Dragon Ball Alterverse: The Saiyan Saga

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  1. Welcome to the world of Dragon Ball, following canon with a difference.

    Goku was slain by Piccolo Jr. at the end of the World Martial Arts Tournament.

    This is a world without Goku, without Gohan. Piccolo Jr. remains a villain, slowly building an army of monsters and demons to wage war on the Earth.

    In the heavens above, the Saiyans detected Piccolo's growing power and are coming to Earth.

    Between the forces of Piccolo and Prince Vegeta, Earth is caught in the balance without a protector.

    New heroes must rise to take the place of those who fell.

    That could be you.
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  2. Sounds kinda interesting
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  3. Hmmm
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  4. I'm interested. I trust you.

    The thing about most DBZ RPs, especially nowadays, is that they don't offer me anything Xenoverse doesn't do better.

    The opportunity to have some fun storytelling in the setting, though...

    You've got my attention.

    Are we using dice? I'm open to dice if I feel the system is narrativist(like MHRP, but fat chance), but freeform is my strong preference.
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  5. Nondice, freeform.

    I am not anticipating players to fight each other, but collaborate on fighting a villain.

    If someone wanted to play a Saiyan, then we'd have to do more collaborating.

    Players may make OCs or select any character in DBZ/DB with the exceptions of Gohan, Goten, Pan, or Goku, as three of them wouldn't be born and one is quite dead.

    Trunks and other time travelers are possible as he can time travel.

    Theoretically, we COULD play Gohan/Goten/Pan/Goku via multiverse theory (since that was established in DBZ canon) but that would defeat the premise of the Alterverse.

    What I would really like to see is people playing minor characters to help replace the power vacuum left by Goku -- Garlic Jr, Popo, Kami, Korin, King Kai, etc.

    At one point, they were all considered strong, after all.....
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  6. How much series knowledge do we need? I've forgotten a few mechanics and story arcs here and there(still remember certain attacks).

    And are there limitations to playable races? Thinking of playing a Frieza Clan member. Based on plot outline, I'm presuming the Majin Race is still just one individual and thus is an unplayable race with the exception of reserving Majin Buu.

    Like mentioned above, we'll have to limit our characters for the sake of lore, since this is an alternate past, not the era of Xenoverse or Online.

    We can learn moves like Kaio-ken or Kamehameha later right? Those are naturally moves that my intended character cannot have at the start of the RP.
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  7. -Looks at Turles- Turles is the hero Earth deserves, but not the one they need.
  8. I'd be interested in this, but I have a question. Are human fighters like Krillin a common thing in this Alterverse? And if so, can they learn stuff like the kaioken and kamehameha like in Xenoverse?
  9. 1) It would be helpful to be familiar with DB and DBZ, not necessarily required
    2) Freiza Clan is fine. Since this is a universe starting out around the Saiyan saga, a Majin race wouldn't have been created yet (DBZ Wiki suggests that the Majin Race was born long after Majin Buu was introduced)
    3) Yes, you can learn kaio ken, kamehameha

    human fighters are as common as you want them to be; and yes they can learn kaioken and kamehameha
  10. I want in. As a Sayain. To screw around with Nappa. Like... XENOVERRRSE.

    I want in. And Please, tell me we can do moves like Nappa's giant's storm, and etc, as the series progresses.
  11. Hmmmm. What to be....I will probably be a Saiyan as well. Maybe a Frieza Clan member... o.o

    Turles Kill Driver
  12. Well, I wanted to be a sayain. but If there are too Much Sayains, I'll a Branch-Seijin, instead. As, You know. Sauza.
  13. For a reference, I made Piccolo Jr about a power level of 1000

    Turles is spoken for by Artorias
  14. Lol. For some reason. I Want to See (Buu Saga, we we reach there), King of Destruction Turles.

    Bardock can't be there, for obvious reasons.... Grrr.
  15. so for plot reasons, i could use people picking up nappa, raditz, or vegeta, and i definitely need more Earth-based heroes

    plot-specific things we're going to need to hit during play are:

    1) Team Piccolo vs Team Saiyans
    2) Team Piccolo vs Earth
    3) Team Saiyans vs Earth

    and depending on how these battles end up, i foresee two potential ways this develops:

    4a) Surviving faction (Earth, Team Piccolo, or Team Saiyan) vs the other surviving faction
    4b) Any two of the factions teaming up against the third

    do you guys have further thoughts on how the Alterverse Saiyan Saga would play out?

    i imagine some optional things we could do in between these 3-4 major events would be:

    Option A: Players train with King Kai, Muten Roshi, Korin, Kami, or another mentor to gain strength
    Option B: Players search for other allies, perhaps even unusual ones such as Garlic Jr.

    With Goku out of the picture, a lot of side questing suddenly becomes viable options to take on opponents who are maxing out power levels in the 18,000s, like Nappa.
  16. Nappa os only 4.000, BTW, 18.000 is Vegeta, last time I've checked. Unless you are intentionally powering him up?
  17. nope, got the numbers mixed up.
  18. Ahhh. Hahahaha. I see. XP Humans. With a Turtle Shell.

    For some reason, I wanted to pull out a MAfuuba.
  19. Room for a female saiyan OC, @Razilin ?
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