Dragon Age Roleplay?

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  1. So I was thinking it might be fun to do a Dragon Age roleplay bassed of the first one. This means the events in the second game never happened. I was thinking to do it during the time when the Dark Spawn were about and the Warden was trying to stop them, or before. Another thought is that we could be the wardens group and take roles of the compaions they had, such as Alistar and Wyne. Or we could be totaly diffrent people. But first I wana see if this intersts anyone.

  2. I think its a great idea i think the war should still happen and the king should die but maybe changee it ariund alittle
  3. Interested.
  4. Glad you guys are! And I agree, we should stick to some things in the original story, if not all, and just add on to it. I wana start one, hopefully more people find this intersting enough to play.
  5. I find it interesting! I was thinking of starting one of my own, then I noticed this idea.
  6. So yeah we gonna do this?
  7. I would love to do this! And it looks like we have enough people interstend to get it started! But before I start it, or one of you do (if you want to I'm more than okay with that) we should agree with what kind of plot or set up we want.
  8. So we can go for total original plot in Thedas (dragon age universe); while this would be nice the problem is that most of the world of DA is kinda not as fleshed out as Ferelden and Kirkwall, or if it is fleshed out Bioware doesn't really reveal much though we do have an idea what the other countries are like we would mostly be winging it. Though some countires have been more fleshed out with books and comics, which I have, but haven't got round to reading them yet.

    Or we can go for replacing the game stories. Now while this is good in the way we have lots of lore and things to go on, but if we follow the game stories that we already know it could get pretty boring.

    I think it would be best to do this. We play as the origins characters and make new origins (their is one that was planned, but never made that is called the barbarian origin for instance) and play through the game, and try to set up as many future plots or storylines as we can with each character. Now we start playing the origin, buuuut we change it up and what I mean, by change it up I mean that events go almost completely differently, they might have elements of similarity, but we write it so its fun and different enough so that it feels new, and most of the change will revolve around are characters, think of the butterfly effect in time travel etc. Example: One character does some minor action, a little way down the road that causes some sort of change may be large or small, like a ripple effect. Now depending on how long you want the RP to go we can go through DA: Origins, then their expansions, then DA 2. This way in this sorta "alternate universe" is still set in the world, but we have sorta started to develop it on its own and expand on the lore abit. Then if people want we could go for totally original stories. Or maybe loosely follow the comics or books, then do original or whatever.

    Anyways I'm rambling and most of it doesn't make sense so feel free to ignore it or take it as you will, I'm to lazy to go back and revise it to make more sense.

    TL;DR: Dragon Age WHOOOOO!
  9. So, is this gonna get started or what?
  10. Room for another player?
  11. That isn't far from what I was thinking, Hunta. So for an example; I pick a noble dwarf, just like the original origin. But then I decide I don't want to be of that family, and make up my own noble family or put may character in an already existing one that we don't hear much about. And then as a writer and fan of DA I find away to get myself cast out of the city or just plain leave because I want to. And then we all meet up though certain events and form a band with or without a leader (like the warden).

    But then what is our main goal? The darkspawn are about and the warden is off doing his/her thing. In DA your whole goal was to get allies and stop the darkspawn; what will our goal be? This is my main thing. SO I think if we agree on this set and come up with a goal or something, we could start the RP.

    I really want to start it; apologies for taking so long. I just want to work out some kinks so it can move along smoothly. I have joined too many that run into a boring dead end and doesn't have a plot drill to dig themselves out. (Bad analogy-_-)
  12. Yes...that is a very bad analogy.

    Aaaanyways if you want some help I can Co-GM it for you but be warned I'm a bit flighty. So when I feel motivated I'll try to help as much as I can, but when I'm less so I might only to barely what is needed.

    I also tried to do this exact thing a long time ago, but not enough people where interested and I lost motivation.

    So for plot...Well to stick to the idea of Dragon Age: Origins. We could have it that our characters have as diverse a origin/backgrounds/walks of life and then they get recruited by Duncan. After all its not unconceivable that Duncan had some things to wrap up before Ostagar, he afterall in the Dwarven Origin was checking if it was in a blight in the deep road battle. And it makes sense that he would be makeing the rounds of Ferelden area to find new recruits. So for people that want to be Wardens they can do that, or they can come in later; like maybe they are apart of the army at Ostagar and the survive with the party? Anyways we could work around that and see what everyone wants for their character.

    As for the companions in the game...well if people want we can keep some of them or get rid of them or they can make original characters to fill in their roles I guess. We can also play multiple characters if we want and add new characters as we want/need.

    So list of possible Origins you can follow the orginials if their are ones or make it up whatever it just has to make sense.

    Human Royal (Ferelden) Origin? Playing the Prince/Princess or Alistair type background.
    Human Noble (Ferelden) Origin
    Human Commoner (Ferelden) Origin? Originally planned in the game, but got cut.
    Human Street Rat (Ferelden) Origin? Ya well lower end commoners underworld and stuff similar to the games Dwarf Commoner Storyline.
    Human Savage (Chasind Wilder) Origin? Chasind are pretty badass marsh peoples check them out: http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Chasind_Wilders
    Human Barbarian (Avvar) Origin? Part Native American, Part Celtic, Part Nordic, also pretty badass: http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Avvars
    Human/Elven Circle Mage Origin
    Apostate Mage Origin? Runaway Mage anyone?
    Dalish Elf Origin
    City Elf Origin
    Dwarf Royal Origin? Re naming the Dwarven Noble Origin.
    Dwarven Noble Origin? One where you are part of one of the noble families not the royal familes (that annoyed me).
    Dwarven Commoner Origin? One where you are actually a commoner not a casteless/street rat like a merchant, warrior, minor cast.
    Dwarven Casteless Origin? The Commoner origin under new name.
    Surface Dwarf? Outcast from your peoples city?
    Foreign Grey Warden? Maybe you where sent to be tutored in Ferelden, maybe you have just been stationed there, or have been there for years.
    Etc. maybe your foreign? maybe you just don't fit in these origins, etc.

    Basically we can count any background as an "Origin" no matter when they join the party.

    Also some of the things the companions are we will need to have, or at least we should probably have if people take their places. Like we would need to have some connection to Flemith, maybe a different daughter? I'm not sure what she would do to her sons...

    Also would be nice to have a balanced-ish party for combat roles, character roles (think character archetypes that fit in like smart guy, big guy, anti-hero, they might be more specific or multiple ones put together), and non-combat utility roles (basically anything not pointed out by the others mainly thinking along the line of who would do what on more mundane things like crafting or setting up camp/wilderness survival, charming silver tongued person who buys stuff for them, etc, etc.)
  13. That list is just perfect. And if you would be GM with me that would be fabulous! Actually, since you seem well read/informed about the DA world, YOU could start the RP. (Please?)

    I think thats just perfect, and about the companions I think the RPers should be the companions. So maybe a Gray Warden or some and the rest be companions that joined the Wardens cause. The hardest part would be figuring out how they joined the group, but not really that hard. We are WRITERS! Creativity is our sword! (Why am I so bad with those?)
  14. I am there. I was going to try and start one but chickened out xD Now you two can shoulder the burden! (Fun burden though it may be.)
  15. ...That was better, but still horrible analogy.

    I really don't want to start the RP, I don't really have time for it. I can help you create the OOC and IC, but not by myself.

    So we have 5 ppl atm. I think we should open it up so that the players can choose if they want to be an origin or not...the problem with only certain few people being origins, and everyone else only being companions is that then they would have to wait until the origins character contacted them...We could always have multiple characters each.

    Personally I'm wanting to play a Apostate Elf-Blooded-Human Noble.
  16. I think I could start it. I do find it fun after all. And I think I know how I would set it up too, I just need two things.

    1) How or why are we traveling together. If we even do that. I was thinking we would do it like the Warden's group.

    2) What is our goal. Are we hunting Darkspawn? Are we searching for allies like the Warden? Are we trying to leave Ferelden? (spelling?)

    If I at least get the answer for 2 I think I'll be able to put up the OOC.

    No bad analogy this time.
  17. Some of the people could have been recruited to be Wardens by Duncan and others for one reason or another could be at Ostagar for one reason or another, and we could start it just as we all get there (if other people join later or people want to introduce more characters they can join at will, like the coompanions do in the game). Some of us could know each other previously, those that were recruited by Duncan could know each other pretty basically, but not trust each other, but its up to them.

    And as for our goal...well it really depends on how we effect events....it could go lots of different ways. Lets just leave it open and see. Hopefully we try to defeat the Archdemon, how we do that could depend on our characters and events or maybe our characters just run? So ya.
  18. Sounds good enough. I think I have enough to work with. So we start at Ostagar? I had a brilliant idea; our group will take place of the Warden. (You might have been thinking this and I missed it.)

    So basicly we, the starting players, are all at Ostagar wither because we are to become a warden, or are in the army, or some other reason, like a circle mage. But at the battle all things go badly, as the king dies and we lose the fight. We get together after the fact, we being the few survivors, and decide that we must win this war and gather allies, just like in Dragon Age.

    Does this sound good? If you agree with that then I will begin to work on the OC