Draconid Tales (Pokemon X HTTYD Crossover) (Re-re-remake)

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    So anyways, this is a remake of this.

    Here are some primary differences from prior versions.

    An original region very similiar to the Islands Sevii will be used. Prototype names include 'Wyvernrock Archipelago' or 'Dragos Archipelago'. However, I believe it will be best if I could get contributions of names from you, the ones who take interest in the Roleplay, and perhaps we could all take a little vote.

    The usable Pokemon will be limited to Dragon-Type Pokemon, Pokemon of the Dragon Egg Group as well as Pokemon related to such, such as Trapinch and Swablu.

    I may or may not include a map. Probably, probably not.
    Straw Poll

    Overall, there may be changes, major or minor, but I will ensure that the core is not affected.

    Things that will definitely not be changed:

    The basic plotline. Team Aether will still be present to do the gigs.
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  2. Not surprised to see you try and remake this one, I am surprised to see you changed your avatar. Your freak'n me out Crow...
  3. Haha nice intro crow
  4. Hehe I've been flying back to the states, give me a bit of time please
  5. Does anyone have any opinions on potential Region names?
  6. Dragos sounded cool actually
  7. Since it is a mere remake with shifts here and there, I think it'll be fine to make the thread as soon as possible as I gauge interest.
  8. Sounds fun! :D
  9. Yo. Already things moving along I see.

    So any thoughts on how often posts would be?
  10. A few times a week, possibly at least once a day. Somewhere around there.
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