Draconia OOC and Discussion Thread

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    Dracomancers are humans who have dragon ancestors, who have lived peacefully within mankind for eons. However, one Dracomancer, Jaxx Oohkrin, wishes to destroy humanity as he believes Dracomancers are the dominant species, and has created a group with evil humans known as the Denizens, who have Dark Dragonflame imbued weapons, which are harmful to Dracomancer kind.

    Let's get discusshing :D


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  2. ummm not sure wht to say v.v
  3. Well, character names, and plot discussion, mostly >.<
  4. ahhh so how should we go about plot like making our way through dungeons like in a game called 'dark cloud' typ of way, adventure from point a to point b like 'lord of the rings' kind of way. or what?
  5. I'll introduce Jaxx, who looks like this in dragon form:
    Dragon Form (open)

    And basically, set up shop, so to speak. Though we can talk basic plot beginnings, because I'd prefer if things unravel as we go.
  6. so were doing it like DnD type thing okay
  7. Explain, please! You've lost me! XD
  8. DnD=Dungeon and Dragons. its board game
  9. I got that part, what did you mean by it though?
  10. we sorta like gather somewhere an do it like a quest. which is sora a mix of the 2 i listed above
  11. I think we're really just going about this as a story, throw down the starting point and see where it goes from there.

    So in dragon form are they still humanoid or are they fully dragon? And can we choose different style dragons? I'm partial to Eastern dragons, myself...
  12. Any at all. They're humanoid dragons, like the Amer.Drag series. I'm going with a guy of slight Japanese descent, so he'll have the fancy whiskers those types of Eastern Drags have. :D
  13. I might have to look at the series to see what exactly you're talking about.

    EDIT: So basically, look fully dragon, but bipedal.
  14. 'Tis pretty swell. I already have a character pic, now I need to decide on a sweet name.
    Name: TBC's Dragon Form (open)

    EDIT: @Fancy Cammyrat Yup. That's the idea.
  15. okay, cool. I can go with that.
  16. Okay, here's another question, since we're going with humanoid, can the eastern dragons still fly? I'd like to make mine with a longer torso to help his/her flying (along with the tail)
  17. They have wings, so flying is still definitely an option.
  18. Usually they don't tho, they fly through undulation.
  19. Undulation?
  20. the same way snakes and eels move through the water, by twisting and waving their body to move through the water. That's how Eastern dragons move because they come from the sea. So moving through the sea and moving through the air are the same for them, but that's why the length of body and tail are so long.