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  1. Minami Nyx Xiraka - Dragontamer Captain

    " -Team Alpha, move to position A, Team Beta, close in on the target."

    Minami was passing orders to the zoroark behind her on Komori's back as they soared through the air above a particularly thick forest on Sevii. They were some distance away from the village Ajagara, Minami's home and the Dragon Tamer's base of operations.
    Kuro, the large zoroark behind her passed on the message to the other zoroark with team Alpha and Beta, who in turn would tell the team leaders what to do.

    The situation was dire at this time; a tyrantrum was raging through the forest and destroying everything in it's path. Several rescue squads were send into the destruction to save trapped pokemon, heal the wounded and douse the fires started by the raging beast. Even worse was that the beast was storming off towards a breeding center outside of town and could destroy everything if it reached it.
    'Komori, dive down there so I can see the others.' she pointed, the noivern lowering down with a screech of disapproval.

    The tyruntrum came into sight as soon as Minami dove down, raging towards a high mountain, the start of the mountain chain that held the breeding center. The beast could easily get up the mountain and vanish between the many crevices and boulders in the mountains.
    'Team Alpha, are you in position? Confirm immediately.' Minami ordered. 'Team Beta I need you to move in now, the target is nearing the mountain, do not let it get there.'
    She shifted her weight and shot forward, whistling sharply and dropping down, off Komori's back. Kuro dropped down next to her and looked at her for instructions.
    'Team Gamma, move in now and get ready to trap the target, team Beta, hold back the target while team Alpha weakens it.' she gave another set of orders.

    (It's short and horrible, I know. Sorry you all had to wait so long for this while it isn't even that good. Everybody in the Dragon Taming squad can jump in here in a team of their choosing. Everybody else can go about their day, doing their work, setting up for the tournament the next day or noticing the commotion from the raging tyrantrum.)
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  4. "Good morning Dad."


    Kiyo and Seviper left the room to see her dad working on metal once again, with his Druddigon by his side.

    "Good morning Kiyo."

    Kiyo looks around for a bit. "Where's mom?"

    "Oh, she's just tending to the eggs. You know the old ways. These few months will have a good deal of tenth birthdays, so she can't slack until the sun starts to. By the way, did I tell you about the time she accidentally mixed your grandpa's Odd Keystone with the eggs? Everyone was laughing at the odd egg! Until it wrecked everything."

    "Come on dear," a woman, presumably Kiyo's mom, walks in, pouting, "what did I say about bringing that up?"

    "It wasn't so bad, honey," Kiyo's Dad chuckles, "at the end of it all, Spiritomb found the right trainer for itself. I've never seen a Ghost Type that happy since that Trevanent back when I was ten."

    "You've told me the story a lot, but I still haven't met the Spiritomb. What happened to it?" Kiyo asks.

    "I think that is something you need to find out for yourself," her Dad looks a little awkward, as if the trainer associated with the Spiritomb was a little taboo.

    "I'll help you out, mom," Kiyo says.

    "That's nice of you, dear," her mother replies as they begin to load sublimy eggs onto a cart. "The moist ones are always the healthiest, when it comes to these soft egg varieties. Dry ones won't hatch. Mainly because these, in particular, are aquatic Pokemon that spend at least the first stages of their life in water."

    "Sounds complicated," Kiyo replies, "but maybe I'll know when I'm a Breeder!"
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  5. John patted Ares, "We're up." He spoke, glancing around the forest to see what surroundings could be used to their advantage. He sighed for a moment before looking directly to the tyrantrum. "Seems there's no avoiding this for now... At least not without ruining her plan." He held tight to Ares, and began speaking. "Quickly, attack." He ordered his Dragonite, who in turn, began picking up speed. John felt the air rush past as they approached, the tyrantrum's headlong charge seemed more like a rampage than a plan to John, which he felt made this all the easier. "Grab the tail, then bow your head and stop." The others will be doing things as well... Time for an experiment... As Ares followed John's orders, whether fully successful or not, he took the moment as well as his momentum as his opportunity... Or, more accurately, the momentum took him directly forward towards the tyrantrum. This might leave a broken bone or two if it fails, but if it works... He flew forward, little control over his movement as he went through the air. He hoped to catch a landing on the back of the tyrantrum, but could only hope, as he proceeded to unsheathe his shortsword, putting the flat of the sword to his chest in case he landed awkwardly.
  6. Winds howled in the high snow-capped mountains, the dragon fighter's own breath was visible to him, traveling on foot was a more practical means for the hunt he'd partake in, rather than relying on his dragon which would give him away. A golden armor protected him from the flames and the brunt of overall force his folly would produce, despite that he wasn't invincible. The large, engraved greatsword on the back of the hunter was his best and only weapon aside from the defensive shield strapped to his back. Finally he'd made it, a cave that was littered with death and despair, half eat carcasses of humans and even other dragons were scattered in bits and pieces, exhaling, the male slowly unsheathed his weapon, gripping the pommel of the weapon with two hands, the blade facing behind him on his right side as he slowed his movements. Nestled within the cave was a surprising find, a charizard, a large one at that, feeding off of a fresh kill, a poor soul, a warrior like himself, his blood caked face seemed to have voiced pain, screams ripped from his mouth as the dragon took him from the earth.

    "Such a shame, you are beauty..." He spoke under his breath, the dragon was corralled in its own den, its attention grabbed once the hunter shifted the rocks beneath his feet, seeing the bloody face of the beast, blinded in a single eye and a horn broken, it was lively though, he could deduct such from its roar alone. The hunter refused to give the dragon any chance to fight, charging immediately, his blade swinging in an upward diagonal motions, slashing the charizard's maw, creating a nasty gash. As the dragon reeled, the hunter was presented with another possibility, letting out a ferocious battle cry he swung his blade a lat time, cleaving the head of his prey. A few moments after, the hunter began dragon his kill out, its head. The hunter whistled before being responded to by a loud screeching roar, his dragon, Tamashi had come as requested, the minute she'd show her face it'd immediately be stuffed by the head of a charizard, the dragon growling some as she wolfed down the dragon's head. "Good girl..." He spoke with a smirk.
  7. Lizi

    Lizi jolted awake from a nightmare, a nightmare where her own Dragonair, Silent, murdered her on the spot. It scared her, badly! But today she had to breed some snakes to get a baby Ekans for somebody.

    She wobbled out of bed and went to go greet her Noivern, or Loki. She made a kissy noise and Loki woke up. She opened up Loki's cage and pet his chin, then picked him up. She cradled him like a baby, and started walking downstairs for breakfast. She put Loki on his own ledge with a food bowl. Loki made a cute little noise as Lizi poured in his Pokefood. She returned the food bowl to its original spot and Loki chowed down. She smirked. She made her own bowl of Cereal, and quickly golfed it down. "Loki, want to come with me to work today?" She asked.

    "Spthree!" He replied, flying down onto her shoulder.

    "Alright!" She responded.

    The Village was quiet this morning, but that wasn't strange. A little kid looked at her and asked if he could pet Loki.

    "..Oh, okay."

    The little boy pet Loki, but Loki wasn't that okay with it. The boy said thank you and skipped off, that was wired.. She looked around while walking down to the Breeding center. In the center she had her own personal breeding room that has multiple cages, one containing Silent her companion. Once she entered the Center, she checked in and headed for her personal room. She went stright for Silents cage, and let her out. Silent greeted her and wrapped around her, looking at Loki. She didn't need help at the moment, so she lit Loki and Silent down to play with each other, and they got along. Lizi went to the Arbok cage, it was a fair sized cage for two Arbok, with sand as the bedding, Frozen Mice as the food, and a med sized water bowl. The mice were gone and alot of the water was drank. So she went in the cage and replaced the food and water, the Arbok climbed around her, hissing with kindness.

    "Yes, I love you too." She replied to the Arbok.

    She looked around for an Egg, and found two. When she went to pick them up, the Arbok female hissed, and this was not a good hiss.

    "Its alright, my dear Arbok. I wont hurt your eggs."

    The Arbok looked her stright in the eyes, but in the end, she got to take the eggs. She put them in the Hatchery and smiled.
  8. John felt his body hit against something, the tyrantrum, it seemed. He reached for something to grab hold of as he began to bounce off of the tyrantrum's back. His attempts to grab hold proved futile however, as the tyrantrum didn't have much to grab on to. Crap, I was hoping for a bit more luck. He felt himself fall back into Tyrantrum's back and begin rolling as he bounced away once more. "Catch!" He shouted, swinging his shortsword at tyrantrum's tail as he passed beneath. He only barely hit, and not enough to cut the tyrantrum, but he at least may have started distracting it so that it would stop and react. He didn't see much after that, the ground blurring slightly with the sky. He tried to get into a safe stance to fall, but could only guess what side he'd land on. He put the sword flat against his arm, held that arm in front of the other in a protective motion, and curled up, hoping to spread the force of the fall. He hit the ground landing on his side, causing a pained expression to cover his face, but then felt his dragonite scoop him up and save him from further damage. He sheathed his shortsword, and proceeded to feel his side, attempting to discern any long-lasting injuries. He winced as he felt some pain, but as far as he could tell, he would be fine in a day or two. "Alright Ares, experiment's over, time to follow her orders." He did what he could to climb onto Ares's back, the dragonite aiding in his climb, and got into a riding position. "We need to stop that tyrantrum, alright? So try to knock it over." He said, as his dragonite raced to catch back up to the tyrantrum.
  9. Minami Nyx Xiraka - Dragontamer Captain

    As Minami was waiting for the teams to move in and halt the tyrantrum's movement she suddenly saw something flying towards the beast from the corner of her eyes.
    It took only a couple of seconds to realize what and who it was and a ferocious growl escaped her throat. 'John!' she roared as the idiot she knew as one of her teammates flew towards the beast like a cannonball.
    He hit, but of course couldn't hold on and bounced off the beasts thick skin. She could see him throw his sword as a last resort, trying to hit and distract the beast before he slumped on the ground.

    'Kuro, come.' she shot forward, drawing a staff with two sharp ends from her back as she kept her eyes on John. He seemed to be okay, but he was probably dazed and he may have broken something. Hitting a tyrantrum with that speed was like hitting a rock wall, he probably had some injuries. At least his plan had succeeded for now, the tyrantrum was looking around and searching for whoever hit him. Minami saw her chance; she whistled sharply and Komori was with her in a second, allowing her to jump on and flying towards the beast.

    'John! Get out of the way and cover your ears!' she shouted at him. Once they were close enough Minami patted Komori, before covering her ears as well. The dragon understood the signal. He took a deep breath before letting out an ear shattering roar, which was send out in waves through the features on his head. Shock-waves were visibly send towards the tyrantrum and they hit, causing the beast to roar and shake as he was deafened by the blast. He could only hold on for a few seconds before he collapsed, wailing on the ground from the impact the waves had on it's head. Minami whistled again and the capture team moved in, most accompanied by ariados, and started to wrap the tyrantrum in webs.

    Minami could finally take a deep breath and relax a bit, landing near the tyrantrum and walking towards it with Kuro and Komori by her side. She would have to check it out later, it may have some kind of physical reason for going on a rampage like that.
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