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  1. Hello there!

    I've been getting back into playing Inquisition, which has given me a whole lot of inspiration for getting some DA roleplays started!

    About Me:

    Feel free to call me Kay, Shade, Crimson, or what have you. I'll accept any pronoun you wanna use, 'cause it's just easier that way. I'm 23 years old, and I've been roleplaying for 10-11 years so far. I might not be too engaging in OOC chat because I'm not usually a chatty person. I have problems with social anxiety as well, so yeah. But I'd still like to talk! If this is gonna be something long-term, I'd prefer if we could get to know one another. :)

    So, onward! I'm pretty lenient, but I do have a few rules:
    • Be patient with me! I can go from posting once/multiple times a day to a few times a week. Sometimes it'll be on a weekly basis if I'm having trouble writing. I will try to let you know if it'll be a long wait, though.​
    • Please have a decent grasp on how to write. I can deal with intermediate and up, but I would like seeing more people using correct grammar and spelling (at least in the roleplay). We all make mistakes, though, so I won't jump down anyone's throats for little errors. I do think I'm more at ease writing towards adept.​
    • I would prefer it if you could give me at least two paragraphs. I can go from that to eight pretty easily, but I do prefer quality over quantity. I'm usually a matcher, so I can adapt.​
    • Don't mind playing a male or doubling. I prefer playing a female OC, and I do like pairing them up with canon males. I wouldn't mind trying out other genders, though.
    • I prefer roleplaying via PM, so please be alright with that.​
    • Tell me your favorite color in your PM so I know you read my rules! (As much as I hate to add this in, people seem to skip these.)​
    • Please be 18+ if you want any romance/smut in this!

    Note: Anything with an asterisk (*) beside it is something I really want to do, and my preferred roles will be in parentheses.

    • Alistair x (OC)​
    • Zevran x (OC)​
    • Anders x (OC)*​
    • Cullen x (OC)​
    • Iron Bull x (OC)*​
    • Dorian x (OC)* This will obvs be with a male Inquisitor/OC. It'll be my first m/m pairing though, so bear with me.
    • (Mage) x Templar​
    • (City Elf) x Dalish Elf​
    • Inquisition Agent x Inquisition Agent*​
    • (Elf Servant) x Chevalier​
    Note: There are probably a hundred things I could think of, so feel free to suggest something if there's a pairing/plot that you'd like to use!

    Plots and Ideas (open)


    Mage x Templar:* After a daring escape, a mage is hunted down using the phylactery she left behind. Once the Templar catches up to her, he realizes that he knows her. When he learns the reason for her escape, will he have it in him to bring her back?

    Mage x Templar: A particularly talented and withdrawn mage has been accused of dabbling in blood magic by a slighted fellow apprentice. Instead of passing judgment without proof, they assign a Templar to watch her on a daily basis.

    Can't Trust a Darkspawn:* The Warden let the Architect live and continue its research, which proved to be a very bad idea. Some time later, townspeople and Wardens alike begin disappearing. A group is hired and sent to investigate. After some searching, they find that the Architect actually had no active role in it. Instead, one of the darkspawn it "liberated" has begun its own experimentation. With that, it has begun creating an intelligent army bent on avenging its fallen brethren.


    As with a lot of games like this, I often think of what might happen if the bad guy won. So, the Inquisition failed and Corypheus managed to make himself a god. Some people still resist, although organized resistances never last long. When a pair (or a group) of would-be rebels stumble upon an ancient source of power, it dawns on them that their adversary might not be as untouchable as previously thought. (Still pretty vague; would have to figure out what relic/power source they found and why it hasn't been confiscated or destroyed before now & other things.)

    Not really a plot idea, but using alternative Inquisitor origins would be pretty interesting. I saw a post on tumblr once about, say, an elven servant or a Tranquil mage getting caught up in all of it. (With the mage, being sucked into the Fade might somehow restore their connection to it and cure them. Would really like to try this one out.)

    Would like to try out a Hedge Mage character as well. Possibly with a Templar or a traditionally instructed mage.

    I'd also like to do an Anders x (Hawke) kind of thing set after DA2, so it's well into the mage rebellion and all that. Would it be something they tried to resolve after realizing how out of control and horrible it became? Would they still be intent on seeing it through?

    Having a roleplay set in Tevinter has been on my mind as well, although I don't really have much in mind aside from that.

    Also, having a Solas x OC pairing where he doesn't leave/they meet up again at some point would be cool. Darn elf broke my PC's heart. :'C (Bonus points if the whole godhood thing comes into play.)

    Spoiler for the Descent DLC involved:

    Soo I plowed through the story and would love to try out a plot with a Titan waking up for whatever reason, and it's up to our characters to placate it. I think it'd be fun if it like got to the surface and started wreaking havoc.

    So that's about it! Send me a PM if you're interested!
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  2. Still looking!
  3. I'm game! I actually just finished Dragon Age: Origins and I'm playing through Awakening now so the muse is strong.
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