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  1. I Have a problem..a very serious problem.

    I am in love with Dragon Age Inquisition.

    ....Okay, it's not a serious problem but it's one that I just can't ignore! I haven't even finished the game yet and I want to make a trillion other characters so I can pair them up with each love interest in different ways! I'm actually starting to dream about my pairing ideas too...It's getting weird...

    Of course, I saw a couple of the romances on YouTube because I was curious to see how they would go (That, and I just love watching the characters being all romances or silly and it's best seen in the relationships 8D ) No worries though, I'm still clueless on the ending and intend to play it through...at some point...maybe...When I'm not working all the time.

    The point of the Partner request though is that I want to do an RP within the DA: I setting! Truly, I want to pair of the character's I've made in my head with the character's in the game...I'm weird~ Of course, I am also open to OC x OC in the DA world. Maybe have a couple character's involved off to the side? I've got lot's of cute ideas~

    Plot 1 (open)
    Setting: After arrival at Skyhold.

    Pairing: Varric x Qunari Female OC

    Plot: After the fall of Haven and the Inquisition's sudden influx of followers and believers, Skyhold has an abundance of new and interesting individuals for Varric to study and observe...for his writings of course. One of the many who have come to join the Inquisition is a rather quite and calm Qunari woman, standing out rather noticeably for the simple fact of her race. Being as they had only ever been around Iron Bull, Varric can't help but wonder what would attract her to Skyhold in the first place...Especially when Iron Bull refers to her as "Pointless".

    Plot 2 (open)
    Setting: After arrival at Skyhold

    Pairing: Cullen x Human Female OC

    Plot: Things have gotten crazy at Skyhold, it's still a construction zone and neither the Spymaster, Ambassador, or Commander have the time to pick up the role of Skyhold Keeper. Surprisingly, Iron Bull of all people seems to have an answer and offers to contact a friend who he believes can solve the problem. The Inquisitor agrees to it and places Cullen in charge of the new arrival who will assist them. In a few days time a single individual arrives on horse back, dressed in common clothing and with only some saddle bags with them. Certainly no one thought that of all the people Bull would write to...It would be a common woman.

    Plot 3 (open)
    Setting: After arrival at Skyhold.

    Pairing: Iron Bull x Human Female OC

    Plot: With the inquisition now finally having a firm plat to settle down, Iron Bull finds himself enjoying the finer things that come along with the massing of several hundreds of people...the pretty bar maids who keep filling his cup. However, one little lady keeps catching his eye. Any man that tried to tap her behind has gotten a nasty right hook to the jaw or a broken wrist. Her eyes are harsh and she constantly interrupts his flirting to get the maids back to work. However, stumbling back from a romp behind the bar and in the shadows with one of the maids, he happens to hear a very pretty voice singing. Following it, he finds none other than the angry little woman who always ruins his fun...and without realizing it he can't help but wounder what other lovely noises she can make.

    Several of these plots can be altered to be played with original characters or even an Inquisitor OC, if you so happen to have one. If you are interested please respond in the forum or send me a PM!
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