Dragon Age RP/Zombies?

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  1. I know a little about the series [the Darkspawn (love those guys!), the main protagonists (so far The Warden/The Warden Commander and Hawke), some of the conflicts (Mages vs. Templars, Darkspawn vs. Everyone, and Dragons vs. Anyone Who Looks Tasty), and some of the gameplay. Otherwise open to suggestion on this subject.

    I've had an idea or two for a zombie apocalypse RP as well. It would probably take place in the chaos of the start of the infection and the immediate aftermath of said apocalypse. Any interested are welcome.

    People are welcome to ask for a spot in one or both of these if you have the time.

    Dragon Age OOC/Sign Ups
    Infection OOC/Sign Ups
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  2. Interested in all three!
  3. I have interest in the Zombie RP.
  4. Three?
  5. Kewl.
  6. Dx Didn't mean to put three, both of them xD 1
  7. Kewl.

    Listen up, because this applies to you too.

    Here are my rules.
    • Grammar, Sentence Structure, and Punctuation of Intermediate Level.
    • BE APPROPRIATE. If you're making a joke, make it clear that it is a joke. No racism, sexism, or other -isms without some clear comedic value. If you're being an ass for no reason, you will be kicked, no warning.
    • NO PUPPETEERING WITH ANOTHER PLAYER'S CHARACTERS. You have total control over any and all characters that YOU make, be they major or minor, but NOT those of another player. First offense results in a warning on the public OOC. Second offense results in being kicked and killed off.
    • Once upon a time (three or four days ago), I was kicked out of an RP. I will not name which RP or who the GM was, just the reason: I proposed a faster pace of posting, that it would be unfair to other roleplayers for one to hold up the rest by not posting for a while when it is impossible for the plot to continue without them. This contrasted with the GM's ideas, and thus I was kicked. I did receive notice, and the issue was settled after I explained the comment as a simple preference rather than a necessity. She accepted this, but by then had already opened up my position to someone else, and I couldn't get back on. The point to this? CONFLICT WITH THE GM (me) OR Co-GM WILL RESULT IN THE IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION OF YOUR POSITION. However, you will be privately messaged, and an appeal can be made. If it was simply a misunderstanding (as in my case), you're welcome to join again. Otherwise, the situation is permanent. The PM will appear the DAY THAT I FIND A PROBLEM. You'll have 48 hours to make an appeal to regain your position, within which it will not be open to anyone else, and that seems to be plenty of time to me.
    • POSTING SPEED WITH A MAXIMUM OF ONCE/MULTIPLE POSTS PER DAY, AND A MINIMUM OF ONCE A WEEK. I may have made this somewhat plain in the post above, but it I feel it unfair to other people for someone to join the RP, say they're dedicated, and then back out on it, holding up the line. Conflict with this rule (no post within a week) will result in a PM, followed by a waiting period of 48 hours for a post. If you have a good reason (work life, relationships, family events, etc.), the period is extended for however long is needed or estimated. If there is no action in the time period, another PM will be sent, with a 24 hour waiting period. If no posts occur within the 24 hour period, you're kicked.
    I hope these rules dissuade no one (Especially the time span. I'm talking to you Wolf), and I feel they are fair enough. Onto the RP plots:

    • For the Zombie RP, there will be three character types: Proto-Infected (the human-like progenitors to the modern zombies), Survivors (which will unite with either the Proto-Infected or the military), or the EIS (Epidemic Investigation Service) detectives/General Military troops. The virus will be something I came up with in the shower (Seriously! I was scrubbing myself with bodywash, and it came to me when I wondered how the hell all of those advanced zombie types in video games become like that. Better than that time I came up with a Star Wars story when I was wiping my ass...): The virus infects the host, which dies within 12 hours, exact time of death varying depending on body weight, height, and physical strength. Upon resurrection (resulting from the virus salvaging what's left over of the human brain function, located in the brain stem), the zombie has little purpose aside from spreading the virus. However, biomass (flesh, muscle, bones, organs), upon consumption, is repurposed by the virus: Bones are added to the body skeleton to add to height and natural weapons; muscles are packed together to increase strength, speed, and stamina; flesh allows for bodily expansion; organs allow for increased functions, particularly the brain and nervous system (which would increase viral control over the body, including general intelligence, advanced problem solving, and motor control). As the Infected grow larger, they become much more dangerous and territorial. Eventually, they grow to a size that is practically impossible to control, kill, or quarantine, resulting in global infection or destruction. Proto-Infected were the only successful experiments, avoiding the detrimental effects of the virus (death and reanimation, constant hunger, need to spread the virus) while maintaining the benefits (enhanced and ever-growing speed, strength, stamina, agility, and intelligence). They escaped from containment together, while also releasing one of their unstable cousins, resulting in the outbreak of New York City, the Northeast United States, Quebec, and eventually the entire East Coast of North America, not to mention scattered outbreaks occurring worldwide due to infected escaping via air or sea, prompting global cooperation in an effort to stall or destroy the virus, which has failed in the first 2 months. I'm thinking a group of 3-8. A max of two Proto-Infected (as they would be the most overpowered of the bunch), 3 survivors, and 2 detectives/soldiers. Romance might as well be allowed. Survivors can ally with either side, betray sides, and go their own way. Same goes for the others, though I'd think that the Proto-Infected would stick together. There is no such thing as first-come-first-serve here. You can be the first person to post a character, and you can get looked over in favor of someone with a better character. Also, if you write the character sheet well, I expect the same quality for the rest of the RP.
    • As for the Dragon Age RP, I was thinking along the lines of having one character of each class (thus, 3) at the very least, with a maximum of 6, though that will probably not happen. Grey Wardens fall under that category at least. Yeah, you guessed it. YOU CAN BE A DARKSPAWN, like the Hurlock Vanguard from the DLC for Dragon Age: Origins, The Darkspawn Chronicles. Specializations are those from Dragon Age: Origins. Lots of options. This would probably take place during the hypothesized Sixth Blight. Playing a Darkspawn, you would be a Vanguard, either Ogre, Hurlock, Genlock, or Shriek. You can use Alpha images to represent them. NO ARCHDEMONS. The Archdemon that a Darkspawn Vanguard would serve would most likely be the Old God Razikale, thought to be next in line for corruption. For Warriors, Mages, and Rogues (as well as specializations), you may be a Grey Warden or some random hobo who found a sword/orphan who figured out they could use magic (This is a joke. Make more of a story than that). Specializations must be earned during the RP. Romance would be allowed, but you must create your own companions, as we will not be interacting physically with any series characters.
    Alright. Any questions?
  8. Nope I understand completely.
  9. Ideas/thoughts on the Zombie RP?
  10. Hmmm, well if this is more of a survival type of Rp not much. The goal of this to to survive the zombie attack, right?
  11. Less so. Sure, the characters must gather resources, unite, survive, etc. But this is DURING the outbreak. We're focusing more on the immediate carnage of armies of practically invincible undead (headshots will destroy weaker infected, and I'm working on higher level infected weaknesses) versus the very mortal armies of men, instantly following the escape of the virus from containment below New York and its rapid expansion across the East Coast. Survivors will be caught in the midst, and the Proto-Infected will be working to find their destiny and revenge. More shooting, conspiracy, blood, and gore than survival. As well as action sequences. Parkour. General badassery.
  12. That makes more sense. I personally think you have this very well planned out. But would all the characters have to meet up together at some point? Also, say one character would be in NC while another would be in NYC and another in FL? How would that work? Also, the survivors of each attack wouldn't most people would want to make a safe house of some sort as well? Just thoughts...
  13. Survivors would all be from New York. I'll repeat myself: BEGINNING OF THE OUTBREAK, STARTING IN NYC. And eventually, there wouldn't even be spaced out attacks. As the Infected get bigger, smarter, and stronger, they won't stop attacking the designated area until they've achieved their goal or have died, or, alternatively, they get bored. Admittedly, this could be good for experienced survivors or Proto-Infected. Since these Super-Infected are highly territorial, their patterns, lairs, and designated territory can be predicted and exploited, though if unsuccessful, the attackers would be unable to attempt the same strategy again (The bastards learn!), and the big guys would probably shift their movements and housing. As well, luring one into another would most likely result in a deathmatch, one or both dying. Of course, if only one dies and the other consumes it, you've doomed yourself and everyone around you, since the dead one's territory would be absorbed into the victor's and the victor itself would get even bigger and even stronger.
  14. Okay, that would clear some things up for me.
  15. Great to have you on board! Now, if you wouldn't mind, I need you to tell me one of two things:
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    And you Wolf? Are you in?
  16. 1. I don't mind letting people know.
    2. It's a type of graphic you make and to use it you kind of just show it off. It has words and pictures on it (Usually). You know those ads on top of Iwaku? Those are banners. :)
  17. Hm. The banner might not work then, considering we have two things going on here. Of course, I could have two go up leading to the same place, that being here. And great to know I've got someone who can get other people to come in here. You know those guys that stand outside pawn shops and wave banners around advertising deals and etc.? You'll be one of those. But you'll privately message other people rather than go spam another thread.
  18. And yes, I do understand that you don't seem interested in the Dragon Age thing. But I am, and Wolf is (I've got the feeling that others might be interested too), so I've got two things going on.
  19. Lol, I always wanted to be a advertising guy! I'll get to it...
  20. Going to need some acknowledgment here, Lonewolf888978. You understand the Terms of Service and plots of the two RPs, as well as the consequences of ignoring the Terms of Service?
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