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  1. I'm currently working on a dragon RP right now. The idea is of a council of powerful dragons from around the world convening to discuss how the dragons will react to the growing numbers, power, and knowledge of humans. It will probably be none too long, heavy on speeches, dealing, and diplomacy while light on adventure and combat. Players would be welcome to make characters with preconceived notions and strong opinions. The reason the council is meeting is because of a difference in opinions, some viewing humans as ignorable, some as creatures to aid, some as servants and some as cattle.

    I want players to develop their dragon's history with humans and also be ready both to defend that history and/or be open to change their mind. I don't have any preferred end in mind for this RP, it ends if the council makes a decision or my dragon(who convened the council) decides that they'll never make a decision and ends the council there. Either way I'll project this into an epilogue, so keep in mind that what you do will affect all of dragonkind. The fate of species rests on this meeting. But it's not all going to be the meeting, there'll be plenty of opportunity for private encounters to discuss things.

    This might not go over well, but something that it might work to do is to make it clear in the OOC who is going to be the big campaigners and who will be the voters, as it were, but I'm not sure how well people are going to take having two classes of PCs.

    So of course, interpersonal drama(former mates, offspring of another dragon attending the conference, enemies, et cetera) are welcome and players are encouraged to chat with each other to write them in. There's not going to be a lot of fighting, probably just one fight, but there's going to have to be a good in-story reason to make let it happen, as the point of the council is to talk things out.

    And again, it probably won't be some fifty-page epic. Just a relatively short thread heavy on the dialog.

    Anyone have any comments to make or ideas to share? Anyone interested at all?
  2. If you start it up, I'm totally in.
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  4. This sounds amazing ! <3
    Is there a in depth reason or explanation on how the dragon council got started though ? I imagine they aren't no 'newborns', must have a couple hundreds to thousands of years behind them, so there is a lot of history involve there, which makes it all that greater because your pretty much have to come up with their life story which is something I've seen people not look into that much in some occasions.

    For the setting, you mean the world as Earth ? Like with the normal continents and countries ? Also, would they be pure dragon or do they have a human counterpart ? The whole council idea is really interesting to say the least ( :
  5. All dragons at the council are the most powerful ones, the ones in control of what ever regions they make their home in. Definitely not no newborns. I'm still working on the history of the council, but dragons could have been from one of them up to all of them, but the only dragon who is guaranteed to have been to all of them is the GMPC who is... well, think of him like the Elrond of the game.

    The setting is not Earth but instead a fantasy world that, with the exception of a few details(The area where the council meets and the growing numbers of humans), I'm going to leave open enough for creative players to fill in if they choose. Only pure dragons will be there, but they could be capable of shapeshifting into a human. They would not do so at the council, but it could be a factor in their relationships with humans.

    And to everyone: I'm still working on developing the setting. It may take a few days but I will get this posted, and I'd like to thank everyone for their show of support.
  6. Definitely want this up soon. It's a short-term type RP which is exactly what I need to get back into the groove. Also, I already have ideas for two Dragons, and will decide which one to use.
  7. I definitely call the Ancient and miserly red dragon who only gives a shit about profit.
  8. Sounds like something I could get in on.