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  1. To avoid awkward conversations, I'm looking for girl roleplayers! I'm a guy, and feel really weird playing sexy stuff with another dude! And READ THE PROMPT! If you ignore half of the things I put on here (this included), I'll deny your request. I play in first person and in PMs, can be talked into playing in a thread.

    So, I just got Dragon Ball Xenoverse and it's fun. It's weird, a sort of Zelda/JRPG style game where you play as your own custom character, and talk to NPCs with little next bubbles, going through time as some bad peeps screw up the various timelines from the show, and participating in some of the most famous battles in the series.

    I want to do some wild DBZ battles and whatnot. DBZ was my favorite show when I was younger, and it still is awesome to play through another game.

    So, we will be playing our own custom characters. There can be canon characters (we'll treat it like a movie sequence, where it 'happens' but it's never referenced in the show at all) that can train us or team up with us, but our characters will get together. Bottom line. I don't do relationships with canon characters, and I don't do fanservice/fanfic stuff(so no, Vegeta and Goku can't bump uglies.)

    We can also sort of handle it from the Xenoverse standpoint, where there are multiple races to choose from. First, humans of course, male or female. Second, Saiyans, male or female. Third, Majin's, male(bulbous like Buu) or female. There are Namekians as well, but only male, as well as Frieza's race, but again, only male.

    So sorry, but you're limited to human, saiyan, or majin (I'm not adverse to the female Majin, they're sorta cute in a chewing gum kind of way). But I'll be picking Saiyan anyway, so I won't be picking Namekian or Frieza-race(that's what they call it in game).

    So! Crazy awesome fight scenes, villains, alien planets, training with the best, cool clothes, all that sorta stuff. :) I'll have my list of kinks, and a CS for you down below.



    Kinks I enjoy (bold I enjoy more): Sub/(affectionate)Dom, BDSM, mind break, petplay, cat/cow/monstergirls (goes with petplay),slave,collaring, spanking , nipple play, lactation, harems (optional, but would be enjoyed), public, transformation, anal (not on me), deepthroating, yiffs/furries, assorted others.

    ^ These are all just things I like to do! We aren't limited to these and we don't have to use all of them! :)

    Limits: Blood, piss, shit, vomit, hardcore BDSM(can be discussed/explained), mutilation, ageplay, incest, assorted others.


    Your CS: (open)



    Disposition(Nice, sweet, shy, mean, bitchy, etc.):


    Eye color (you wouldn't believe how often I forget this fuckin' option...):

    Hair color/length:

    Cup size(Shrugs I like boobs, preferably DD cup to I cup):

    Body type(also like wide hips, large butt, nice thighs with long legs .__. But it's your character.):

    Skin tone/color(if not normal skin color):



    Moves(Nothing special, I can tell you some simple ones, so we can learn special ones later):

    Special Characteristics:

    Other(Stuff I should know that won't be in exposition later on):
  2. Stiiiiill looking.
  3. This struck my fancy. Action + Libertine from a favorite classic? Hmm....
  4. Well, interested? :) Send a message.
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