Dragon Ball Z (Ideas)

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    Im a huge fan of Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z/Dragon Ball GT. So I just thinking.. why not making a RP about it and see how many people join in on it.
    Imma start it out as a group RP, but if I can't get enough people like more then 2 (Including me) then were just make it a 1x1 for now till we get more.
    If your interested, just send me a Character sheet on which Character you wanna be with the name. I already know all the bio on the characters so the name will be just fine.
    You can pick from Villians to Heros.

    Im still debating on which scene I wanna start off with.

    Oh, and if anyone picks Videl, then there will be a romantic love relationship between her and Gohan.

    I'mma be Gohan, not because of the relationship, but because he is my all time favorite character. From Raditz to Cell. I mean he is just beast.

    Same goes with GokuxChichi VegetaxBulma

    During the RP, keep it legit, and make it like the Serious. If you don't know enough to do a RP about Dragon Ball Z, then either don't try or PM me and i'll give you as much info about it as I can.

    Hope to see how many invites I receive.

    Either PM me, or Comment on here.
  2. I love the entire series of DB,DBZ,DBGT too. I'm in^^

    Are OC characters allowed? Because I have a couple of OCs that I'd like to RP if they are. I know you said to make it like the series so I'm just wondering. If OC characters are allowed then I'll send you the character sheets for my OCs in my next post here.

    As for the character from the show I want to be, I want to be Krillan, and if it's okay to be more than one character I also want to RP the Supreme Kai. I love their characters^^

    Character sheet One
    Name: Krillian
    Class: Hero

    Character Sheet Two
    Name: Supreme Kai
    Class: Hero
  3. Your able to RP more then one character, just don't push your self to far though if you can't do 2 RPs.
    Also, it depends. Send me your OC.
    More then likely not, cause I wanna keep it original
  4. Okay thanks.^^

    And alright. I sent my OCs to you through a PM just now
  5. OC Character
    Name: Dale
    Bio: Son of Yamcha a human, and Ruka a saiyan, making Dale half saiyan. He has decent fighting skills but has yet to transform.

    There's Dale's character sheet^^
    And I updated my first post after you answered it earlier and I added Krillan and Supreme Kai's character sheets there so those two are in my first post.
    And I'll PM you when I'm ready to add Jimmiky's character sheet here and bring him into the RP.