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    Sophia Love
    Angel Princess ( has all the powers of all angels)
    Funny | sweet | Good | Innocent to many things |
    In angel form she has the big sparkling white wings, when in human form the tattoo is on her back, and she has a tattoo that resembles an angel, a wing on her left wrist, but on her right is for when a demon comes and tries to take her, is when she is easily branded, by the demon's touch, and can't leave his side.
  2. Zane Skull.
    Looking for a fun time/ twined/ like to use people/ Evil.
    In his form demon, he had scales all his body. His wing was the darkest black. In his human form, he had short back hair, and a tattoo of a dragon on his left arm.
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  3. Want to start it or shall I?
  4. Hahah I am bad at starting, but okay.

    Sophia was walking on the clouds of heaven. t was just like the ground, but softer, she had no shoes on. She gasped and screamed as she seen some demons come in. She went to run. She gasped though, she had her foot grabbed. Trying to hold on, but she fell. She screamed and tried to get her flying back. She didn't know what to do. She looked down and groaned when she hit groaned, she was grabbed by the arms and shoved to the throne room. ' let go of him and quit touching my wings!!" She yelled she was dropped onto the floor in front of the throne. She looked down and she was the only white thing in the underworld. Hopefully he doesn't touch her.
  5. Better then what I was going to do.

    Zane was in a corner minding his own business, when he saw a pack of demons holding someone. "What is going on now." He thought to himself. He walked over to the group of demon and saw an angel. He looked at her for a minute. "I think I can use her." He thought to himself. He started to push the other demons way. "Are you OK?" He asked the angel.
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  6. Sophia looked over at the group. She frowned. She heard the demons say, " We thought you can have her and do what you want with her." Sophia glared at them. Shaking her head and frowned, she gulped softly. She didn't know what to do. She closed her eyes and thought. She smiled. She closed her eyes softly and she thought. She shook her head, she backed up softly. She didn't want to get touched or deal with the demon prince right now.

    I am going to lose internet for a day cause we are switching lines lol.
  7. Zane looked at the group of demon and then looked at the angel. "Is that how you said thanks for the help? I was trying to help." He said. He saw a pillar and started to claim it. "I thought angels were nice. I just asked how you where." He said stop at the same hight she was.

  8. Sophia raised an eyebrow, she said " really I was kidnapped by your kind and you want me to be nice?" She asked she gulped lightly, she then thought. " I am nice but not to who kidnapped me?" She glared at the guys, tapping her toe seeing him and said ," we angels can be nice and sweet when we want" she smiled and said," saying thanks for being kidnapped?"
  9. "I did not kidnapped you. The prince of this part did. I can help you get out." He said. "OK maybe she be harder then I thought." He thought to himself.
  10. ( i thought he was going to be cruel?)
  11. ( I am trying and give it some time. He trying to get her away from the others. )
  12. Sophia shook her head, she rolled her eyes and said, " The prince..." Hmm well he looks like one. " She gulped.
  13. "Please come with me." He said. He jump down and held out his hand.
  14. Sophia sighed softly, looking at his hand. She then suddenly jumped down, letting her wings take her. She smiled lightly, " Why?" She asked.
  15. He started to walk away. "It is me or them." He said, as he pointing to the other demons. "It is your choose." He said.
  16. She sighed and looked at them. Then him before walking towards him. " fine." She said softly. She closed her eyes softly. She said, " you now The underworld is not like it seems."
  17. He looked at her. "Good choose." He said. He started to walk to a gigantic gate. "You are my now." He said as he grabbed her and pulled her to him.
  18. She tensed when she heard him, " What!" She frowned and felt her grabbed and pulled close to him. She closed her eyes. " let me go!" She yelled. I thought you were going to help me... but not like this!" She whined.
  19. "Stop complaining. It is I help you.. You help me." He said. He open the gate and walked in with her in his arms. "Home sweet home." He said.
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