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  1. Question for folks, is there any way on the site to save a draft of a post in case you don't have quite the time to finish it? Especially if you're not using your own computer

    If not, and there's no desire to allow us to do that, can we be at least be allowed to start conversations with ourselves so we can temporarily save drafts?
  2. You can use your blog for something like that, if you don't have any online notepads, (like google drive, TitanPad, or such) that you like to use. Or, if you don't want it published at all, send yourself an email! :D
  3. There is a way to do this, yes! The fifth button on the top row of the text editor allows to save and/or delete the current draft of your post, as shown below.

  4. O_O Does that actually stick around for a while? I thought it was more of an emergency feature, in case you accidentally navigated away from the page.
  5. I'ddd have to test that. I haven't really thought to make sure it stays around long-term before. o_o It's worked for me in the past, but like I said, I haven't thought to see how long it'll last before.

    Good alternatives are, like you suggested before, making blog posts or emailing the post to yourself. Or, if you have gmail or word, saving your WIPs on Google Docs or Word, respectively. ^^
  6. The save draft feature ONLY lasts for a day, so if you want to save stuff for longer it won't be the best bet.

    You can set a blog post to private, so I would suggest using that. ^^
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  7. All very good suggestions, thank you
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