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  1. Why of all other people it had to be her she wasn't ready not yet at least to leave her planet. Her planet was dying her and a few other left to try and survive. she winces as she place a hand over her side as she had huge cut there. she let out a sigh as she leans back in her seat of her small ship (that much like the Pod's) she didn't really have the much of a room on it. she try to get comfy but it was hard to breath or move. she pants out it was hard to breath and so she try to sleep maybe where she will be going maybe someone will help her, but little did she know that she was heading for a planet that has the world best fighter's. Soon her pod gets closer and closer to the bluest planet that anyone has seem.

    She had passed out from the pain so she had no clue that her pod as enter on earths when her pod has crashed land on the green grass of in the of a wasteland she had no clue that it had opened up and the lights flashing red. she looks so much like a human but there were things about her that didn't seem right for a human a Long Dragon like tail and Horns planted on top of her head.

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  2. Vegeta was on earth, having recently landed again after his humiliation at the hands of Kakarot, he had planned a surprise attack on the fool. Suddenly, he sensed something, someone else was entering the atmosphere.
    "Dammit, did Frieza send someone to stop me?"
    He saw the fire of it's entrance, he had to get there quickly lest the fool get there first. He flew as quickly as he could, arriving about two minuets after the crash. Acloud of dust portruded from the crater, obscuring his vision. He went down into the crater, something was wrong, he didn't need his scouter to tell the energy coming from within the pod was weak. He looked inside.
    "A woman?"
    He didn't have time to think, Kakarot could be there any second. He picked up the girl and ran for cover as quickly as he could without giving away his position. Before they knew it, they were at the ocean, far from where she had landed. He knocked over a tree and set her down on the leaves. Who was she? How was she here? Of course something hadto happen right when he was about to defeat Kakarot.

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  3. The young girl was like no one not even for the man who was in front of her. her long ears pointed out from behind her hair the horn's curled back around her ear's like a Ram or Sheep. her long thick tail look like a lizard it has scales at the base but only a bit as everything else is smooth. she may be wearing a tron outfit but her hands are full colored they were black with sharp claws and her feet look like meaning they the look as if they were a Dragon (meaning she stands on her toes if you know what i mean) they were black as well. She had no clue that she was picked up she was so out of it when he sat her down she let out a soft sigh, soon as his hands moved away from her. she slowly open her eyes as they brighten in the sun they are the most bluest eye anyone may have ever seen, when there eyes meet suddenly out of no were her tails came swing up in speeds and smacked him in the chest.

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  4. The girls eyes opened, they were a deep blue, like the waters of this world. A bead of sweat was about to roll down Vegeta's face when suddenly her tail came up and hit him in the chest, launching him back and burying him in the sand. He pulled his head out
    "Dammit! The hell was that for?!" he yelled, clutching his chest, it didn't hurt that much, he was a saiyan after all, but it was surprising that was for sure. He got up, anger still in his eyes.
  5. when he had look back at her her eyes had turned into a light green-ish blue. she looks around as she seems unsure about was going on or where she was. she looks back at him before glaring at him for a moment before jumping up in the tree and than hisses at him like a cat like. "Who are you where am i what's going on!!" she yells out at him as she seem sacred at the moment, her tail hangs down from the branch as it swing side to side. her craw dig into the wood as she holds to it. The color of her hands and feet are not black anymore there green like blue just like her eyes.
  6. Vegeta stood up, sand in his hair, he shook it out.
    "I'm going to answer one of those questions. I am Vegeta, Prince of all Saiyans!" Vegeta spoke proudly.
    "Now your going to answer one of my questions. Who are You? Hitting a prince in the chest...the nerve." He muttered the last part to himself
  7. The Female Dragon growled and snarl at him before her pointed like cat ear twitched "Saiyan?.....I know your kind" she muttered to herself before standing up on the tree branch before jumping down her toes standing up tall as her tail falls with a thud. she crosses her arms before slowly walking over to him "i never seen one but my clan talk about you all the time.....I never knew that Saiyans where so short and have receding hairline" she said as she takes a closer look of him, she never seen a Saiyan before and well if she really knew better she wouldn't pick on this man. The Princes of Saiyan is not a man anyone should make fun of he power and deadly he can anyone with a blink of a eye and kill anyone with out a care in the world. "I'm Kana from the Dragon Clan from the Planet Tio"
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