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  1. Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

    I approach you today to ask if anyone would be interested in a Dragon Age roleplay set in the past after I received my shiny new World of Thedas encyclopedia. The roleplay would take place anywhere in Thedas and include any characters we want as long as it's semi-believable. Artistic licenses will of course be welcomed, but I am fascinated by the thought of doing something not related to the Blights.

    A few eras we could try could be:

    Life in Arlathan,
    The First Grand Proving of Orzammar,
    An Exalted March,
    The appearance of the Qunari.

    Of course, many more could be done, but we must start somewhere! So if you are interested, please say so here, thank you!
  2. Greetings indeed! I'm surprised to see that no one else on the forum has expressed interest in this idea. I loved both games to absolute pieces but I'm afraid my memory on the lore is a little shoddy now, and I no longer own them. x(

    At any rate, I'd definitely throw my towel in if you're still up for this, but you may have to guide my hand from time to time.
  3. Excellent!
    What era or race would you rather explore?
  4. In all honesty, I am capable of playing with any of the eras mentioned but I'd have to say I'd be most interested in the Orzammar line, or the appearance of the Qunari.
  5. I would love to try Orzammar!
    I think I will send you a PM for us to set it up, since nobody else seems to want to make it a group thing.
  6. This sounds like it could be really fun. Count me in, and I would say Orzammar as well, although do we all have to be Dwarves or can we be something not so small.
  7. I'm afraid the dwarves were the only thing down there that far back.

    I'll invite you to the discussion.