INTEREST CHECK Dragon Age/Mass Effect combo?

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  1. So, I came up with an idea for this. I'm going to write out what I have figured out so far (pretty much a random list that I'll smooth out for the roleplay), and see if anyone wants to join a thread with the plot, obviously. me sort out my thoughts, please.

    The roleplay would take place in Thedas, with medieval technology. The races would be asari, drell, dwarves, elves, geth, humans, krogan, quarians, salarians, turians. The geth and all AIs in general would be golems, not machines. Biotics would be mages, with full magey powers. The view of mages/biotics would be kept from the respective games, of course. As in, all asari are mages, humans are afraid of them, quarians/dwarves don't have any, et cetera. The politics would be blended, as in elves were still a past slave race, quarians still got kicked out of their homeland by the geth, stuff like that. The council is made of representatives from all races, not just three or four.
    The plot would be that of both the games. Evil force tries taking over. The evil force would corrupt and have limited indoctrination powers, make its semi-intelligent foot soldiers from the 'good' races, have broodmothers, and not have anything to do with machines. The foot soldiers would be a combo of the darkspawn and the reapers, in other words.
    Grey Wardens would take the place of Spectres, and be held to the same standards. They're still 'corrupted' by the taint, of course, and have the power of conscription. Quarians sail around the oceans in a huge fleet, not out in space, and they don't need environmental suits. They have weakened immune systems, but not to the point of needing complete sterility or death.
    Blood magic is present, and frowned upon.
    The Citadel is a giant castle. Might be a floating castle.
    You'd be able to play canons from both series or OCs.
    So, what do you all think? Yes? No? GTFO? Let me know. Suggestions, criticism, questions, anything would be great.
  2. It'd be interesting. I love both games, so why not? I'd join.
  3. Sweet! :D Do you have any ideas you'd like to toss in somewhere?
  4. Seriously someone needs to post this...DRAGON EFFECT

    I bet you got your idea from this and if you didn't..well that's a fun surprise for ya.
  5. Partially inspired by, actually. I was thinking about that and Dragon Age three and the Mass Effect 3 DLC, then my brain puked this out. c: