varies depending on the War you refer to, For example one of the more ancient Dragon wars managed to cause the fall of Rome while one that was more recent left most of the world unscathed. Ultimately its up to our imagination, but just know it has never been to bad that contrary didn't have enough time to recover after a Dragon war.

    And as for previous winners... There Were a total of eight Dragon wars in the past. The First took place in the middle ages, Where it was the Dragon of light and their partner "Alexander The Great". Needless to say his short rule was a peaceful one, a Good king being aided by a good dragon tends to have a happy ending. The next war Took place in roughly 120 BC. Where the winner was a Roman Warrior And Their partner the Dragon of earth, This warrior wish for eternal youth so he could live to fight for his nation form all invaders, but he died from disease in the year 276 AD. leading the next Dragon War to begin 200 years later. That means that the Earth Dragon and their summoner ruled for 399 years, giving the human race a grand total of 599 to fix the damage. The Next war too place in 476 AD, The Romans thought that since The Earth Dragon had won the last War that they would win again and protect their nation from falling. But they were Defeated by the Darkness Dragon and their nation fell, it was the Dragon of Ice who won this Dragon War. Their human Wished for the next dragon war to be SKIPPED 400 years causing the next war to start roughly 1100. Richard The First was the winner of The fourth war and his partner was the Dragon of Fire, Richard also wished for eternal youth so he could rule his nation forever, and the Fire dragon (out of made deal he made with another dragon) wished that the next war would take place roughly 1330 AD. It Did, and because of that it sparked the "100 year War" the longest Dragon war in recorded history (you cannot die of old age when you have a crest... also guess who caused the Bubonic Plague). The Nature Dragon was the winner who wished with her partner that The plague would never be used again. And so it came to pass and the next War arrived 200 years after he human died as planed. How ever The human in question died the same year as the war so Dragon war Number 6 took place in the year 1653. Where the Winner of the war was the Dragon of Water, who's partner decided to "Prank the Future" and wish the next dragon war take place 150 years after he died. The seventh Dragon war took place in 1820 and the Winner was The Air Dragon in the year 1823 and their American partner (If you took history I think you know what was going on at the time).. But another Deal with a Dragon was made causing the the eighth and most recent Dragon war to tale place... During WWII. The Dragon of Light Was the Winner with and American Partner in 1945. it is Now 2145 (I did say this took place in the Sub-future) and the next winner is TBD.
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  5. I think I may go for the Ice Dagron.
  6. okay and what Summoner would you like, Rules state you have to be in control of a Summoner and a dragon.
  7. I'm interested, if you'd have me?
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  8. sure, we still have plenty of room. Just read over the rules and make your characters :)
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  9. I was thinking on it. Instead, I think I'll take the Ice Summoner and the Fire Dragon.
  10. alright The slots are reserved, Please be sure to get your character sheets made soon. Thank you for your quick response :)
  11. [​IMG]
    "Where will you live once you've drained the world dry...?"


    Feykro Vahlok, The Forest Guardian, Man-eater



    100,000k, though the dragon has remained dormant for most of those years.


    Ensnaring Vines- Summons strong, thick vines that entangle and bind the opponent in their grasp.

    Tree of Life- Calls upon a colossal tree which erupts from any terrain; it can be used as an obstacle or shelter in the midst of battle, and as long as it remains standing, Phasirah can recover health while resting on it's roots or branches.

    Phasirah despises mankind for what destruction they have wrought upon their natural resources, forests and wildlife. In a time before the treaty was made, she once swallowed up many humans who entered her domain, earning her the name of "Man-eater" from those who feared her. The nomadic tribes knew better, they never ruined the land and so were allowed to co-exist safely under her watchful eye; to those people she became known as The Forest Guardian. Such tribes could not possibly last with the approach of the modern age and beyond, which upset Phasirah to watch as the man-made future unfolded before her over the thousand years that passed. Each time she returned it was worse. Humans had built over everything. Animals were driven from their habitats to make more homes for the men and women. It seemed that the Dragon Wars were never enough to cull the herd -- they procreated constantly while the dragons were sealed away, nearly driving their numbers to the brink of over-population. Needless to say, Phasirah does not like working with her human summoner, but she will concede if it helps her win this war.

    "It'll all be worth it once I win this war..."

    Tyler Wainwright Jr.



    California, U.S.


    Police Officer

    Born into a family tradition of law enforcement; his grandfather, James Wainwright, still serves as the Chief of Police, while his father, Tyler Sr., was forced into early retirement due to a spinal injury he suffered in the line of duty which made him wheelchair bound. The young Tyler has tried his best to make the world a better place, but by now he knows that the evil in this world will never really be eradicated by any normal means. It would take divine intervention to change the shape of society, to tip the balance of power in favor of those who need it the most. In time, Tyler turned to religion looking for answers, and when he found none that satisfied him, he turned to alternative teachings. He learned of pagan gods and among them was the word of the Dragon War. It wouldn't hurt to try, Tyler thought. It was the least he could do in his attempt to salvage this ruined world, so he started with his first sacrifice -- a man nobody would miss, because he was a criminal and deserved to be put to death anyway. Despite wanting a world without darkness in it, Tyler settled on summoning the dragon that embodied that very element for one simple reason; he saw how much stronger evil strived to win at all costs, so if he had to get his hands dirty to make a difference, it was worth it. The ends would justify the means... or so he liked to believe.

    To distinguish between Tyler Sr. and Tyler Jr., the son is often called by his nickname "Tyke", which he hates.

    "Great Dragon, I summon you!"​
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  12. Could I reserve the Ice Dragon and the Nature Summoner :D
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  13. Alright they are reserved for yo, please look over the rules and make your characters when ever you can :)
  14. I'll take the summoner for WATER, and the Dragon for AIR.

    For my Summoner, I'm thinking of making them a little tribal or something.
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  15. I won't be able to post my character until later. Weekend starts tomorrow, though. I should have time after work.
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  17. Some how I knew you would join this, and I'm happy you are here. The roles are now reserved for you and I am looking forward in seeing your characters when you have the time to make them :D
  18. Media coverage for the dragon war, coming live from one of our very own summoners.
  19. I'm liking what I see of your CS already.
  20. I didn't expect this to take off so quickly, we only need three more players. And I wold like to ask the next player who wants in that they Take one of the "EARTH" characters as it is the only element left that has both slots open. Any way, for those that ARE here. keep those CS's coming. I like what I'm seeing so far, don't forget to read all of the rules :D
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