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  1. hello! my name is Elie and I've been dragged down into Dragon Age hell and would desperately love someone who would be willing to roleplay some canon characters with me!

    bit about me, first and foremost:
    1. I'm 21. if you're under the age of 18, let me know. no exceptions. I don't mind it so much, but I'm not about to unknowingly start something 18+ with a minor.
    2. I'm open to most things. PM me if you're curious.
    3. My work schedule is weird. I live on the east coast of America, and work nights typically. I also have a lot more downtime than anyone should be getting paid for, but that doesn't necessarily mean I can reply. I'd like to avoid using my phone to reply, but we'll see.
    4. my health, both mental and physical, is a bit...not as good as it should be. If there is ever going to be a long absence, I'll be sure to let you know. I just ask you do the same!
    5. I'm looking for someone that can write several good sized paragraphs!
    6. I tend to play females, but I am 100% down for doubling!

    So if I haven't scared you away, here are the main pairing I'm looking for: (* next to it means the character I'd prefer playing)

    Alistair x F!Warden*
    Anders x F!Hawke*
    Fenris x F!Hawke*
    Cullen x F!Inquisitor*
    Anders x F!Warden*

    listen I know what that looks like but Bioware gave me a lot of sad blonds and they are my weakness


    I am 100000% down for doubling with other pairings! Honestly! those are just the pairings I am specifically craving. doesn't even have to be in caon setting - canon divergence settings (multiple wardens or inquisitors, in between games, etc) or AU's are also fine! I'd also be down for some OC's - but again, I am really desperately searching for some canon action right now.

    Thanks for reading! please feel free to comment or send a PM, and I will get back to you as quickly as I can!
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