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  1. Sansa again! I've been RIDICULOUSLY craving a roleplay with this video game, so much that it's all I can think about! I recently beat the game and I'm dying to do a story. Here are my requirements:
    • 18+ only.
    • Advanced or above! The closer to prestige, the better. This means EXCELLENT grammar, spelling and punctuation, with a confident writing style and effort into plot-making.
    • Please have beaten the game!
    • Friendly OOC.
    • Don't randomly abandon.
    • 4-10+ paragraphs per reply.
    • One reply every five days at the very least. I will leave the story if I have not received a reply in over a week without explanation.
    • An example of your typical post--understand that this isn't intended to be rude or offensive, I simply have writing styles that I enjoy reading and some that I don't. I'd hate to get started only to find out that we aren't a good match!
    • Please complete the story with me. Let me know if there is a reason why you can't.
    Here are the pairings I'd like to do! NOTE that "OC" can also be the Inquisitor, but doesn't necessarily have to be!

    Blue: Male roles
    Pink: Female roles
    Yellow: Either gender

    I have no preference of who I play. Feel free to bring up other pairings if you're craving them.
    Thanks for reading! Reply here if you're interested. Have a wonderful day!
  2. I would love to play CullenxOC! Preferably with me being an OC Inquisitor. Would you like a post example here or through PM?
  3. Through PM, please! Thank you so much!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.