Dragon Age: Berserker

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    Dragon Age: Berserker

    This roleplay is based upon the lives of a traveling group of Grey Wardens during the events of the third act onwards of Dragon Age II. The roleplay will (for the start) have no main goals, besides battling common foes, and maybe revealing a couple of old mysteries in it's wake. The real plot of the roleplay will start when there's a new terror that has come upon the land, a rouge Qunari going by the nickname "Berserker" has recruited members of any and all races to join him to unite the kingdoms and rule over them all. A lot of the nobility, and royalty are shrugging this off, as it can't be any true threat. But with the upcoming battle between the mages and the templars this might be the last thing that they need.

    Warden Statistics

    - Male ; Human Noble

    - All possible team members recruited.

    - Sided with Elves.

    - Sided with Bhelen.

    - Sided with Templars.

    - Kept the Anvil of the Void.

    - Killed Loghain, put Alistair on the throne.

    - Preformed Morrigan's ritual, thus saving themselves and Alistair.

    Hawke's Statistics

    - Male ; Blood Mage

    - Sided with Mages.

    - Future Ref: Spared Anders Life.

    - All team mates loyal and remained with him. (Excluding Sebastian)

    Character Sheet


    Brief Persona:

    Description / Picture Ref:


    Current Wardens

    1. Rilor
  2. Name: Rilor
    Age: 36
    Gender: Male
    Species: Qunari

    Brief Persona: Rilor is a tough sight when you first see him, you wouldn't imagine him being a grey warden, and someone who goes around helping people. He is a very reflective being, studying his inner self just as much as his outer. He's quite peaceful, and by nature he doesn't believe fighting will solve anything. He was recruited into the grey wardens after his group of qunari watchers were slain by bandits. He then avenged his fellows by slaying the bandits, which caught the eye of a grey warden recruiter. He was then asked for a spot in the grey wardens, which he first denied, but upon better thinking decided it better than returning to his kin. Even though he still considers himself faithful to the Qun.

    Description / Picture Ref:

    Other: N/A
  3. Name: Garrett "Shadow" Thorne
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Species: City Elf
    Brief Persona: Garrett is a swift and secluded warrior among his people in the slums of Kirkwall. After the cataclysmic event that took place in the main city, he fled alone to the North, to Ostagar. He then occupied his time there as a vigilante of the people, by the name of Shadow. His skill proved stellar and unrivaled by the majority of normal elf magic and swordsmanship. Though he barely uses magic, it is still his nature to keep practice.
    Once the everlasting notoriety in Kirkwall died down from his name, he returned to there to liberate the Elves within her walls, as well as those in need of a hero. This course lasted him up to the age of 24, where he had freed many of Kirkwall from the time that troubled them, allowing him to return to Ostagar, but for only a short span of time. His name in Ostagar had taken hold over the city guard and bounty hunters desperate for a living. His head had now possessed a bounty of 100 Sovereigns to whoever could both slay and deliver his head. The danger was strongly minded as he did his best to pursue his normal life as well as his secret, but one day to isolate this hatred and eliminate the city's alarm, Garrett staged his own death. He ignited himself ablaze with a controlled spell of fire, enough to cover but not harm him.
    Since then he gathered what he could at night, and traveled to Ferelden where he now occupies a small house while working part time at a blacksmith.
    With his new home in Ferelden, he can roam freely as Shadow but must take caution. Even cities far from others may catch word faster than the wind can spread leaves.
    Description / Picture Ref:
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  4. Name: Vardaineil Raina Malithiel
    Age: 25 Years
    Gender: Female
    Species: Elvhen

    Brief Persona: Vardaineil is the daughter of Vanya, a elven servant girl for a noble Starkhaven family. The servant girl fell for a rather shady elven merchant; the pair soon began a relationship. Things turned for the worse when Vanya discover she was with-child. The noble family the servant worked for were outraged and reasonably so. The actions that had taken place within their home without their knowledge or consent was enough reason to have the pair hung.
    Vanya was young and afraid of what actions the nobles would take. Fearing for her own sake, said should would do anything. The nobles decided not to have the father hung and not to be rid of their servant; the price was the child’s to pay.
    Vardaineil as born and her mother was forced give her child away. The option was presented that the father take the child; Vardaineil’s father wanted nothing to do with her. So, the child was sent to an orphanage with little more then a scribbled note with her name, and five sovereigns. Once Vardaineil was old enough to take care of herself and be of a use, she was put to work. It was all just small jobs, but she had to earn her keep.
    Vardaineil was twelve when she was taken away from the little orphanage in Starkhaven. Her, and a large group of other elves, were taken from their homes. Apparently, they were to be sold as slaves to the highest bidder. Vardaineil’s adoption was nothing more then a cheap way obtain good elf flesh to make into a slave.
    She was bought by a middle age magister in the Tevinter Inperium hoping to add another slave to his collection.
    Vardaineil had tasted freedom and resented being a slave. She did everything in her power to prove that she would not bend to the will of another. It didn’t take long before she found herself submitting to the frightful power of a Tevinter magister. Her spirit proved rather useful to the man, Vardaineil had proven that she new a great deal on the subject of battle. The magister hoped to hone her abilities to make a fully controllable killing machine. It was at parties, that the magister got the greatest pleasure in showing off his slave’s skills. However, being an incredibly talented killer didn’t stop to noblemen from having their ways with her.
    She soon tired of her situation, being nothing more that a man’s trophy and show of power. She sought a somewhat peaceful means to gain her freedom. It was then that her master offered her a chance; she was to take part in a tournament. The magister promised her freedom if she won. Vardaineil was all to happy to accept this chance, no matter that it was nothing more then a clever lie.
    She never made it farther then the fourth round before she was bested, no where near qualifying for the finals. It seemed that her hopes of freedom were dashed. Her master was outraged at how poorly she had preformed. The man berated and raped her, only before shaming her in front of the other slaves. The magister’s parting words had been that she would never amount to anything.
    The first chance at presented itself Vardaineil was taken to market to be sold. However, no one seemed interested in the broken slave. It was an older man by the name of Thomas that took interest. Thomas was looking for someone that showed great promise and skill at battle. He had been quite taken by her performance at the tournament. Vardaineil was bought for 12 sovereigns, and she was quite skeptical about her new master and situation.
    Thomas had made it quite clear why he had bought her and what she was to do. He had been looking for a promising young recruit to teach his trade. He had no sons or daughters to teach, but found it imperative that someone knew about his line of work. Vardaineil was going to train to be an assassin. Initially, Vardaineil wasn’t to sure. Yes, she did have advance training in fighting, but nothing like this. Thomas proved to be a great man an wonderful mentor; Vardaineil waited for the day she did something wrong.
    Some time passed before Vardaineil became an efficient assassin and paid off all of her debts to Thomas. She still lived with, and provided for, Thomas. It was one night when she had returned from a job well done that she noticed something was amiss. Thomas had taken to drink and would often become violent, but he was never as bad as he was then.
    It was when Vardaineil tried to talk reason into Thomas, that things took a turn for the worse. He had tried to rush at her and shove her to the ground, all the while yelling profanities. She didn’t want to hurt her former mentor; something in her snapped when Thomas tried to get atop of her. Outraged and scared for her life, she bashed him over the head with the bottle of ale.
    Filled with grief over what she had done, Vardaineil fled to Ferelden and swore she would avoid telling anyone her story. She continued her craft as an assassin for some time.

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