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  1. Ferelden Chronicles
    “If you want to survive, you must learn the rules and realize that sometimes, sacrifices are necessary.” ―First Enchanter Irving
    [♕00] The Magi Origin

    The Tranquils had been sent earlier that evening to retrieve what little items she possessed, but she kindly declined. She wanted to enjoy the transition of moving to the nice, spacious Mages' Quarters from the cramped Apprentice Quarters of which she resigned in for many years. There were a few apprentices who had shown negativity in this turn of events; they were jealous and she loved basking in it. "Good luck with your Harrowings!" she sang with a sickingly sweet smile to boot. Jowan had agreed to go with her and she was glad that they had gotten all her stuff in one trip. She feared that if they hadn't, her stuff would no longer be in the condition she found them in.

    Despite her eagerness, she couldn't help but grow annoyed with Jowan's continuous complaints along the way. "-and then he had the audacity to label me a blood mage! Can you believe it?" It was true that rumors had been spreading around about her male friend dabbling in the forbidden arts, but it was clearly a false accusation. She had told him to just ignore it, but his natural panicked nature kept him from doing so. True, there were small possibilities that the Templars that watched them day in and day out would believe it, but they would have to have proof before they did anything and she was positive there would be none. Even so, their was a tiny inkling of suspicion in the back of her mind that wondered if this rumor had some truth to it. He always aimed to be a powerful mage. Blood Magic was disgusting and forbidden, but it was powerful.

    "-and then I even had a mage approach me and ask the same thing!"

    A light sigh was released from the blonde female which gained Jowan's attention. "Jowan, can't you just be happy for me without droning on and on about your personal issues? I survived my Harrowing for gods sake; I would love it if my drama-prone best friend would acknowledge that." A guilt ridden expression was shown and a few mumbled words were the only reply she received until they made it up to the Mages' Quarters. "I'm sorry, Katerina. I really am glad you are alright; it's just these rumors are really starting to get to me." the male replied, setting down the two boxes that were in his possession.

    Katerina did the same, but instead of replying she plopped down onto her new bed. She could really tell the difference between the old bunk beds they used downstairs. Grabbing Jowan's hand and yanking him down beside her, she wrapped an arm around his neck. "Pucker up!" she sang jokingly, puckering up her own lips and inching closer until her face was met with a pillow. "Oh, Jowan, your lips are so silky!" she laughed. Jowan couldn't help but crack a smile at his female friend's silliness, but soon straightened up when a figure made its way past the privacy divider and into her part of the quarters.

    "Will you quiet down? You're distracting everyone from their studies!" the mage uttered bitterly, gaining a sheepish grin and apology from the newly Harrowed mage. Jowan chuckled and shook his head for a moment before beginning to speak up again. "Oh, I had almost forgotten. First Enchanter Irving wishes to speak with you."

    It was true that Irving had requested her presence. The old man was someone Katerina had always admired and someone who had always pushed her to go the extra mile when she thought it was impossible. He was a personal tutor to her and a father figure in her eyes. He was like family and she respected him greatly. This being said, she couldn't help but feel a little more proud of herself when he told a recent arrival of her accomplishment, but it came to her as a surprise when she discovered this visitor was a Grey Warden. Duncan, as Irving introduced, was here to recruit a mage for the oncoming battle in Ostagar. She had walked in on those two and Gregoir, a bitter Templar, arguing on the matter. Irving didn't say anything more on the topic, but she understood what he was thinking when he asked her to escort Duncan to his room. Honestly, it made her both excited and nervous. He was thinking of her being that mage.

    Walking beside the Grey Warden formed butterflies in the pit of her stomach. If what First Enchanter Irving was implying was true, then that meant that she would be leaving with this Grey Warden when it was time for him to part ways from the Tower of Magi. The idea of being able to leave this dull tower and see the outside world excited her to no end. Ever since she was a child, she had dreamt about leaving this place. Only one other mage before this battle existed was capable of escaping: Anders. She remembered the cocky male. Everytime he was caught he would just escape again. "It's a game of cat and mouse," he had said once. Even so, he was now being hunted by Templars everywhere. To be able to leave without breaking Chantry law was an opportunity she could not slander. When Duncan bid his farewell and entered his quarters, Katerina's attention was caught by a whisper sharply uttering her name. She turned abruptly, only to be met with a distraught Jowan.

    "Going through another personal crisis?" the female mage questioned sarcastically.
  2. "I said no." Caman spoke through gritted teeth, icy eyes flashing at his 'guest' with a dangerous air of annoyance. She made no move to leave, only cocked one hip and smirked devillishly.

    Isabella had been trying this for weeks, ever since she had arrived in this hellhole, and despite all efforts she was showing no sign of giving up. "Come on, sweetie. It would do you good, anyone can see you're aching for it." Her eyes shifted away, a far off edge softening her face, "Imagine it, climbing the mast, waves crashing against us. The pumping of those strong thighs..."

    "Hold on. What are we talking about now?" He was unsure whether the pirate had once again strayed into sexual territory - something she really needed to curb - or not. Isabella was Isabella, and it seemed sex came into her thoughts no matter what it was paired with. In this case, it was the theft of an Orlesian ship. She had tried pleading, bargaining and outright seduction in order to get another talented rogue on board the project, but was so far getting nowhere with a certain undercover elf.

    "I can talk about whatever you want me to." Now she was downright flirting, and Caman called time on this ridiculous little escapade. He stood from behind what he liked to call his desk, even if it was just a rickety old table. He was careful to keep the woman at arms length as he helpfully escorted her from the Pearl's 'suite' (someone was being very optimistic.) At least she didn't resist, though she did of course threaten to come back in the evening, in considerably less clothes. She was an amusing woman, and in truth the male found her quite charming in her way. In another life he might have chosen to befriend her, but as things were now he did not feel that tying himself down with anything more than acquaintances and business associates was a good idea. Sometimes loneliness could be ones greatest strength.


    A knock on the door.

    What was that? It was only eleven. Did that mean? It was a bloody miracle. For once, one of his clients was actually on time.

    The door opened, and a trio of burly men appeared, young and unmarred by battle. They were clearly not hired muscle, rather a group of boys meant to put on a show, though when tried they would undoubtedly fall to an apprentice or even a child. Of course, these boys didn't believe anything could harm them, as shown in the way they crowded into the room, the leader of the gang 'sneaking' behind Camanlen in order to lay hairy hands on his shoulders. Of course, the elf already had a knife at the ready, though for the time being he did not bother to reveal this fact, instead choosing to remain cool under weakly applied pressure.

    "So, Gentlemen, what can I do for you today?"


    The meeting was a success. Three broken fingers and a severed thumb later, Camanlen and his small band of men had been enlisted as a militia for a nobleman going through hard times. Apparently he was too proud to admit that he had gambled away most of his money and lands, as well as his military contingent. And so he had intended to intimidate a mercenary guild into working for him for free. He hadn't quite managed that, but he had a bargain as far as his elf employee could see. The deed to his last farm and all the spoils he and his men sought to take. Honestly, it was damn charitable of him.

    And so it was that Caman gathered his ragtag bunch of recruits, dressing in the colours of 'their lord' and playing at being real soldiers. All involved could hardly keep straight faces as they marched away to some battle that was apparently little more than a rumoured skirmish at this point. They were off to Ostagar, where someone had taken it upon themselves to announce a blight. None in this party believed it for a second, and viewed it quite simply as an opportunity to get drunk and steal off the gentry's coin.
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