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  1. Dragon Age: Elvhenan


    Current Events (open)

    Current State of Thedas

    The Fifth Blight

    All of Thedas rejoiced as the Archdemon was slain at the top of Fort Drakon. The Hero of Ferelden's name, a mere noble woman of Highever, was spoken across the world and she was revered as a peacemaker who was as wise as she was valiant. No one asked questions as she was made Queen Consort on the day she married her companion and lover Alistair Therin, and to this day they rule the nation with an even hand.

    Brecilian Dalish Clan - Found peace and healing after Zathrian's curse. Lanaya is now Keeper, and maintains good relations with the people of Ferelden.

    Orzammar - Bhelan Aeducan currently rules; though the economy of the dwarves remain strong, there is constant unrest within the Frostback mountains. Surface dwarves benefit most from King Bhelan's rule.

    Mage Circle - The mages of Ferelden were among the first to know true freedom and peace thanks to the aid received from the Hero of Ferelden. Though they spend decades rebuilding their tower, it now stands as an example to other circles and towers, especially as the world continues to find balance in a world where mages are truly free.

    Denerim Alienage - Few city elves survived the Archdemon's siege of the city, when the Hero of Ferelden insisted the elves fight for their homes, they were ill-equiped. Despite the good intentions and efforts of the Grey Warden, the plight of these city elves is as bad as ever.

    Crisis at Kirkwall

    Many say that with the tragic death of her brother, and brutal murder of her mother, she had little left to lose. It is rumored that without others there to keep her strong and focused that she would have allowed herself to perish completely. Instead she survived, becoming a bastion for a city that thrived on the chaos it wrought.

    Mages - As a mage, Hawke could only be sympathetic to treatment of circle mages in Kirkwall. She had no illusions of the dangers of magic and the true nature of blood magic in the Fade, but in the end she could only help the innocent mages from annihilation against Knight Commender Meredith.

    Qunari - No matter what anyone did, the presence of the Qunari in Kirkwal was never going to end well. Year after year the Arishok's waiting turned to disgust, and later to madness. Regardless of his mission to recover his book, he was going to order his soldiers to invade. In the end, Hawk chose friendship, and protected Isabella. Hawk was named Champion of Kirkwall in her famous one-on-one combat against the Qunari Arishok.

    Sabrae Clan - Merrill's studies into the Eluvian never sat well with Hawke, and though a cherished friend she did everything to dissuade her from pursuing her studies. In the long run this proved to be a wise decision for the actions of Keeper Marethari's first was nearly the undoing of the entire clan. Marethari did not survive at all, and died in Merrill's arms still expressing her love for the prideful girl.

    The Inquisition

    The speed at which the Inquisition rose up to power is impressive by any standards. Inquisitor Trevelyan is thought to be a kind man, with a quick wit, but an iron hand. Some say that he brought all of Thedas to heel, while others consider him a peacemaker. The threats pouring out of the Fade would have been much more dire if not for his tireless efforts. He currently watches with his lover and lieutenant Cassandra Pentaghast at his side. He rules from his seat at Skyhold, content to let people and nations rule themselves, interfering only when an even hand is needed.

    Mage/Templar War - The Inquistor supported the mage rebellion.

    Adamant Fortress - Hawke, revered hero of Kirkwall sacrificed herself in the Fade to ensure the Wardens had a strong leader to rebuild their numbers, and their morale.

    Well of Sorrows - People still whisper of the respect and reverence the Inquisitor offered at the well of sorrows, and ultimately he placed his trust in Morrigan and allowed her to drink from the Well of Sorrows.


    Merlot's Cast

    Name - Ha'Valas
    Race - Elvhen
    Age - Indeterminate
    Clan - None. Fallen Sentinel from the battle at Mythal's Altar
    Tattoo - Mythal; marred by jagged scar running at the temple near his right eye and curving around his cheek, as if his eye was intentionally spared.
    Height - 5' 7"
    Weapons - Long bow; hunting knife
    Skills - Hunting, ranged fighting; strategy and tactics

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  2. [​IMG]

    AGE: Nineteen years
    RACE: Elven, Dalish
    CLAN: Shiral, meaning "journey"
    TATTOO: Sylaise, (left image) in white
    STATUS: Head Healer of her clan
    HEIGHT: 4 feet 11 inches
    OUTFIT: Dress (left), hair, jewelry
    WEAPON: Gold Staff
    SKILLS: Healing, fire magic, council
    PERSONALITY: Sweet, gentle, easily-angered
    FAMILY: One older brother

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