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  1. I'm looking for a partner, or a few partners, familiar with the Dragon Age world.
    I've played Origins, but didn't beat it, but I beat DA2 and I'm basically done with Dragon Age Inquisition.
    (If you haven't played DAI, or aren't all the way through, please let me know so I won't spoil anything.)

    I'm looking for someone to play either Fenris for me, or Cullen, in a romance/adventure type of role play.
    I'm willing to double as either a female or male character from DA2 or DAI.

    However, before you sign up, I have a few rules.

    1- Be active. I really need a partner who can reply multiple times a day. If this isn't possible, then I'll accept once a day, but that's it.

    2- Be at least 18. I do romance role plays, and I prefer to work with people who are adults, since I'm an adult now.

    3- Use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and please use spell check.

    4- Use third person correctly. I will ask for a sample to see if our writing works well together.

    5- Be honest with me, and communicate. If you want to quit, I don't care, honestly, however, I will most certainly be mad if I see you get online, but not reply for days on end, with no communication.
    If you're busy, let me know via owl or comment. If you want to quit, let me know as well.
    It only takes a few seconds to send a message, but it saves a lot of anger.

    So, as I said before, I'm looking for a Fenris or a Cullen!
    I have a plot for Fenris, but not for Cullen, but I like to plot with my partner.

    Send me a PM or comment here if you're interested~
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.