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  1. So.

    I'm really, truly craving a DBZ 1x1.

    Something surrounding Battle Of Gods or the Broly movies as they are some of my favourites. Saga-wise, I adore the Cell Saga.

    And, you could probably tell, Vegeta is one of my most beloved characters and I would like to do a 1x1 with an OC I have pre-made.

    I also like to talk with you while we're roleplaying! Either about the roleplay or anything in general, I'm all ears ^^
  2. Bumping, because I am still looking~!
  3. I assume you're still looking? I've just watched Battle of the Gods just the other night, and my favorite saga would be with Majin Buu. He's my favorite villain, other then Beerus of course XD

    Anyway I would like to try a DBZ rp out, kinda interested to see how this will work.
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  4. Great! PM me?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.