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  1. "The Rising Sun, huh, how ironic. " Desmond said to himself as he stood infront of a heavy, and very much vandalized ivory door; the dates of young loves forever carved into every square inch, accompanied with doodles of male appendages and what seemed to be incantations carved into the the handle.
    The hum of the Pink neon sign that hung above the door was the only noise in the alleyway, as if it was supposed to be the only noise anyone could hear, a way to lure in the weak-hearted.

    Desmond looked down either ends of the alley and then back up at the sign. "The rising sun. Hmph, this better be the place." He glared at the sign as it flickered, extending his hand to the smudged brass handle. To think, after all this time, he finally found the gateway to Necropolis, the city of the dead.
    Yet, it wasn't the city he had his clouded grey eyes set on, but, a single soul. A few centuries back, his creator, Asol, was banished to Necropolis after the Discovery of her 'success', Desmond.

    Since than, Desmond was left on his own, being shunned for his pale skin and souless eyes. After all, he wasn't a real human; just a shell. Well, that's how Asol would put it.
    Desmond never understood what she meant back then, but he did now, and he loathed her for it. As the handle turned and the door opened, loud music erupted and smoke billowed forth. This was not what he had in mind, cautiously he made his way inside and scanned his surroundings. Youth of all hairstyles and body modifications moshed around near the front, swinging their limbs against one another to what seemed to be a band of the local scene, hardcore riffs and growls filtered out all other noise.

    This was a damn Venue, not the damned gateway to the underworld. Desmond clenched his hands and gritted his teeth, there had to be a secret passage of some sort. He then made his way to the back to question some of he locals.
  2. A figure masked by the shadows sipped at a red drink in a clear glass grasped in long ebony fingers with nails glazed in teal polish. "Remind me to fire this band." She chuckled to no one in particular as she set the drink on the bar nearby. Crossing her arms over her chest again, teal earrings jingled through her shoulder-length, flaming red hair while she shifted. "I've heard better groans from Satan on a bad day. And to think they are supposed to be tortured mortal souls. Tch." Sighing loudly she felt cold bumps prick at her bare shoulders against the soundproof painted walls. "Someone's entered."

    Now smirking, her dark eyes scanned near the entrance for anyone that could be suspicious. As the club's owner, she was obligated to introduce herself and judge those who sought this place. Of course, most were attracted here by the outside surroundings, but there are a select few who had an X over this spot on their map. Most of the swarm had been on their feet for days, jumping and grinding on the bodies that bumped into them. The booming songs seemed much better here than anywhere else because they were attached to computer simulated waves that acted like drugs to the human brain. It only took fifteen minutes for a new being to be engrossed in the stimulant and feel ecstasy. The euphoria would make them forget their pitiful lives back in the real world and want to stay forever.

    Since they couldn't - for it would get far too crowded - every sunday morning the ones who had been there the longest would vanish. Like robots they would stop dancing and travel to a room in the back left corner where they would stare blankly at a white washed room. As the drug wore off they would only see an image of a perfect sunrise just before their dependant system failed. It really was a gateway to the city of the dead - no living soul exited through the same door.

    Soon, because she decided to stay put, the owner noticed an immune creature who tried to converse with the dazed dancers. He looked disgruntled when they would shake their heads and rub on him like animals in heat. He didn't look exactly odd as he did... well .... dead. Wondering what he wanted she stood up from leaning on the wall and strutted to him in her thigh high gold boots. Her fingers softly grabbed his shoulder. "I'm Evelyn. How may I help you?"
  3. Something was off and it became more noticeable with each passing moment. The group of locals Desmond had started to question started to act quite...strange. with each question going unanswered amd the crowd getting ever so closer, to he point that they had started to rub upon him. His fist clenched and his anger rose. Just before Demond could shove them off, the group dispersed.

    "What the hell was that about?" Desmond raised a brow, calming down; still trying to recap what had just occured.

    Before he could regain his composure, he again felt another hand on his person. He sighed angrily and turned around. "Listen here, I don't appreciate the touch- Desmond stopped mid-sentance, his mouth slightly dropping.

    That hair, it's color; everything soon melted away, memories came swirling by. Asol had the same colored hair that was always tied back with black & white lace, well, was. The lace itself was now in Desmond position, tied loosely around his wrist. This was how it usually went, something would remind him of his creator and he'd be lost in thought.

    Desmond then snapped out of his trance in time to hear the stranger introduce herself and offer assistance. He gave a quick smile and nodded as he took her up on the offer. "Nice to meet you Evelyn, my given name is Desmond, and yes, actually you could. I'm here on the search for...a gateway, to the world below. I am in search of someone."
  4. In the short moment the new stranger had been in a daze, Evelyn eyed him cautiously noting every slight reaction. After he spoke, an eyebrow raised and her head cocked to the side as if skeptical. "There are many, billions, of people - alive at least. To search for one, let alone one among the ... oh around hundred billion dead ... takes persistence." She started nonchalantly walking around Desmond deliberately inspecting him.

    "Why would someone look for a person beneath our feet in the world of death unless he cared for the person in some way shape or form?" Acting on impulse, she lifted his arm closer to her; after regarding the lace, she let go and started pacing again. "Yes, yes." Her lips mumbled. "Intriguingly enough you are still standing here perfectly fine."

    Coming back around to face him, her cold gaze locked with his. "Alright, Desmond. It seems you've come to the right place." Swiftly she surveyed the surrounding party before looking back to him. "Follow me."

    Turning on her golden heel, she waved to him and headed for the crowd. The people separated like the red sea as she maintained a straight gait. "You've noticed something is odd about this place, yes?" Her voice rose as the music became louder. "The sounds are drugged. No human can listen to the music for fifteen minutes or more without getting high." In no time they reached the end of the conglomeration; opening a door, she motioned for the other to enter.
  5. "What a subtle approach.." Desmond murmured as he passed through the door, the noise from the rigged room quickly fading away. All around him and Evelyn was black, nothing, a void; all except for two torches that stood parallel a few feet apart on a what seemed to look like disfigured human arms sculpted out of ruby, complete with more incantations carved into each individual mach bones.There was some way to open this, and ofcourse, only the girl knew how to.

    He walked over to the arms, looking them over, inspecting the markings and symbols, gently running his hand down the length of the stand.
    "I care for no one, sh-.." Desmond murmured in a monotone voice as he turned back to Evelyn, hands still inspecting the grotesque yet marvelous piece of work.
    "-This lost soul has answers that I require; answers that will shine light on who I am."

    He slowly made his way back to evelyn, his attire, that resembled that of a military tyrant in all black, except for his visible red markings of an insignia, a crescent moon with three crosses around it in a triangular formation; seemes to sway in a breeze that wasn't blowing. His pale eyes fixating on the red headed girl. "So, you're the true way into Necropolis, yes? Otherwise, that music would have had me here til' I was disposed of, like cattle." He flashed the girl a menacing smile as he drew closer.

    "Hopefully I can trust my exsistance in your hands." He smiled again and stood next to her, awaiting anxiously for the underground.
  6. Closing the door behind her, Evelyn listened intently to the mutterings from Desmond. She didn't dare break any eye contact between them feeling the fierce battle of ego and power both parties possessed draw closer. His smile was perfect; straight teeth of pearly white in two tidy rows holding only one imperfection - longer than usual K-9 teeth often referred to as fangs. Her tongue glided over her own teeth feeling the smooth protrusions.

    Respectfully, she waited for him to cease talking before forming her thoughts into vocalization. "Who ever this person you seek may be, I can tell you are not fully human. You look the part and dance to the same tune, but your existence is not so vanila. Of course you probably know that, and this information is useless to the weary traveler. "

    "How about you relax and get your hair washed?" Her now sinister eyes leered over to him. "In fact, I insist. It's truly the only way to get there unless already dead." Mockingly she continued, fixing her gaze between the torches again. "One portal was too facile for the Overlord...tch, doubting my abilities."
    Shaking her shoulders, the sound of ripping flesh echoed in the room. From her back, two winglike limbs extended into the darkness. They were made of bone and tattered flesh the color of midnight without a moon.

    Once they were fully free, the batty appendages flapped in a special sequence to open a deeper void. "the walls are hypersensitive to touch, but enter as you wish. And please refrain from touching the decor next time; it gives the entrapped souls hope. Wouldn't want them to set the place on fire, now would we? "
  7. "I'll keep that in mind." Desmond smirked as he made his way past Evelyn, running his fingers across her wings, turning around as he continued walking backwards. "I do hope I see you again, my fair maiden." Niro cooed sarcasticly as he disappeared into the void, the darkness slowly consuming him.

    It was finally time; every single question that swelled up inside, becoming the very fuel that would add onto the fire. Again, images filled the abyss around him, morphing into a crystal clear picture, replaying the single year that he spent by Asol's side, hidden away in a tiny cottage that housed the both of them just fine. It was well kept, colored a beautiful combination of brick and soft blue tile and sat right in the middle of a forest that was right on the outskirts of the village.

    Desmond's pale face faded to a pasty gray. For he knew what this image would show next, the discovery, the fire. that damned fire. It was the full embodiment of hatred and ignorance that filled every occupant of that Damned Village. They shunned him and Asol, crowing them as untouchable, mere scum.

    The images enveloped the now bright void, finally giving way to the finale; Desmond bowing his head, knowing what was to come. The picture gave way the cottage, ablaze along with the forest. Then, the picture abruptly faded, the void lifting like a morning fog. Desmond's grey eyes widend as he saw faint green lights, atop black and jagged silhouettes. He shook his head and rubbed his eyes as if trying to comprehend what laid before him. Upon opening them, he found himself on the side of some tar like road that made it's way towards the lights, which he assumed was the city.

    He glanced at the bubbling path and stuck to the side, which resembled that of a dessert environment but of a dark purple, which was well, everything that he could he see. "Well, I better get to it." He smiled to himself and began to walk.