Dragon Age: The Sixth Blight (Signups still open)

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  1. Welcome Future Wardens/Champions and Vanguards! Witness the Carnage Of The Sixth Blight!


    Enter here into the known lands of Thedas, plagued by the Sixth Blight, led by the Archdemon Razikale. You will be charged with fighting with or against the massive hordes He has amassed, and meet your destiny in the process. I will be accepting one of each class for Humans/Elves/Dwarves/Qunari (thus, 3) at the very least, with a maximum of 8, though that will probably not happen. Oh, and by the way, you might have guessed it. YOU CAN BE A DARKSPAWN, like the Hurlock Vanguard from the DLC for Dragon Age: Origins, The Darkspawn Chronicles. Darkspawn aside from Hurlocks are definitely welcome, using Alpha images to represent them. Specializations are those from Dragon Age: Origins. Lots of options. We will not be interacting with canon characters, so you'll be creating your own companions and romances. Specializations must be earned later in the RP. My rules:
    Grammar, Sentence Structure, and Punctuation of Intermediate Level.

    • BE APPROPRIATE. If you're making a joke, make it clear that it is a joke. No racism, sexism, or other -isms without some clear comedic value. If you're being an ass for no reason, you will be kicked, no warning.
    • NO PUPPETEERING WITH ANOTHER PLAYER'S CHARACTERS. You have total control over any and all characters that YOU make, be they major or minor, but NOT those of another player. First offense results in a warning on the public OOC. Second offense results in being kicked and killed off.
    • Once upon a time (three or four days ago), I was kicked out of an RP. I will not name which RP or who the GM was, just the reason: I proposed a faster pace of posting, that it would be unfair to other roleplayers for one to hold up the rest by not posting for a while when it is impossible for the plot to continue without them. This contrasted with the GM's ideas, and thus I was kicked. I did receive notice, and the issue was settled after I explained the comment as a simple preference rather than a necessity. She accepted this, but by then had already opened up my position to someone else, and I couldn't get back on. The point to this? CONFLICT WITH THE GM (me) OR Co-GM WILL RESULT IN THE IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION OF YOUR POSITION. However, you will be privately messaged, and an appeal can be made. If it was simply a misunderstanding (as in my case), you're welcome to join again. Otherwise, the situation is permanent. The PM will appear the DAY THAT I FIND A PROBLEM. You'll have 48 hours to make an appeal to regain your position, within which it will not be open to anyone else, and that seems to be plenty of time to me.

    • POSTING SPEED WITH A MAXIMUM OF ONCE/MULTIPLE POSTS PER DAY, AND A MINIMUM OF ONCE A WEEK. I may have made this somewhat plain in the post above, but it I feel it unfair to other people for someone to join the RP, say they're dedicated, and then back out on it, holding up the line. Conflict with this rule (no post within a week) will result in a PM, followed by a waiting period of 48 hours for a post. If you have a good reason (work life, relationships, family events, etc.), the period is extended for however long is needed or estimated. If there is no action in the time period, another PM will be sent, with a 24 hour waiting period. If no posts occur within the 24 hour period, you're kicked.
    Character sheet?

    Name (non-applicable in the case of Darkspawn):

    Age (years since birth from a Broodmother for Darkspawn):


    (or specific breed of Darkspawn):

    Appearance (rather simple, isn't it?):


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  2. ame (non-applicable in the case of Darkspawn): Roteram Veleran

    Age (years since birth from a Broodmother for Darkspawn): Looks like: Age 30 [Not sure if Dragon Age has immortal/long-living elves]

    Race: Elf

    (or specific breed of Darkspawn): Archer-mage [Using archery to use magic, like enhancing an arrow or using a magic arrow or something]

    Appearance (rather simple, isn't it?):
    Personality: Serious, but can be optimistic, generous, open, or caring depending on his mood. Can also be many different things, again, depending on his mood.

    Biography: Roteram grew up in the forests of... [Forest name here that is populated with elves], showing an aptitude for magic earlier than most, often when he was throwing something, or launching something, or doing something had to do with distance, ranged weapons or tools, or arrows. He 'enchanted' arrows early in his years, after going through the basic training of using a bow, and used them to, well, prank people. A fart arrow, or an arrow that transformed into a doll or a toy upon impact, little things. He grew up feeling safe, happy, and sheltered.

    Then, as he grew older and older, his caretakers died. Not died- killed. Murdered. He found out when he was pranking something of a recruiter: Darkspawn invaded, bad people killing other bad people, or good people being murdered, something like that. And when he pranked this 'recruiter,' of sorts, he found out. His parents, one being an archer with unusually high skill at archery, the other being a little higher than the average mage, had died at the hands of some creature out there.

    And his humor dried up. He still had it from time to time, when he was able to forget, but it plagued him. He spent more time studying on combat, on archery and magic, and less time having fun, entertaining his few friends. It became something of an obsession, something you could only see after knowing him for a while.

    And so he set off.
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    omg, yis pls.

    I will have an app hopefully soon.
  4. Name: Silver Fang

    Age: 20

    Race: Human

    Class: Warrior (Armored but not too heavy, uses polearms , shield/sword, greatswords, and axes)

    Appearance: Silver is about 6'4 and 158 pounds with a muscular almost buff body.[​IMG]

    Personality: Mostly serious, hes friendly enough but keeps to himself not really interacting with others unless approached. He's very protective and strong willed, stubborn often to a fault. He hates injustice and never leaves anyone behind. Silver has a temper but has learned to control it to a point.

    Biography: Silver became an orphan at age 4 when his mother died of disease, not knowing who his father was and without any other family. He was left to fend himself surviving on the streets, he became strong and intelligent becoming an expert on surviving without others help. He sometimes had to steal to survive but he only stole from rich folk and he refused to hurt any innocents.

    When he was 8 a large man found him sitting in a filthy ally his clothes ragged and full of holes. Taking pity on the boy and seeing potential in him he took him into his guild (Mercenary guild) teaching him how to fight and become a strong mercenary . Now hes grown up and become a pretty infamous mercenary, but he only works for honest people. He only kills/fights corrupted people or evil people, and Darkspawn (lol).
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