Draconid Tales

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This is a remake of the original crossover; Rise of the Dragon Pokemon

[spacer]The island Sevii, an island tormented by cold snow, rain and storms most time of the year. The people that live on this island are diverse, but they all share one thing;

their love for Pokemon, dragon Pokemon in particular.

The village of Ajagara is the only village on the large island and holds most of the island's population. People live and work with their Pokemon and have build their culture around their dragons. Every child is given the chance to pick an egg from the Hatchery on the day they turn ten years old. By then they have learned enough about dragons to start taking care of one.

Every year a tournament is held in honor of the ancient tribe that started this village, the Araegana, and their leader Ryagan Xiraka, now simply referred to as the Draconids. A lot of people on the island are descendants of the tribe, though it varies per person.

People with a pure Draconid bloodline will have an unusual eye color, usually a golden or bright green color. They also have the natural ability to bond with dragons and can instinctively understand what they want to tell them. Dragonids are great assets, though they have dragon-like aggression the more pure their blood is.

You, as a villager in this harsh, but peaceful town, must carry on with your normal life and hope that the upcoming darkness won't destroy it.[/spacer]

The Plot

As you probably could have guessed by now, this roleplay is a crossover between Pokemon and HTTYD, with some elements from books I read. The island is inhabited by Pokemon of all kinds and has a large mountainous area, a large forest and a lot of fields. There are a few beaches and cliffs as well. The main currency is Eviolite (though we don't know what value it actually has) and the island mainly uses a trade system.

The main plot will revolve around 10 "chosen ones", but there are enough side characters to fill in that can still play a great role in the story. There will be legendary pokemon appearing at random times and all characters will have the opportunity to "bond" with these Pokemon, but I will decide the outcome of the interaction.

I will appoint co-gm's to help me decide if the reactions are good enough each encounter. THERE WILL BE NO ROOM FOR ARGUMENTS.

The plot will be explained further as the story goes along.

All members will start out one day before the tournament to celebrate the Draconids. This will give us time to settle in and establish character connections.

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