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  1. Welp... With The Spyro VS Crash Death battle out on you tube, the Spyro Trilogy getting remastered, and a number of other things, you can say that I have dragons on the brain. So, I have decided to help put those thoughts to good use and make an RP about them. And what better place to do that then here on IWAKU. I'll give you an abridged version of the story here, and will improve on it in the OOC once I have enough interest. until then, here's the important things to know.

    A long time ago, Eight dragons fought each other for control over the earth. Their conflicts were so
    devastating, that humanity could barely survive the aftermath. So a priestess from a sisterhood of mages made a deal with the dragons, one that could work out for both their races. She would seal them in individual dimensions for 100 years, and after those 100 years eight humans will free them so that they may fight one another once again for the ultimate treasure... The Holy Sword Excalibur. The winners of this "Dragon War", would each receive one wish, and would rule the world until the end of the winning human's life span. when said human dies, the winning dragon is sealed back once again for another 100 years, and the whole thing repeats after.

    I will answer any questions that arise. But until then Just claim your slots and join me on discord. Here are a few early rules to give you an idea of what to expect and so that no one plays unfairly.

    Claim Rules:

    1. you MUST play as a Human Summoner AND a dragon. This means you will never have any fewer than 2 characters.

    2. If you want to play as multiple characters, you must BALANCE between Summoners and Dragons. This means you will never have an odd number of characters.

    3. You cannot pick the same Summoner as the Dragon you want. I.E, You cannot have both the Fire Dragon and the Fire Summoner.

    4. You can only play as a maximum of four characters.

    With That out of the way, I give you all the possible Playable Characters... It's first come First serve, so be sure to nab what you want quickly before some one else gets it.

    Don't Forget to join me on Discord


    Fire - Open
    Water- Open
    Sky - Open
    Earth - Open
    Ice- @Crow
    Nature - Open
    Light - @Lovers in Flames
    Darkness - @TyranntX


    Fire - Open
    Water- Open
    Sky - Open
    Earth - Open
    Ice- Open
    Nature - @Crow
    Light - @TyranntX
    Darkness - @Lovers in Flames
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  2. Out of curiosity, if this dragon war devastated humanity 100 years ago, why would anyone want to unseal them and restart it? I could see eight people who are power-hungry enough to restart this war, but I'd imagine the rest of humanity would be against releasing these dragons back into the world. They'd send armies to stop these eight from getting anywhere near these dragons. How is this dealt with in the RP?
  3. 100 years is a long time, that's longer than the average life span. During that time humanity is given the chance to rebuild and repopulate. and this didn't start 100 years ago... it's closer to 5,000 years ago.

    As to how it is these dragons are allowed to roam, Well Humans even in the modern world lack the technology to slay these eight dragons. They couldn't stop them even if they wanted to, not to mention they are summoned through a circle created by the summoner. In addition, ANYONE can summon these dragons so long as they have the knowledge to do so. So it would be a waste of resources to go on a wild goose chase to try and stop some one to summon a dragon, especially if said army doesn't know who they are looking for... and that's just for one person, never mind eight.
  4. I'd like to show interest but want to know what part of the rp is on discord
  5. Discord is just a sub OOC to help mitigate any issues or concerns that arise so they don't flood the IWAKU OOC
  6. I just have bad experiences with discord. Half the people join half don't so it's kinda chaotic
  7. If the alternative is having human civilization getting knocked back into the stone age for the 50th time, there would have to be a concerted effort to make sure that doesn't happen again. 100 years is not a long time: we still remember World War 1.

    I guess my next question is how is this RP played out. We start with eight summoners. The war ends with seven dragons sealed away, which only happens when the summoner dies. I don't see a scenario where this RP ends without seven dead summoners. Not that I mind: a battle royale scenario may be quite intriguing. But you should probably warn your player base that death is more or less inevitable if that's the case.

    Other question: Who is passing this summoning knowledge down? The only one left who knows is the winner. Once he/she dies, it's another 100 years before the summoning can begin. Who's left to teach the rituals?
  8. Well A dragon is only ever defeated in this scenario if they give up or if their physical form revives too much damage. And if either should occur they are sent to the realm they were originally sealed to. Summoners don't necessarily need to die for that to happen though it is a way to force a dragon back to being sealed..

    As to how players get this information... I'll leave it to the players for that, whether this is they find out by a family or relative who knew the previous winner or through some kind of book
  9. Understandable, But that's on them.... not so much the ones who join the discord.

    Be sure to claim your slots so no one else takes them from you
  10. Nature Summoner & Ice Dragon please.
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  11. Done and done, I have reserved them both for you :)
  12. This sounds interesting enough... what era do you have in mind? Is it more modern or medieval, for example?
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  13. The last Dragon war took place in WWII, So it will be in the near future... Somewhere along the lines of the 2050's
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  14. I want to be Light Dragon and Darkness Summoner
  15. Reserved, thank you for showing your interest
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  16. You're welcome!
  17. Hmmm, definitely different... so now I'm brainstorming lol not necessarily post apocalyptic though, correct? or perhaps a mixture? Should I start pming you if I have any more questions? lol
  18. Nah, not apocalyptic (that's what the dragons are for lol.)

    If you want to PM me about concerns you can. but you can also ask me on Discord