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  1. So this is like I said, this is a partner request for a Dragon Ball roleplay with shipping. I've been watching Dragon Ball Super and I want to roleplay my ships. I want a partner who doesn't have to be advanced but willing to help progress the story along. I want a partner to roleplay over Email.

    One quick note to mention, Sayians in all of my plots make animal like noises such as growling, purring, whines, etc... Young Sayians are called Cubs and imprint on male adult Sayiansthat are called sires.

    My ships and plots:
    Mpreg warning, uke Goku warning

    Vegeta mates with Goku only to get a full-blooded Saiyan child. They have a girl who has a combination of both of their Super Saiyan blue powers, how hard can it be to raise a female Saiyan like both Goku and vegeta, Vary hard.

    Mirai(future) Gohan x Mirai(future) Trunks
    Gohan as Trunks's sire, roles switch
    Gohan doesn't die, trunks gets there in time to help him. They flee after some fighting and the roleplay starts off with them hiding while Trunks tries to stop some of Gohan's bleeding.

    Trunks x Goten
    Both have tails in this AU
    Trunks and Goten go to school together, Goten gets jealous when a girl flirts with Trunks but doesn't say anything and the later goes to Gohan for advice.

    If you have any questions or just want some extra information, my PM is open.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.