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  1. The DBZ world! Goku and the others fight to save the world!
    (Vegeta will be my character because he is my favorite! :3)
  2. Gotten was hard at work training on earth in a jungle he had just had his 14birthday when his brother gohon pissed him off .. they got into a fight and he left . For almost a year he was training hiding from the world.

    You n didn't really care that his brother was mod over him dropping his birthday cake but today he felt something his birthday was coming up and he hadn't seen him in almost a year. He leaves his house in search of his brother
    (I'll play gotten and gohon
  3. ((Ok! You know what I think I may as well play Goku too XD))
    Goku needed to help Gohan find Goten... it has been almost a year since he last saw his son. So he caught up to Gohan easily and smiled at him, "Come on son. Lets go look for your brother."
    Vegeta stopped in the middle of his training once he sensed Goku's and Gohan's power level. He crosses his arms and smirks, "What are those two idiots doing?"
  4. he continued to train ... "blitz Kamekameha" (hope its ok he learned a new move all his own. ) with that he lowers his arm to an horizontal position.. three beams leave it a blue color with an clear aura around them .. one hits a tree one hits a rock and the last is embedded into the rock wall that stretches up 2 miles. each would have a great impact knocking the objects over or back. then exploading. .... what the blitz Kamehameha was . was a combination of the super Kamehameha and unnamed attack .. As they explode he drops to his knees and then pops a sensu bean in to his mouth.

    The sound "gohan .. dad its him do you feel that. " he looked to the right and saw the light not sensing any other being he figured he was training. his flight path changed as he headed in the direction . it was about 50 miles out.. he slowed down to think about what gotens reaction may be ....to seeing him. "dad if we fight you cant step in . let us fight."
  5. Trunks, who was out in that particular area that day as well, but in a different section of the area than the one Goten was in, one about 5 to 6 miles even further on, sits alone beside himself as he senses Gohan approaching the area from afar and senses Goku with him as well. He looks at a mysterious letter that he had found that early that morning while sorting some papers for his mother, the letter having some weird symbol at the bottom right corner and a line that was probably the only way to describe who the letter was meant for considering no identification was put on the letter but only the address, the line saying "To the Saiyan of the house". Trunks wonders who the letter could have come from and wonders how the mystery person could even know that there were saiyans at his home. He tucks the letter back in his jacket and just lays back and looks at the clouds silently.