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    A new war has begun. There are two options. Fight or die. Thanks to Anders, templars and mages are fighting a battle that will not cease until one side surrenders. Even after that, there will be no peace. But that could be a million years from now. The only question that remains: Which side are you on?

    Okay, I know the first DA RP attempted was a long shot, but I think I can make this one work. The last one got all complicated and blech. So, here's my attempt!

    We will need at least two people besides me. If there are too many people joining, there will be two different groups, each in a different RP.

    Character Spots:

    Do not necessarily need the pre-made characters, but people with similar personalities and/or backrounds would be appreciated!!!!

    Make Your Own:

    Characters Similar to:
    -Varric (maybe...?)
    -Anders ((yes, I know I hate the son of a bitch, but he's the asshole that got us into this mess.))

    Now, with the leveling and all that crap....

    Each person starts off with "average" in each category. You have 5 points to raise. After "average", there's "Above Average (AA)", "Well Above Average (WAA)", and "Strong (S)". In this leveling, you cannot have anything higher than WAA.



    I'm going to go with a DAO approach on this.....only pick from the weapon skills, alll-class skills, and the skills in your class.

    All-Class Skills: http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Skills Pick four (cannot be more than two in each skill category)

    Mage Skills: http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Spells_(Origins) Pick Four spells (cannot be more than two in each spell category)

    Rogue Skills: http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Rogue_talents_(Origins) Pick Four Skills (cannot be more than two in each skill category/tree. also cannot pick from the DA:A expansion pack skills)

    Warrior Skills: http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Warrior_talents_(Origins) Pick Four Skills (cannot be more than two in each skill category/tree. also cannot pick from the DA:A expansion pack skills)

    Weapon Skills:
    -dual weapon http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Dual_Weapon_talents_(Origins)
    -archery (http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Archery_talents_(Origins)
    -weapon and sheild (http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Weapon_and_Shield_talents_(Origins)
    -two-handed (http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Two-Handed_talents_(Origins)

    Choose two weapon skills TOTAL.


    Looks: (please choose a biiiig picture, i want this to look impressive XD)
    All-Class Skills:
    (Insert Class) Skills:
    Weapon Skills:
    Player: (meaning your role, ex: Varric, Isabela, etc. leave blank if it's an officially orignal character)


    (let me know if the links don't work correctly)
  2. OMG I am SO in for a DA based RP X3 I don't care if I'm in a lot of RPs right now, this is one I can't pass up.

    I'll start working on making a character when I can :D
  3. Name: Victoria Kelsing
    Race: Elf
    Height/Weight:5'7, 113 lbs

    All-Class Skills:
    - View attachment 8164 Coercion
    - View attachment 8165 Stealing
    Rogue Skills:
    - View attachment 8166 Deft Hands
    - View attachment 8167 Stealth
    Weapon Skills:
    - View attachment 8168 Dual-Weapon training
    - View attachment 8169 Dual Striking
    Bio: Raised by her father as a hunter, Victoria grew up in the wilderness, and has a great sense of hearing as well as smell.
    Extras: Very paranoid and suspicious of other people.
    Player: MYO elf

    Strength: AA
    Dexterity: WAA
    Cunning: WAA
    Magicka: A
    Willpower: A
    Constitution: A
  4. Name: Primrose Withrend (Prim for short)
    Age: 21
    Race: Elf
    Height/Weight: 5'8 116
    Class: Mage
    All-Class Skills: Coercion, and Survival
    Skills: Lightning, Heal, Rock Armor, and Winter's Grasp
    Weapon Skills: Dual Weapon Sweep, and Dual Striking
    Bio: her parents died a long time ago,shes an apostate and has been alone since she was ten
    Extras: pet fox named Dante
    Player: MYO Elf

  5. Who's an adorable little elf? ^_^ accepted
  6. Hmm... this seems to be based more off the second one, which I didnt play much of because I thought it was terrible. Do you need much knowledge of the second game to join?
  7. Nope :D. Almost no knowledge of DA2 is needed, and the stuff you do need to know, I'll fill you in on.
  8. I'm so in! X3 I'll have a char up today or tomorrow. Probably today.
  9. sweet! i'm hoping to get this started by wednesday.
  10. I'll finish my character concept soon I promise! I'm trying to make him and not base him on someone I regularly use. I'm thinking a human two-handed sword warrior since there are already two elves, and rogue and mage are also represented. I was going to do a female human mage first but that's okay X3
  11. I was gonna do a two-handed Hawke, buuuut decided that I loved my DA:O char so much, that I'd just kinda recreate her. XD We need a Dwarven representation here, anyways. >:3 The bad part: pictures of Dwarven women are extremely hard to find. And I dunno if I wanna make her two-handed or sword and shield like I did originally...

    ... I'm really tempted to just fire up DA:O and take a picture of my Warden. XD

    Name: Zeniva
    Age: 23
    Race: Dwarf
    Height/Weight: 5'; 130lbs
    Class: Warrior
    All-Class Skills:
    --Combat Training
    --Improved Combat Training
    --Improved Coercion
    Warrior Skills:
    --Precise Striking
    Weapon Skills:
    --Shield Bash
    --Shield Pummel
    --Shield Block
    --Shield Cover
    Bio: Born casteless in the Orzammar, Zeniva ended up working for a carta lord. That is, until she wound up in jail for desecrating a Proving by taking someone's place. For humiliating him, the carta lord was going to kill her; however, she escaped, killed him, and went to the surface, the only place she could go.
    Extras: She's always wanted a pet, and so she has an unexpected soft spot for animals.
    Player: MYO Dwarf

    Strength: WAA
    Dexterity: A
    Cunning: A
    Magicka: A
    Willpower: AA
    Constitution: WAA

    I'll finish it tomorrow~
  12. yeah, it seems the links are broken DX
  13. Name: Ike
    Height/Weight: 5'10'' / 152 lbs
    Class: Warrior
    All-Class Skills: (If you don't want us using Runecrafting, Vitality or Clarity let me know and I'll change it)
    - Combat Training
    - Improved Combat Training
    - Survival
    - Vitality
    Warrior Skills:
    - Powerful
    - Threaten
    - Precise Striking
    - Taunt
    Weapon Skills:
    - Pommel Strike
    - Indomitable
    - Mighty Blow
    - Powerful Swings
    Bio: Though not born a mage himself, Ike's sister was. She was always hassled and feared for her gift and eventually even claimed by the Templars and forced into the Fereldin Circle. His mage sibling makes Ike a mage sympathizer; fighting for their cause even if he isn't one himself. Ike trains himself to learn to swing a mighty two-handed sword like most men swing longswords.
    Extras: Ike has a great love for all things meat.
    Player: MYO Human

  14. Are we ready to get this going?