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  1. The armies have gathered at Ostagar, ready to fight for their great country, Ferelden, at the word of the king. They will charge in his name, in the name of Ferelden, and the name of their Maker. And for this they will die at the hands at Darkspawn, in hopes that their loss will be for the greater good. They are all good men and women, fighting for a great cause, but will the loses they see here be worth it? Will the succeed and stop the Darkspawn before they can ravage the lands, just as the king foretells? OR will it all fall in to ruin as the Darkspawn taint the land? Will the Maker spare them?

    As usual, there is your cheesy intro for the role-play. Now lets break it down into something that isn’t so cheesy.

    You, my good man/woman, have come to Ostagar to join the fight against the Darkspawn. And that is the most we have to start with. I ask that you have played the first Dragon Age, that’ll make this easier to follow.
    So to start off we are all at Ostagar. How or why you are here is up to you. You may be a gray warden, a gray warden to be, and circle mage, a noble, a servant, a soldier, a prisoner, or whatever, it’s very open.The list below is one compelled by our very own Huntah to give you some ideas.

    Huntah's List:

    Human Royal (Ferelden) Origin? Playing the Prince/Princess or Alistair type background.
    Human Noble (Ferelden) Origin
    Human Commoner (Ferelden) Origin? Originally planned in the game, but got cut.
    Human Street Rat (Ferelden) Origin? Lower end commoners underworld and stuff similar to the game's Dwarf Commoner Storyline.
    Human Savage (Chasind Wilder) Origin? Chasind are pretty badass marsh peoples check them out:
    Human Barbarian (Avvar) Origin? Part Native American, Part Celtic, Part Nordic,also pretty badass:
    Human/Elven Circle Mage Origin
    Apostate Mage Origin? Runaway Mage anyone?
    Dalish Elf Origin
    City Elf Origin
    Dwarf Royal Origin? Re naming the Dwarven Noble Origin.
    Dwarven Noble Origin? One where you are part of one of the noble families not the royal familes (that annoyed me).
    Dwarven Commoner Origin? One where you are actually a commoner not acasteless/street rat like a merchant, warrior, minor cast.
    Dwarven Casteless Origin? The Commoner origin under new name.
    Surface Dwarf? Outcast from your peoples city?

    Foreign Grey Warden? Maybe you where sent to be tutored in Ferelden, maybe you have just been stationed there, or have been there for years.
    Etc. maybe your foreign? Or maybe you just don't fit in these origins, etc.

    After we are all set and at Ostagar we will have a little time before the big battle starts. From there on we will change things from what they once were. We will cross that bridge when we get to it. The main thing I have to say here is that the warden from the original Dragon Age is replaced by our group. And that we are all going to have to get together somehow.

    If you want to see the thread where we rambled and talked about it check here: http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/showthr...888#post493888
    IC Thread Here

    That’s the best I can do to explain. Any questions? Feel free to ask.

    1)Iwaku rules apply as always.
    2)Cannot post on IC without character approval.
    3)Cursing is allowed, but not over the top please.
    4)Romance is allowed, but not too smutty please.
    5)No more than posting three times a day.
    6)Revise work. Check for spelling and grammar errors. Please.
    7)Try to be descriptive. This is just to help us get a feel for what you are trying to show us.
    8)Be a writer. Just be creative and have a good time. That is what writing is about. Show us what you're made of.
    9)Follow the Dragon Age Canon Universe and Theme, but we will allow expansions of the lore, bending of it slightly, etc. but it must be approved by either Huntah or myself.

    Rules are not strict, more like favors I ask of you. But if you break them too often I might just have to bring the HAMMER down. (I don't even have a hammer. Might have to get one.)

    Okay now character sheet time: (Note: There are two now, preferably use Huntah's, but use mine if you like.)

    Huntah's Character Skeleton:
    Race:(Keep in mind the main race (horned dudes) of the Qunari are actually named Kossith. Qunari can means anyone who follow there beliefs.)

    Combat Role: (What role do you fill in combat? What can you do in combat? You can say Tank, Melee, DPS, Pet, Healer, etc. or just generally explain what sort of things can your character do fighting wise and what is there style of combat? Also might like to make clear if they have unique abilities such as if they are a blood mage or a templar. Also what weapons and/or armor do they usually use? How good are they at everything you just explained?)

    Non-Combat Role: (Again what roles and types of skills to they have to help the party in a non-combat capacity? Can they hunt? Make Traps? Very Persuasive?)
    Background: (Who are you? Where are you from? How did you get to Ostagar? Are you a Warden? If so how where you recruited?)

    RedWinter's Character Skeleton:
    Class: (Mage, Rogue, Warrior)
    Specializations: (Mage: Arcane Warrior, Blood Mage, Shapeshifter, Spirit Healer, Battlemage, Force Mage, Keeper. Rouge: Assassin, Bard, Duelist, Ranger, Legionary Scout, Shadow. Warrior: Berserker, Champion, Reaver, Templar, Guardian, Spirit Warrior. May have 1 to 3 specializations)
    Equipment Proficiency: (What weapons can you use? What armor can you wear? These are class specific.)
    Crafting Skills: (What can you make? Rune-crafting, Herbalism, Poison-making, and Trap-making.)
    Origin: (Where are you from?)
    Recruitment: (How did you get to Ostagar?)
    Warden?: (Yes or no? If yes: Are you a new recruit?)
    Story: (Who are you?)

    You can change this around or add sections if you want as long as these things are somewhere on your character sheet. Tell me if I missed anything.

    The Group:
    RedWinter: Klein Hammel- DPS (duelist, legionary scout)
    Domitianus Marc'an- Mage (blood mage, necromancer)
    Psychedelic: Kara- Tank? (berserker)
    Dres: Beau- DPS (scout, archer)
    Enternalfire61: Regerus Thormon- DPS tank (champion)
    Taven Kuro: Taven Kuro- DPS (assassin, duelist, shadow)
    Reserved for Nikk
  2. I like it. I may join ;)
  3. I like it to. might have to play it a bit today to refreash myself on the story line as well as think of my Character
  4. playin the gmae right now :) time for my Charater sheet
    Name: Taven Kuro
    Age: 25
    Race:Human Barbaian (Avvars)
    Appearance: 5'9' 182 pounds, midnight blue eyes, long black hair ussaly coverin his left eye and his scar across his left eye. Taven Is
    fairly toned and in great shape.
    Specializations:Assassin, Shadow, Duelist
    Equipment Proficiency: One Handed Swords (The Shadow Blade) and Daggers (The Shadow dagger) Will at time either single weild one of the two weapons or dual wield them depending on the foe he is faceing and how many.
    Crafting Skills:Poision and trap making
    Recruitment: Recrutied by Dunncan
    Warden?: Yes but only for a fee months
    Story: Living in the Frostback mountain in a hidden Valley lived the Avvar tribe named Shadow Tribe. Since Taven was a young boy he had shown great skills in that of the rouge, he was soon recurited and trained among the most skilled group of the tribes warrirors the Warriors of Korth. He was trained extensivly in the ways of the Shadow Tribe Specializing in Assassinating, fight with either one or two blades and of course the own tribes the way of the shadows. One sunny day the ground could be felt shakeing to the north of the valley all eyes were trianed on theier face had gone pale from what they can see. A large amount of Darkspawn. Now Darkspawn were not uncomman but this large amount was and it was head stright for the village. the village had prepred its self for the battle and mad preperation to get the old and young out only to fine that their escap route was close off by around horde of Darkspawn thier only was was to carve a path out of the horde to safety. As the battle raged on many of the tribes member were slaughter and they had only gained a couple hunderd feet through to the horde as they looked on alll hope failed them as they saw the true mass of the Darkspawn they were right in the middle of the blight soon they were all cut down exept for taven who in a cowerdly but wise choice when the last few Protecters of Korth were left stand he had hide in the shadows from the darkspawn watched his as his breathen and his own brother slaughtered before him. after the mass of Darkspawn had passed and only groups of Darkspawn remained Taven sought his vengeance by killing the straggling groups. He has fataly injuered in battle before joining his tribe in the skies Duncan had found him and told him of a way he could survie seeing it as a chance to avenge his tribe his took undertaking the joining ritual and traveling with duncan to Ostagar.
    Other: Personallity: Can be cocky at times tend to keep to himself but is willing to talk and anwers the questions of other and will enjoy their company. In battle againt Darkspawn will sometimes go into a rage (not like that of a baserker which will make him stronger and Ect.) but merely consumed by bloodlust.
  5. May have decided on someone...I'm aware it's not very good, but I'm tired. Be nice xD

    Name: Kara
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Race: City elf
    Class: Warrior
    Specializations: Berserker
    Equipment Proficiency: Heavy armour. Two handed weapons. (favours warhammers)
    Crafting Skills: She's a bit rubbish at all that thinking malarky xD
    Origin: Amaranthine
    Recruitment: Sheer will. When she got wind of an opportunity to perhaps prove herself, she moved heaven and earth to get there. This involved fashioning a weapon from bits and pieces lying around the alienage, escaping said place and smuggling herself along with some cargo bound for Ostagar. Of course, she was found out, only just escaping with her life. From about the halfway mark, Kara walked, encountering minimal resistance and thankfully being able to scavenge a proper weapon or two from those she did come across.
    Warden?: No. But if she gets the opportunity, she'll jump at it.
    Story: Kara's mother often said she should have been born a dwarf. The girl has always been boisterous, smart mouthed and generally a trouble maker. She also likes to protect those weaker than her, hence taking up the sword and doing her level best to become an equal in the eyes of humans. She's usually more focused on drunken revelry than being a good citizen, until things really become serious...at which point she's little miss 'stabby stabby' Her skill at arms is limited by the fact that when training she had obviously limited resources. However, she doesn't let this stop her. She seems adaptable, and due to this difficult start, is excellent at thinking outside of the box, whether in a fight or just in life.
  6. I have forgat most of the story in Origin, I havnt played it in a long long time, but I have to reaserch it so that I can make my character :P
  7. As requested by Huntah, a few changes have been made. Nothing big. And for you whom have already signed up, feel free to use Huntah's sheet rather than mine. But other than that, Psychedelic and Taven Kuro are accepted.
    [MENTION=2146]Nikk[/MENTION], yeah I'm kinda there too. I played it so much for a time and haven't touched it in awhile. But I almost remember the story like my back of my hand. How many times I played it... It's almost scary.
  8. Yayness. I'll probably update my CS when I can be bothered. I'm still working her out as it's an adapted character.
  9. Name: Domitianus Marc'an
    Age: 52
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Appearance: Domitianus is in his early fifties, with an older face, but not haggard. His eyes are a dull blue with flecks of dark green. He stands around 5'11" and walks with pride and purpose. He is not broad or thick, but is slightly round around the middle, having to do with old age. He has plenty of scars, though they are mostly rising on the palms of his hands and few on his forearms. He has shortened salt and pepper hair.
    Combat Role: Blood Mage, Necromancer, he also wields a small ceremonial dagger and a staff. Basic Magic such as healing, and other small offensive spells.
    Non-Combat Role: Potion and Poison making. Because he is a Magister, Domitianus has very powerful influence over other mages and various establishments. Damitianus owns a human slave whom he keeps with him at all times, even when he is traveling.
    Background: Born in the Tevinter Imperium, Dmoitianus was raised by both mother and father and living in riches and royalties. As soon as he was able to learn, Domitianus underwent various classes in training for magic and it's basics, learning about history, potion and poison making. As Domitianus grew older, on his tenth birthday he was given his very own personal slave to do with as he wished. He thus started practicing Blood Magic on a daily basis, using his slave, as well as house slaves, to practice on. Growing older, Domitianus rose through the ranks of the Imperium and became a Magister at the age of 37. As he continued to study and travel, he met a healer by the name of Anrah and soon married her. He brought her back to the Tevinter, where they started a family soon after. When the Darkspawn returned, Domitianus was ignorant and did not remove his family, instead keeping them where they were. His world was soon turned upside down and he learned the hard way that he could not do everything. His wife and daughter then contracted the Taint due to Darkspawn attacks. From then on, Domitianus committed his time to trying to find a cure for the Taint, but his wife died and child died within the months of research. When he heard about the battle for Ostagar, Domitianus requested to be an aid, but only for a price.
    Other: Domitianus is a jolly drunk and knows a few songs. Though at times he is also known to drink while he is in pain, mourning, or is emotionally suffering. He always celebrates his daughter's and wife's birthdays by creating something known as "Flying Fire" (Many of you may know it as floating lanterns that people light for either celebration or remembrance of the dead).

    (It's been updated, but there might be more to reveal in the future!)
  10. Name: Beau ________.
    Age: 34
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Appearance: Beau stands at six foot even. He has the standard blond hair (short, clean cut), blue eyes – but something about him screams ‘exotic’. It could be his deep accent, his chiseled features, or the strange accessories he wears with his armor, but many girls would say it would be that smile, dangerous and beautiful all at the same time.
    Combat Role: Scout, Archer. Prefers long-range combat and leather armor. DPS is decent, if not great. Light on his feet and quick on the draw, he has an aptitude for taking enemies by surprise.
    Non-Combat Role: Beau is rather persuasive…well, a good distraction really. He plays the role of the tourist, admiring the ‘beauty’ of the land and beguiling the crowds with strange and exciting tales of other lands. Also, He can make…firewood. If he has an axe. Also, he dabbles in some poison. Nothing extraordinary.
    Background: Beau _________ is an Orlesian scout, a once-mercenary/bard turned Grey Warden, and all because he had been ill advised on a matter (involving a music box and a deal dealt in fire) very close to him. Still holding a grudge (and upon hearing a rumor of a certain someone), Beau accepted a position to travel to Ferelden and seek answers concerning the blight, assisting as only another Grey Warden could.
    Other: Beau is only a stage name. His birth name was traded in long ago when he joined ranks with the bards.
  11. That's a bit better. It'll do. We'll get to know her properly later.
  12. Name: Regerus Thormon Of House Thormon

    Age: 42

    Gender: Male


    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Combat Role: Regerus is a DPS character who could if he wanted be the tank of the group. He often uses two weapons or a two handed weapon to deal out damage. His specialization is Champion, which is like a general leader role.

    Non-Combat Role:
    Regerus is probably the most persuasive person in his house. He knows how to deal with a situation so that the enemy is either safe, or rotting in the ground. As a strong person he has an iron-will that is immovable. He is rather stern about what other people think. If they have an opinion that he doesn't agree with he'll rebut it and make them change their opinion.

    Background: Regerus hails from Lothering. The village is located north of Ostagar which at one time was a nice trading post service. Regerus was always a fighting man. Being one of the oldest of the house he knew he would be the one sent to help fight the darkspawn. His father Durun Thormon was far too old to go so they had to choose him. There were two other candidates but they had never really proved themselves to the house. Regerus was the perfect fit in this case.


    Theme: Call of Magic

  13. I usually don't turn down character sheets so both are accepted even if Fire hasn't finished his background. *Shrugs* Sadly I lost my Co-GM so I am now flying SOLO! Ah well, I think I can handle it. (I so lonely now *Cries*)
  14. You can't deny that my character is a sexy BEAST
  15. So when is this gonna be started up yo?
  16. I'm really hoping this thread doesn't die, because I'd really love to do a Dragon Age rp. I've been waiting for one since forever.
  17. If it doesn't go through I'll start it.
  18. Sweet, at least we have someone to start it then.
  19. I could help CO-Gm if needed. Dragon age was a very fun game and I'd like to continue this. For now I just want it to happen.
  20. Sorry for my absence. And that would be great if you would help me in this. I'll put up the IC soon and my character sheet, and hope we get a few more members. We have enough to get it started, and more will be able to join. And if you want Eternal, since you might get there before me, you could put up the IC even.