Dragon Age: The Final Blight

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  1. Saves walked with a quickness, guiding him across the cold stone. His white hair fell just past his shoulders, lying straight against him. Saves mind darted between topics, finally landing on the most important one, the darkspawn that flooded ostagar. Savas managed to lead a small army of 400 men away from the bloodbath, crossing Ferelden, making it to the Soldiers Peak. Men, Women and even children fought against the horde, holding the darkspawn back until Fereldens Templers arrived, only saving 103 people, then abounding Ostagar. Savas voice raged, booming through the halls. Recanting from the entrance hall.

    "Wardens! A threat have arrived! Darkspawn flood your lands! Please! Answer my call!"

    A quite clap roared through the hall, slowly making its way towards the entrance hall. A man, appearing to be in his late 40s stood before Savas, his clothing was of the tevinter Imperium, coving all his body but his head. His hair was long, ending at the bottom of his neck. His hair was a light shade of brown, while a 5'oclock shadow covered his chin.

    "Fereldens Gray Wardens have all but left, or been sent to Ostagar to defend against the horde. Yet, a elf, more importantly, a Tevinter Imperium elf stands before me, and hopes to what? To help SAVE this country? this country will fall, and our, well, my country well rule its lands."

    The man took another step towards Savas, putting his metal gloves in the air, and sending a small sized fireball from his hand towards Savas. Savas managed to sidestep, the fireball grazing his leather armor. Then, running towards the man, Savas managed a small jump, pulling his staff from his side and sending a massive wave of ice from it as he landed. The man, still holding his hands up, summand a circle of fire around him, blocking the ice, melting it on touch. Savas, feeling the flame, covered his face, taking a couple of steps back.

    "Your magic is strong, but do you truly know how to use it?"

    The man, again, sent another fireball towards Savas, aiming it at his armored chest. Savas was kicked back, his metal boots scarping against the ground as he struggled to hold him self, fire burning his chest. aiming his staff at his chest Savas sent a slight chill, exterminating the flame. Savas face twisted, his red eyes focused on the strange man,

    "May the maker have pity."

    With that, Savas sent his final attack, holding his staff up, a thick lighting bolt flying from it, tearing into the mans stomach.
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  2. If there was one thing that Henry hated, it was wetlands. They were smelly, damp, and almost always left his armor smelling like bog-water. Such was the case for the Warden-To be now, as he crossed walked to the Ferelden/Orlais border. He was, quite frankly, surprised he hadn't been stopped by any kind of border guard or even the horde. It was ditursbing to think they had clustered somewhere else in the doglands, just waiting for him to walk straight into some Hurlock...

    Don't torture yourself, Henry, he thought, trudging through another puddle-spattered area. Those creatures would be more than happy to do it for you.

    Speaking off, Henry diagnosed that he wasn't alone. To his left, he heard the hiss and growl of some ungodly creature, and slowly reached for his sword. The Genlock leaped for his head, only to be sliced in half by the large blade. Another one leaped at his right, and met a similair fate with two swipes. As the black, toxic blood leaked onto the ground, the Orliasn Chevalier saw that a group of ten met him here; doable, but would leave him too tired to move forward.

    "You always mange to ruin my day..." he teased, shaking his head of dark-hair. "Die, Darkspawn!"

    Something ran past him before he could move. It was small, at least a foot shorter than him, with indigo colored locks streaming behind it. Henry jerked back as the small fighter tore into one of the Darkspawn with twin, Dalish daggers, stabbing multiple times. It was a woman, who glanced over her shoulder urgently.

    "I could use some 'elp 'ere!"

    "eh?!" Her voice, Orelisian in it's droll, jerked Henry back to reality. He narrowed his eyes and joined the tiny fighter in the Frey. Within moments, both fighters had this patch of Darkspawn as dead as dust, and plenty of evidence left on their armor.

    Henry sighed, and wiped a bead of sweat from his brow. The strange-haired maiden turned to face her new friend with a smirk, twirling the dagger in her fingers.

    " A thank you will suffice," she smirked, tilting her head to the side. "I just saved you from one very bad day, no?"
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  3. Serena sat under a tree as she kept an eye out for darkspawn. She had been running from them ever since her thief group came through the Wilds and were basically massacred. Scanning the horizon, she caught a glimpse of a young man riding through the forest just hacking and slashing at the darkspawn. She hurried to get to him, readying her bow and shooting at the hurlocks and genlocks.

    The man's horse jumped in fright as a genlock nearly managed to bite its leg. The man was thrown off and rolled over the ground.

    Serena took out a few darkspawn and rolled on the ground with the man before going into a small pond.

    "What is wrong with you?" he asked.

    "I'm trying to save your life!" Serena hissed back, her voice obviously Orleasian.
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  4. "I said we must travel across the river! Drakspawn all but tainte the lands! Killing Anything in their path. How did you not lead the town people to safety?"

    "Knight-Vigilant, we did what was asked, a large group of mages blocked the town, killing all who neared until the darkspawn arrived." The solider moved slightly, his feet stepping back, fearing Romeo's intense, and Well known rage.

    Romeos face twisted, his mind urging him to sending his army across the lands, to March straight to the mages main camp. 'No, No. We will soon have what the maker wants, magic ruling under man.' Rome's voice was gently, contradicting his twisted expression.

    "I understand....now, ready the men, we are moving on."

    The solider answered,

    "Yes sir!"

    and off he was, commanding the large 5000 army, and spreading the word off the movement.

    "I am Asir, a eleven golam."

    With those words, the small fragile man was overwhelmed by the wave of darkspawn, his last slash decapitating a genlock. A orge managed to grab the human, squishing the man within it's hand. Asir stood half the size of the orger, his gold metal peaking throughout his entire stone body. Asir stood at 8'5, his stone legs long and slender, gold armor built into his knees, his thick stone body holding his long slender arms. His stone face was carved, long pointed ears siting Upon his face.

    "....more darkspawn? Truly I hope Ferelden can with stand another blight."

    His words where only answered by the orges angry roar, it's hands releasing the remains of the man, it's eyes focused on asirs yellow ones. Thrusting his hands forward as the ogre ran towards as s him, asirs sent a wave of ice, freezing all in it's path. As the orge stood fozen, its left foot in front of his right one, its body slightly crouched. Aris let out a small laugh, his fist smashing through the forzen orges heart, shattering the beast.

    "I just saved you from one very bad day, no?"

    Aris's head turned as he heard the sound of talking, the voice holding a orelisian accent. His legs carried him to a nearby tree, two strangers talking from the other side. One was a man who's Armor was covered in blood, while the other was a women with blood covering her also. Aris stood silent, his head dancing with thoughts. 'I finally found him, Henry de Rissonce, I will have my answers.'

    Exposing himself, aris stepped out from behind the tree, walking towards the two.

    "Henry de Rissonce!"

    Aris voice roared, traveling through the tress and the open air, angry filling it.


    '....if this gray warden is all that stands before us and a blight, I Truly fear that the end is Upon us.'

    Edward moved with quickness, both the gray warden and the women rolling into a pond. Edwards two medium sized swords slashed, cutting through the air as they landed against the darkspawm, cutting them wide open. The group of 12 quickly fell, all darkspawm lieing against the bloodstained dirt.

    "All is Well my dear strangers! The darkspawm are slain."

    Edwards short black hair sat oddly compared to his olive complexion, his green eyes staring Upon the pond. His thin body hold a full set of leather armor, all branded with a symbol of old and unknown. Sweat poured from his forehead, wetting the tip of his short bangs.
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  5. "Wha?" The angry roar tore Henry's attention away from the mysterious rogue, and to the raging ogre heading his direction. It was on the move, with no stopping, and there was no way he would survive the charge. Instead, he grabbed the rogue, and the both of them rolled out of the way.

    " What is 'zhat?!" the Orlesion girl demanded, eying the Golam."

    "Exactly what it looks like," Henry answered, proving he hailed from the same country. "Stay behind me!"

    She snorted. "Not on your life, pretty-boy."

    Before either warrior could strike a blow, a massive stone-fist hurtled out of the woods. It smashed into the golam in a shower of pebbles. The source emerged from the trees, lightning crackling around her fists.

    "Not nice to pick on someone smaller than you," said the female mage, black hair and blue dress rippling behind her in the wind. "I think you'll find me the better challenge."

    The mage, crossed her arms, before casting Fist of the Maker. With one hand motion, a massive wall of force slammed straight into the golam.
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  6. Pulling himself from the water, Kestrel walked in the direction that his horse was, letting the water drip from his body.

    "A thank you would suffice, yes?" asked Serena.

    "There's no signs of more darkspawn," he observed. "Something must've made them run off." He looked at the woman. "Thanks for what you did back there. Who are you, anyway?"

    "My name is Serena," she introduced herself. "I'm trying to reach Denerim."

    "You do realize that Denerim is on the opposite side of Ferelden from the Wilds, right? I was reporting back to the Grey Wardens at Ostagar."

    Serena wrung the water from her black and red hair before pulling her green hood back up. "It's probably best if I stay with a Grey Warden like yourself. I've never encountered darkspawn before."

    "I haven't encountered them until I became a Grey Warden. You'll be safer at Osta-"

    A lone hurlock crept up behind Serena and reached for her neck. Kestrel pushed her to the side as he sank his blade into the creature's head. "We need to hurry back." He grabbed the woman and ran to his horse which came out of the bushes.
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  7. The man clutched his stomach, a scream leaving his lips as he fell, his knees catching his fall to only give out seconds later. A wispier came from him, only the last 3 words catching savas's ears.

    "...........They seek you."

    Savas's gold boats clicked loudly against the stone, his knees quietly greeting the stone as he kneeled beside the man, turning him from his side, exposing his lifeless eyes.

    "I pray the maker forgives me."

    And with those final words, savas was off, his travels leading him and his small army to the border of the Korcari Wilds, only to be pushed back by small groups of darkspawn as the horde drew near the wilds. Savas was leading the army away from the wilds as a group of five ogres tore from a group of tress, all charging and angry. 2 ogres fell as arrows flew into them, their large body's slamming into the dirt ground. Half the army was charged through before savas could react, his hands flying to the sky, ordering a rain of fire, the damage being the darkspawn and the remaining men and women left. His ran was fast, his legs carrying him until he finally saw a man. The man was half his size, showing that he was Dwarves, but his ears where of eleven, being long and slender, ending with a point. He hald two medium sized swords, blood covering his leather armor. His short black hair sat messy, his olive completion glimmering with sweat.

    "Stranger! OH Thank the maker, I need help." Savas run became a quick pasted walk as he neared the man, stopping once he was only a few feet away.

    Both Henry and the women managed to roll, dodging the charging ogre. Quickly aris sent a strong lighting bolt from his stone hand, striking the beasts heart, and killing it. Both managed to stand, the women even eying aris, but they where to far for aris to hear. Before aris walked any further a massive stone fist hailed from behind him, smashing into him, and making the fairly thick golam stumble. Aris Barry caught him self, his foot sliding as the impact pushed him. Stamping into the ground he stopped, his body turning to face the forest. A women emerged from the tress, lighting crackling around her fists. Aris smiled, his stone face showing his expression.

    "Elise Hawk? Oh by the old gods, it is. Why must you assault a adoring fan?"

    "Not nice to pick on someone smaller than you,"

    Answered Elise. Her black hair ripplied in the wind, her blue dress dancing behind her with her hair.

    "I think you'll find me the better challenge."

    With that and one of her hands making a slight motion a massive wall of force hit aris, his stone feet dragging against the ground, destroyeing a pathway as he was pushed back 15 feet, small bits of stone fell, his upper body mostly being affected. His chest dropped a large chuck, slamming into the earth below him.

    "I wish no harm!!"

    Aris screamed, his voice roaring with angry, bouncing through the tress.


    "Stranger! Oh Thank the maker, I need help."

    Edward only moved closer to the hill, looking from above as he could see the two strangers as before. 'I can't let that warden get away.' Looking to the elf he replied.

    "Follow me."

    and with that he slide down the hill, hoping to reach the two before it was to late.
  8. Elise quirked a brow. "Is that so?" she remarked, disbelief in her voice. Still, she was fair as she was powerful, and was willing to at least lend an ear. So, she broke the smell that was causing all the force, and switched instead to working the stones. They ground came up and clamped down on the golam; it would have been stone armor, but it was stuck firm to the earth.

    "Hawk?" The little rogue repeated. "That sounds familiar..."

    "It should," Henry responded, putting his sword away. Than, he came to the charging mage, and put a hand on her bare shoulder. "Peace, my lady. I believe there has been a grave mistake."

    Elise looked at him incredulously. "He charged you," she said. "And called out your name."

    "But, madame..." The rogue stepped forward, poking the dead ogre with her curved blade. "I do believe this creature here was his target, Odd how we did not hear it, but here is the proof for you. Maybe now we can all stop fighting and get all those introductions underway, yes?"

    Elise wasn't sure, a spell to crush the golam still on her fingertips. But she was as fair as she was powerful, and decided to give the creature a chance. She turned back to the golam and held a ready finger to him.

    "Should your intentions be treacherous, you will feel my sting." With a flick of that finger, she released the golam from it's prison. "I am watching you."

    "No need for that," Henry said. "Now who are the both of you? Make it quick, I'm in a rush."

    The girl smirked, and bowed. "My name is Violette; traveling minstrel-"

    "Bard, more likely," Henry corrected. "They don't teach you those skills as a minstrel."

    "I resent that!" Violette scoffed, crossing her arms. "I could have learned from someone else, you know."

    Henry decided to pay that one no mind, and instead turned to the Golam. "Now you. Who are you, and how do you know my name?"
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  9. Kestrel stopped his horse as he looked around. "I think we're lost," he said.

    "Lost?!" cried Serena. "You're a Grey Warden! You've been to Ostagar before!"

    "That doesn't mean I remember where to go. Let's try this way." He had his horse walk to the east. "Hmm... this doesn't feel like the right way."

    "Hmph." Serena crossed her arms. "Wardens can sense darkspawn, but not the way back."

    "Just give me a minute..."

    They stopped and looked around as they heard something. Maybe they were voices?
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  10. Elise quirked a brow. "Is that so?" she remarked, disbelief in her voice. Elise continued, her hand working aris's stone. Earth clamped onto aris, his chest becoming a mix of earth and stone and metal. '....She is stronger then I expected, surly she will help me.'

    "Hawk?" The little rogue repeated. "That sounds familiar..."

    "It should."

    Replied Henry, his hands gently putting the sword to his side.

    Elise turned to the Henry and the women, Henry spoke to Elise.

    "Peace, my lady. I believe there has been a grave mistake."

    Elise looked at him incredulously. "He charged you," she said. "And called out your name."

    Massive force still hald aris, his mind ordering the stone to move, but instead he stood firmly in place.

    "Should your intentions be treacherous, you will feel my sting" With a flick of that finger, she released the golam from it's prison. "I am watching you."

    Aris's arms snapped from their positions, his feet carrying him to the small group. Aris's highet was tall, his stone body towering over Henry and Elise, while he looked down to the female rogue.

    "No need for that," Henry said. "Now who are the both of you? Make it quick, I'm in a rush."

    The girl smirked, and bowed. "My name is Violette; traveling minstrel-"

    "Bard, more likely," Henry corrected. "They don't teach you those skills as a minstrel."

    "I resent that!" Violette scoffed, crossing her arms. "I could have learned from someone else, you know."

    Henry only turned away with violettes final comment, looking at aris.

    Now you. Who are you, and how do you know my name?"

    Aris once again smiled, his stone lips even showing it. Slowly aris fell to one knee, his metal clashing with the earth.

    "I am aris, You're ancestor helped me create the souver'inan, the advil that bounded magic and eleven alike. Long ago, he demand I forge him another Harmer, one to bid magic to all golams, to give him power like the maker. I refused, doing this only casted a shadow of angry over him, his anger shortly consuming him. He confronted me in my home, he threatened to kill my son, to help the humans take Elvhenan. I guess he Thought turning me into a golam would silence me, instead it was his downfall. Now, my dear Henry, he hid the hammer of my forge, the only tool cable of making eleven golams, the only tool cable of being used on my advil. Please, do you know where it is?"

    Aris's voice was low, his tone holding a sense of dread and sadness.

    Edward could see the warden riding away in the distance as he reached the bottom of the hill. His eyes darted back to the elf atop the hill, his gray eyes meeting with his red ones.

    "Stranger! Come, follow me. I will lead you from the wilds."

    and with those words savas slide down the hill, following Edward away from the wilds.
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  11. It was quite a story indeed, one that momentarily stunned Henry. He blinked back at the golam, before a sad look crossed his deep eyes. The Orelison man shook his head, and spoke in a low tone.

    "I'm afraid I don't know of what you speak," Henry said. "I know little of my past to speak of. I can't help you."

    "You're more lucky than you think," Violette remarked. "I wish I didn't know my folks."

    "Awful harsh," Elise noted. "Surely you don't come from too terrible of a people."

    Violette snorted. "You don't know Orleison nobility, do you?"

    "Anyway," Henry insisted. "I know not of what you speak, but I will do my best to find it when I have the time. For now, I must find the Grey Wardens."
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  12. Serena crossed her arms and huffed as Kestrel kept going in circles until she heard him talk to himself about remember which way he came.

    "We're going this way." He spurred his horse as they went through the forest. As they rode on, he stopped suddenly.

    "Why are we stopping?!" demanded Serena.

    "I saw some people," replied Kestrel, making his way down to a small group.
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  13. Aris's stone lips curled upwards, showing signs that he was unsatisfied. The group went on, but Aris's mind danced with more thoughts, his mind becoming lost in thought. 'I am unsure if this man is lying, this hammer may be the only thing that could stop the Templars and the Mages, my Advil could be the only thing that brings the war to a halt, or a setback.'
    Before Aris could continue his thought, his ears caught henrys final sentence.

    "I know not of what you speak, but I will do my best to find it when I have the time. For now, I must find the Grey Wardens."

    "You are a Warden? Oh by the old gods, Ser henry, the wardens are gone. The Templars of Ferelden have sent them all to ostagar, most lost there lives, the remaining Wardens have all but fled to the Tevinter Imperium, seeking aid of the mages."

    Aris yellow eyes sat on henry until finally moving to Elise, focusing on her.

    "My lady, I have seen the maker, I have seen the black city, it have taken me many Milena's, and millions of lives, but I have seen true magic, true power, and you, You hold this power, I can help you weld it. Please, Darkspawn are not our only threat, I seek your aid in finding the hammer to my Advil, in truth I seek help from you all."

    In the distance Aris could hear loud hissing sounds, even roars, the horde was nearing, and not even the maker could help them. A women and a men sat atop a horse as they neared, the women red hair peeked from her hood, the mans brown air carelessly blowing in the wind.

    "Strangers, Darkspawn are drawing near, I suggest you take leave if you wish to keep your lives."

  14. "But I'm a Grey Warden," said Kestrel. "We were on our way back to Ostagar."

    "Way to give ourselves away," added Serena.

    "But we can help them fight the darkspawn..."

    Serena sighed. He was right. They needed to fight the darkspawn and help these people with their battle. Maybe Kestrel was going to take them to Ostagar, she had no idea for sure. "Fine..." She pulled out her bow and arrow.
  15. Fen's eyes focused forward as she leapt over elevated tree roots no longer sure of which way she was going as she pushed on, ignoring her legs protests and no longer hindered by Enansal's slow movement she soared across the wild swampland, avoiding open areas as she tore through the under-brush. A hood pulled up over her head held her golden hair in check as she ran the bow slung across her back preventing her short cloak from flying wildly behind her.

    Keep moving...keep moving...don't look back

    Fen ignored the sharp pain that slithered across her chest as she pulled in a ragged breath dancing around an impenetrable wall of thorn riddled vines she vaulted over a fallen tree bursting into a rather small clearing despite her thoughts she cast a glance over her shoulder as she flew through the air landing with the grace of a cat her feet touched the ground with a soft thud. She quickly pushed herself upright and forward preparing to take off again however her eyes suddenly focused on a large stone structure a few metres in front of her, her breath escaped her in a hiss as she grit her teeth jamming her heels into the ground at the same time she threw her weight the opposite way resulting in her skidding onto her backside, her hands slamming down onto the dry soil beneath her holding her upright.

    The young elf froze for a moment golden eyes wide as she took in the obstacle before her, her chest rose and fell in quick succession laboured breathing evident behind the mask that covered her lower face, her eyes were barely able to move away from the gold speckled stone man long enough to register the group of Shemlen by its side. A golem? It was the only explanation that reached her confused mind, regaining her wits she pulled herself to her feet standing side on to the group leaning her weight away from them hinting she could bolt away again at any moment should she need to. You can't go back that way Her hand hovered over the hilt of one of the daggers attached to her belt, her mind throwing her a blank as she tried to find words...this was a foreign situation to her, being the intruder.

    "Darkspawn..." She managed to choke out as if this simple word explained her presence, her breathing was evening out by now a thin sheen of sweat glistened on her forehead emphasizing the outline of the top half of her Vallaslin homage to Andruil. As if to back up her word the taunting chuckles and ragged breathing of the fast approaching horde echoed throughout the trees. Instinctively Fen moved closer to the group of strangers she would rather take her chances with them than the Darkspawn, maybe they could help her or at least shed light on what was going on here. She pulled her bow from her back, her fingers agilely seeking an arrow from the quiver positioned behind her shoulder, placing the arrow in her bow she held the string loosely between her fingers. "Excuse my intrusion, but lingering here is not advisable. Might I suggest we retreat further...perhaps to the nearest safe haven?" She put forward to the group her voice slightly muffled by the mask she was wearing, she was boldly assuming they would allow her to tag along...she had few options she couldn't run forever that much was obvious. She rested her golden gaze on the group an arched eyebrow twitching up as she awaited their reactions, the elf could only pray they viewed the Darkspawn as the threat and not her...
  16. Three new faces, all at once. Elise took in the new Elfien arrival, recognizing the warrior's grace and pride of the Dalish. She also turned her eye to take in the two other figures approaching on her eastern side. Was it the mighty Hero of Ferelden gracing her presence? She could have sworn he looked familiar. Either way, she knew better than anyone how much better it was to travel in numbers; Maker knew a mage wasn't safe on her own.

    "I agree," she said, voice calm. "And I feel our best haven would be, ironically, Ostagar."

    "Wait a minute! We don't even know if she's safe to travel with!" Violette said, eying the Champion. "She's a criminal."

    Elise smirked, eyes dull. "Seems my friend's reputation proceeds me," she said. "I am going to Ostagar for shelter of some kind; I'm only asking for protection, not for you to vouch my innocence."

    Henry's head was locked on Kestral the minute he mentioned the Grey Wardens. He quickly made tracks to meet with the Warden, eyes bright. "Truly, are you a warden?!" he asked. "I'm seeking to join the warden ranks, surely you can help me?"

    Violette sighed, running a hand through her hair. "No one ever listens to me," she muttered. She turned to the Dalish elf and shrugged. "I bet you have that problem a lot, no?"
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  17. Kestrel looked at the warrior that approached him and asked if he could him with joining the ranks of the Wardens. "I could help, yes. We'll find someone to speak to once we reach Ostagar."

    Serena eyed this Hawke when someone mentioned that she was a criminal. Not that she was alarmed by it, but it did pique her interest a little. She had heard of someone being a criminal in Kirkwall. And that said criminal was involved with the mage/templar conflict.
  18. Fen shifted uncomfortably as more Shem joined the group expanding their numbers, she thought Enansal had been joking when he said if there was one more would come. She changed her position deciding to turn to fully face the pair on horseback standing side on to the one with the violet hair, she felt uneasy at this situation but she refused to let it show standing tall with her bow gripped loosely in between her fingers. She glanced at the shem who suggested they move to Ostagar, Fen’s brow furrowed momentarily. Ostagar? They managed to push us this far down! We...I won’t be able to catch the clan before they cross the ocean She snapped out of her thoughts as she heard the woman next to her pipe up claiming one of them was a criminal, it only took her a moment to suss out which shem she was talking about. Hmph, how easily they turn on one another...or perhaps there is more to this Fen looked the dark haired woman over she could sense the magic in her; call it a Dalish’s intuition. She was contemplating whether to question the dark haired woman when another thread of conversation caught her attention.

    Warden? Could they mean the Grey Wardens? Fen’s interest was piqued as she watched the exchange between the two males, another mention of Ostagar. I should go with them, maybe I can find out more about what’s going on... The keeper had warned Fen her insatiable curiosity would be her downfall if she insisted on pandering it, but the young dalish had little choice in this matter the darkspawn at her back offered her death the Shem at her front offered her a safe haven. What a peculiar situation she found herself in, hearing a small sigh next to her she turned her golden gaze on the violet haired woman beside her.

    She felt her head tilt to the side as she processed the words spoken to her, they had common ground? “More often than you’d think” Fen worded cautiously, her voice muffled by the fabric of her mask. She studied the woman for a moment before shifting the arrow so she could grip it with the same hand holding her bow, she released the string and lifted a hand to her face tucking two fingers into the top of her mask she gently slid the material down her face leaving it to hang around her neck before dropping her hand back to her bow. “For what it is worth I listened...but I doubt this is the time to question safety, the darkspawn will not allow us the luxury” She spoke softly, audible now the mask had been pulled away from her mouth she glanced to her left searching for the tell tale shadows of the Darkspawn carefully keeping the rogue within her peripheral vision.
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