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  1. Okay, so I really want a Dragon Age rp! I have a lot of pairings I love, but we could also use OCs. I have played all three games multiple times, except Origins, which I've only played once, but I've played Inquisition three times and II somewhere around six times. The character I want to play is listed first.

    Here are the pairings I like:
    Dragon Age Origins--
    1. Alistair x Warden (or vice versa)
    2. Warden x Zevran
    3. OC x OC, Warden x OC (I'd really love doing something about the warden meeting someone from their origin they knew before the blight)
    4. Anything to do with the Circle of Magi and Templars.
    Dragon Age II--
    1. Hawke x Anders
    2. Anders x Hawke
    3. Hawke x Fenris
    4. Fenris x Hawke
    5. Fenris x Anders (or vice versa)
    6. I might do a Fenris x Danarius rp, but it wouldn't be for the light of heart, and would be really dubcon...
    7. I might also be convinced to do a Carver x Anders/Anders x Carver rp, but I'm not sure of my skills at playing either of them.
    8. Hawke x OC (basically OC x OC but whatevs)
    9. Fenris x Hawke x Anders (I'm fine playing any of these characters)
    Dragon Age Inquisition--
    1. Inquisitor x Dorian
    2. Dorian x Inquisitor
    3. Dorian x Iron Bull
    4. I might be able to be convinced to play Iron Bull x Dorian, but I've never rp'd him before, so it'll probably be hilarious.
    5. I really want to do something with Krem
    6. Dorian x OC (before he joined the Inquisition)
    7. Inquisitor x OC
    8. Dorian x Inquisitor x Iron Bull (Again, I'm fine playing any of these characters)
    9. Iron Bull x Inquisitor
    10. Inquisitor x Iron Bull (I really, really want to rp this)
    If you're interested, please reply here! I am open to pretty much any plot, au, or idea, so don't be afraid. Reply and we can start plotting! :D
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  2. Are you a top or a bottom?
  3. I can do both :)
  4. Woohoo! I'm interested in doing either Fenris/ Hawke or Dorian/Inquisitor.
  5. Oh man, both are my favorites xD I love playing both of them D: How am I to choose?? -flails-


    I have to say...Right now, I like playing Dorian more, so we can do Dorian x Inquisitor :) Would you like to PM me so we can discuss plot?
  6. XD I know, both have such interesting back stories. I'll pm you right now!
  7. Would you be interested in playing Fenris for me in a Fenris/OC role play if I do one of the pairings you listed for you?
  8. Sure ^_^ would you be alright playing fenris x anders?
  9. Sure, I can try, though I'm not sure how good I'll be.
  10. Okay :) do you want to pm me so we can discuss plot?
  11. I'm still looking for rp partners :D
  12. I'm still looking :D If anyone wants to rp inquisitor or OC x Iron Bull, I will love you forever!
  13. I am still looking for more Dragon Age rps! :D I would LOVE you if you will do anything with Anders or Fenris in it.
  14. Hi!

    I've been thinking about finally get up and go through my DA games for a while now and this seems like an awesome follow up. It'll take some time and you may become sick of it before I'm ready, but I'll keep you in mind!

    By the looks of it I should probably start on DA 2, which is just as well as I got in on Xbox 360 and thus it won't make me worry about my laptop trying to kill itself by frying its own circuits like the other two. ^^'

    Like I said, I'll be keeping in touch, and take careful notice of that broody ex-slave of an elf and that spirit-possessed, raging lunatic of a mage! :P
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  15. Yay :D The three rps I had for DA recently all died out, so I'm really starved for anything. II was the first Dragon Age game I ever played, and one of my first rpgs, so I'll always want to rp it ^^'

    But yeah, keep in touch :) I really would love doing a DA rp!
  16. Yup, played a bit and got to the first time entering the Viscount's Keep. I'll take some time to try making my last owed post and it's back to Kirkwall for me! :P
  17. I'm always looking for new Dragon Age rps :D
  18. I still looking :D
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