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    Hello and welcome to my new thread, dedicated to Dragon Age, specifically Inquisition. I have played all the games, and all DLC though! So if Inquisition isn't your slice of pie, but Dragon Age is? I'm sure we can figure something out. First we should go over some rules and what I expect, and probably what you should expect from me.
    What I expect(Rules)
    • For you to write three paragraphs. Minimum. Don't make a majority of your paragraphs nothing but dialogue either! Give something to it.
    • ^ Advanced to Prestige please. I will start to mimic my partners. If I start the roleplay with 5-8 paragraphs and they give me 1 paragraph. That is all I will give back :/
    • For you to be fine with me playing the Male, if this involves a MxF Romance. I am fine with playing Females in a FxF relationship, but not in a MxF relationship. Makes me feel uncomfortable and harder for me to write.
    • For you to play multiple characters. While these other characters won't be the main focus of the roleplay, they still exist. So lets try and throw them in, yeah?
    • I can add smut to the roleplay, but you have to be 18+. I won't do smut with someone underage, it will just be implied and fade-to-black.
    • I would love it if you told me you were dropping the roleplay, rather than ignoring my pokes and eventually giving me an excuse as to why you haven't replied and it is now in the Graveyard. I won't be upset, I promise.
    • Be friendly. I love to have OOC Chatter...a bit too much that I might fill your inbox because I am a full-time student and a Manager at Wal-Mart (<- Sucks) so I like to talk whenever I get the chance to be on my phone and Iwaku.
    • Help Plot! Help build!
    • To make sure you have read my rules, and understand THEM ALL! Either give this post a rating, or tell me your favorite character and phrase from any of the Games.
    What you can expect from me.
    • To do everything up above.
    • To be honest with you if I don't like your post, or if something needs to be changed, or I'm not interested anymore, etc.
    • Like I said up above. I'm a full time student (Majoring in Computer Science. SO MUCH CODE!) and I'm a Manager at Wal-Mart (So I have fucking random and long hours at work. With not much to do) so be patient with me. I can make multiple replies a day to a single reply a day. If my week is really bad, then probably once a week.
    • I will play Male in romantic MxF's. I will play Females in romantic FxF's. I will play Female in non-romantic MxF. I will play Male in non-romantic MxM. I will not, however, do a romantic MxM pairing. Sorry.
    Knight-Commander x Female Inquisitor
    Faction Chosen: Templars
    The Inquisition decided to ally themselves with the Templar Order, out of much disagreement from some of the War Council, the Inquisitor had made a choice. After saving the Templars from themselves, by defeating the Envy Demon and saving them from the Red Templars, the Inquisitor was left with a choice. To Conscript the Templar Order into the Inquisition, or to let them rebuild, and have an ally in the coming war with Corypheus.
    (This is where it deviates a bit.)
    There are Three Templars that rose that day. Ser Barris, Ser Morton, and Ser (MC). These Three have the majority of the support from the rest of the Order, but they act on their own. They have no real leader, and thus they are not truly United. Just like the Inquisition during their occupancy in Haven. The Templar Order cannot decide for itself, almost at a deadlock of who is suppose to be chosen. So naturally, they turn to the one that saved them. The Inquisitor. Here is what the Inquisitor knows about the candidates so far.
    Ser Barris, a loyal and honorable man to the Templar Order, but the youngest and most naive of the three. He is ready to lead, after being lead his entire life. But is he ready yet with the war going on? If there was peace, he would most likely be the perfect candidate.
    Ser Morton, a Veteran stuck in the old days. Ser Morton is the most experienced of the Three, and has killed a large chunk of demons in his life, but he still believes all Mages are dangerous and evil, needing to be locked away once again. He is set in his old ways, and those could pose a problem in the future.
    Ser (MC), a Knight-Captain of the Order for many years. Has earned the respect of his peers by fighting by their side and leading from the Front. He is more experienced in Leading men then Ser Barris, and more experienced in combat. He believes the Mages can be dangerous, but not all are. They still need supervision, but maybe locking them away isn't necessary?
    The Inquisitor has to decide...maybe they just make Ser (MC) the Knight-Commander, or maybe they try and convince Ser (MC) to join the Inquisition and give the title to Ser Barris.
    Qunari Mage x Female Inquisitor
    Faction Chosen: Either
    Leliana had received a peculiar letter one day, and brought it up at the next War Council. The letter was quickly scribbled down, clearly whoever had wrote it didn't have much time. The details inside told the War Council that the one writing them was currently on the run, and they didn't have much time left. They are a Mage...a Qunari Mage, but Tal-Vashoth. The Qunari was born in Thedas, never seeing the isles from where his parents came from. He was raised away from the Qun, but born with magic. The Qunari dislike how the Fereldens and Orlesians deal with their mages, and the Tevinter are just despicable. Magic was a weapon. Nothing more to the Qunari. The Saarebas are prime examples of what the Qunari do to Mages.
    Currently, the Qunari is being hunted down by the Ben-Hassrath and needs assistance fast before he is killed, or worse. Taken away, mind broken and drugged. The Inquisitor is aware, thanks to the War Council, just what the Qunari do to mages. Putting them in heavy pauldrons with chains, visors to hide their faces. Lips stitched together so they cannot speak, and some even had their tongues cut out. This was a Fate no one deserved.
    Leliana believes that this Qunari may be of some use to the Inquisition, but is he worth the risk? Iron Bull works with the Ben-Hassrath, and he would make reports back to the Ben-Hassrath that the Inquistion had saved their target and are sheltering it. Would this cause bad blood?
    I have more ideas! But here are the two that are a bit more hashed out, and not just a pairing. I am willing to do a setting/story from any of the 3 games. Post, Pre, or during. I am even fine with playing Canons, but I prefer OC's! If I do play a Canon Character, I like to play ones that aren't truly developed and rarely mentioned, but have potential. Such as.

    Crassius Servis
    Ser Michel De Chevin

    You also don't have to play as a Canon character, unless you want to. So, give me your ideas and pairings and see where we go!

    So message me here or hit me up with a PM!
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  2. I think I would be really interested in starting a roleplay with you, but, there's kind of one problem, I'll message you through pm
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