Dragon Age Fan fiction and Poor Art.

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  1. *snorts softly*. I mostly put my fan fiction on tumblr but why not?

    No dialogue for this one.

    How bad did Alistair want to see his love one again, as badly as they come. He missed holding her close while they watching the flames dance, worrying about the archdemon, about logain’s betrayal about everything that had happened to both them, they would lay there together under the stars talking in hushed whispers about there companions about who they both were and her laughter would cause his stomach to erupt with butterflies.

    When they had first met he was surprised to meet her, a young warden mage from the circle of magi in ferelden. She was cautious and quiet at first though joked along with him when Duncan had told them that they couldn’t join the battle. He had turned his head to glance over at her, noticing how lips quirked up when she smiled at him and the small birthmark on the side of her eye would move upwards. He found himself wanting to protect her more and more and when she had almost died on top of the tower it had scared him to death, but she was there alive through impossible odds.

    Now she was gone, slain by the archdemon’s foul claws and here he was sitting in some worn down thieves hideaway and awaiting for Hawke and the inquisior to show up so he could explain about this so called false
    calling.They arrived no more then a few days later, slightly exhausted from the travels but ready to help them. He explained to them about what had been going on and then it all began, fighting through the battles against warden’s he used to know and warden’s he didn’t know and then here he was in the fade.
    He was slient as he looked around quickly following as both Hawke, the inquisitor and her companions took off across the dreary, he shivered softly as something brushed past him, almost as if someone was running into his arms before vanishing into the sky. He felt someone’s eyes on him and noticed that one of the inquisitor’s companions was looking at him oddly, he opened his mouth and was about to speak when the person turned his eyes away from him before focusing on the roads.

    However he stopped in his tracks as he heard someone’s voice, someone singing to him the words were soft and gentle almost like a lullaby and he turned, shaking his head as he continued walking, they must have walked through a portal or something because he found himself in a dimly lit room, it was almost like a ballroom of sorts and his mouth dropped open as he noticed a young woman staring at him. He opened his mouth about to speak but the woman shook her head sadly knowing that she could not, raising her finger towards the wall in front of her, she began to write, the words glowing. “I’m sorry I don’t have much of a contact with this part of the fade to talk to you right now Alistair, in fact…it was thanks to the inquisitor’s mark that I was able to be here in the first place.” the words said and ‘Alistair sighed knowing she had an odd habit of doing things. Worried that his writing was going to be clear, he carefully wrote out something to her, surprised when the words lit up in front of him “I understand but..you know this has to be the weirdest thing I’ve ever done, and I’ve done some pretty weird things.”, she was smiling at him, her lips curling up into a small soft smile before she walked over to him and slipped her arms around his neck, her fingers barely brushing against his shoulder.

    “Maker’s breath, she’s still as beautiful as ever.” he thought and blinked as he noticed his thought’s were bouncing around his head. “Guess my thoughts aren’t safe either,.” he lips quirked to a smile as she rested her head against his shoulder, though he sighed deeply as he felt a sob go through her. “Hey it’s fine, I’ll see you soon, I promise you” the words were gentle but he knew that his words were probably lies. “Promise” her eyes had moved up to meet his and he slowly nodded his head reaching his hand up and brushing his finger’s against her cheek, she was looking at him oddly as if she didn’t recognize him for a few minutes. “You changed haven’t you…you seem older and more pained, what happened are you alright?” the words were laced with worries and Alistair sighed as he glanced at her before noticing that small scenes could be seen around his head, him running from the warden fort, meeting hawke outside of crestwood, talking to the inquisitor about what had happened with the wardens and arguing with one of the warden’s mages. He watched as his lover reached her hand up brushing the memories away a small frown on her face as she sighed, though tears brimmed at the bottom of her eyes.

    “Sorry.” the words hung there lonely and afraid and he shook his head brushing his lips against hers, he felt her arms tighten around him as he continued to kiss her, missing the feeling of her warm body against his own, she pulled away suddenly, her hands resting against his own for a moment and he chuckled at the words hanging above his head “One final dance, we never got to do one?” Alistair sighed for a moment before he slowly began to dance with her, he smiled as he noticed that a slow waltz like theme had began to play and he chuckled as she pressed her head against his shoulder, tears starting to fall from her eyes once again, Alistair rested his head on top of her’s brushing his hand gently through her arm, they stopped for a moment and she tightened her grip on him, the words were blurred but in the back of his mind he knew what they said. “I know” he pressed his head against her chest allowing his own tears to fall as she wrapped her arms him. “I love you, I always will love you no matter what happens,and I’m so sorry that I wasn’t there to protect you.” the words out again and again wrapping around them in a silent embrace

    “I know and we’ll meet again”
  2. Pairings: Cole / Female Lavellan (mention of Solas romance)
    Rating: Fluff

    Calitnyn sighed as she sat down at the edge of the lake, it was celebration time since Corypheus had been defeated and the sky had been healed . But despite the joys in the other members eyes and the happiness that seemed to sore around her, she still couldn’t help but wonder about Solas and where he had gone too. He had seemed so troubled about what had happened with the elven amulet and had removed her vasslin the mark that she had since she turned of age. “sadness watching and waiting, though a small smile is planted on your face, wondering voices soft, whispering during dreams, Solas?” a voice said and Calitynyn smiled as she turned her head towards Cole and couldn’t help but chuckle, he had paint covering every inch of his clothes making him look like some of the moving painting.

    “Have fun with the children?” Calitynyn said chuckling as she stood up, shaking her head for for a moment as she looked at him. “Yes, swirling colors filled with joy and laughter, but you don’t seem happy…you seem sad.” Cole said frowning as he looked over at her. “You noticed..well you always seem to notice odd things about me.” Calitynyn said chuckling to herself as she smiled at him.But she sighed as she glanced off towards the inquisition watching Cullen and what appeared to be the hero of freledon joking with one another. “I miss Solas, I’m angry and pissed that he just left me without telling me where he was going and taking my mark away, it was everything to me and now it’s gone, all the pain and tears I cried when I retrieved my mark it was special to me.” Calitynyn said tears rolling down her cheeks as she turned away from Cole.

    “Sadness and hurt, memories rippling like paint being swirled on a wall, dripping softly onto the floor.” Cole said before standing up and walking back, Cailitynyn turned her head as she watched Cole walk off and watched as Cole came back with what looked like a jar of green paint and a brush. She laughed softly tears springing to her eyes once again as she walked over to him. “Does this make you hurt more?” Cole asked looking at her and blinked as Calitynyn dipped her finger in the paint and poked him the nose. “No, it doesn’t thanks Cole.” Calitynyn said standing still as Cole carefully painted the marking on her face. “Good.” Cole said smiling brightly.
  3. Pairings: Cullen x Female Inquisitor

    “Wait where are exactly?” Cullen asked looking around before blinking as he noticed the lake stretched out across from them. “Hmm, I thought you remembered, we did have a promise did we not?” Valeni said crossing her slender arms over her chest and pouting softly, the sliver coin Cullen had given her flashed around around neck, a small golden chain hanging through it. “Wait….this isn’t right, this must be some sort of.” “Dream?” Valeni asked a questioning tone in her voice. “Yep it’s a dream, Solas taught me on how to maniuplate dreams and since you seem to be suffering from nightmares, well why not work them out piece by piece, you can still have your nightmares, but this way we can fight them together.” Valeni explained smiling as she looked over at him and chuckled softly as his confused expression, “Couldn’t we just have done this in the normal world without all the dangers.” Cullen asked looking over at Valeni who sighed deeply, her ears drooping in a sort of puppy like way. “Really, as busy as you are, I can’t even get you to sleep, how am I suppose to get you alone.” Valeni said her cheeks going a dark red color. “Wait, for the past couple weeks, the fruit baskets….the training equipment, the ease of the nightmares….I noticed after we met things seemed different.” Cullen said and Valeni sighed as she nodded her head, her entire face a dark red color coming to her cheeks and almost covering her ears. “Dorian and Josephine helped me at first, but I got bolder and bolder.” Valeni said stepping back and blinking as she noticed on the edge of the dock.
    “Well, thank you.” Cullen said rubbing the back of his head as he stepped forward. Valeni blushed and stepped to the side and gasped as Cullen plunged into the lake, almost sinking to the water bellow. “Cullen.” Valeni called out and sighed in relief as his head popped out of the water, she almost choked as she started laughing before gasping as she was pulled under the water along with him. “It’s freezing.” Valeni said and smiled as she felt Cullen’s arms around her, though she sighed as she noticed that he was crying. “Stubborn moron.” Valeni said and smiled as she wrapped her arms around him, smiling softly
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