Dragon Crest [Interest Check]

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The Story

Long ago, Eight dragons clashed for control over the planet. The power of these mighty beasts was so great and so powerful, that the human race could barely recover from the ashes of their ruin. Before these Reptiles could wipe out man kind, a Beautiful Priestess from a circle of magi stepped forward to confront them with an offer. She would seal them away in separate dimensions for 200 years, and then humans from all around the world will use magic to summon them in gauntlet of combat to fight for a powerful relic. . . The Holy Sword, Excalibur. The winner of this gauntlet would rule over earth with their summoner until the end of their lifespan, after which the dragon would return to their dimension for another 200 years for the next gauntlet to begin. THIS was the start, of "The Dragon Wars".

The Summary

Yeah, it's another reluach, head here if you are interested.
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