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  1. Bellatrix "Bella" Black

    25 Yrs Old | Pure Blood | Slytherin Graduate - Currently working as a Curse Breaker for the Ministry of Magic

    - Proudly carrying the noble last name of Black, Bellatrix can easily be described as a very ambitious woman with a heart of utter darkness that craves madness and thrives in destruction. Bellatrix is very politically motivated and has plans to inherit the position of Minister of Magic for her own. She enjoys using her feminine form and knowledge of the Dark Arts to bewitch people under her command. Another words, Bellatrix is very manipulative and has no shame when putting her unfavorable talents into use.

    - Although the eldest daughter of the Black family, Bellatrix is rather secluded from her clan and instead favors the company of elder men, such as Tom Riddle Jr. Bellatrix is completely enthralled with her former professor, having tried to be more than a mere student during her enrollment. Currently Bellatrix works for the Ministry, as a Curse Breaker.


    Severus "Sev" Snape

    17 Yrs Old | Half Blood | Slytherin - Seventh Year

    - Constantly suffering the remorseless teasing and tormenting from James Potter and his idiotic friends, Severus has become a recluse and only enjoys the limited company of his few friends. A brilliant mind, excelling in Potions, Severus is model of intelligence and determination. He favors Potions and Dark Arts, not really showing interest in the other subjects. Severus's father is very abusive, although his mother tries her best to protect her son.

    - Due to the estranged relationship between himself and his father, Severus has grown to despise all Muggleborns and this ruined his friendship with Lily Evans. Having lost the ginger-haired witch's affections, Severus has grown cold and calculating. He sees no point in relationships and often keeps to himself when not in the presence of his other Slytherin and friends.


    Eleanor "Ellie" Dyson

    16 Yrs | Half Blood - Metamorpmagus | Ravenclaw - Sixth Year

    - Although she inherited the Dyson gene for Metamorphism, Eleanor has never been accepted into her own clan. Her father's affair is how she even came to exist. The mistress in question was a Muggleborn Witch, although talented and quite beautiful, she tainted the Dyson bloodline by giving birth to her daughter outside of marriage. Thankfully Dyson's wife, merciful and compassionate towards children, adopted the infant after the Muggleborn woman was murdered by mysterious circumstances.

    - Eleanor was raised alongside her half-sister, Desiree. Despite sharing the same father and being raised within the Dyson clan as full-siblings, they have never gotten along. When it became public knowledge that Eleanor was the daughter born from an affair and is tainted by Muggle blood, she was disowned from the entire family, except for her father. Surprisingly, Eleanor's father continues to be supportive of his youngest daughter and refuses to abandon her.

    - Seeming to have inherited her mother's intelligence and individualism, Eleanor was sorted into Ravenclaw and easily became the top scoring student in her studies. Eleanor does not have friends, but she seems to get along with the fellow Ravenclaw housemates and sometimes can manage a civil conversation with her half-sister. She spends a majority of her time out by the Black Lake or Whomping Willow tree.


    Desiree "Des" Dyson

    23 Yrs Old | Pure Blood | Slytherin Graduate - Currently Employed at St. Mungos

    - Respectful, polite, elegant, and gifted with her mother's beauty...Desiree is everything the Dyson clan has ever hoped for. She will inherit her father's position, as heir to Dyson family, once he has passed on. Her younger half-sister shall be given nothing, even though their father's last will and testament demands she be given a supplied income to support herself throughout the years. Desiree dislikes her half-sister, feeling that Eleanor's Muggle mother has ruined the purity of the Dyson clan forever.

    - Although she may appear to be pacifistic and compassionate, Desiree is actually very cruel and merciless. She believes and supports Blood Purity. Desiree believes her half-sister is a disgrace and refuses to communicate unless mandatory. She is beloved by the entire Dyson clan, although she hates her father for having an affair. Desiree graduated Hogwarts with average grades and began interning at the hospital, even though she truly wants to work as a High Council for the Ministry.

    - Desiree's mother is French and often travels between her homeland, Paris, and England.

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  2. Tom Marvolo Riddle

    42 Yrs Old (Look 30) | Half-Blood | Slytherin Graduate - Currently Employed as the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor at Hogwarts

    - Worshipped by those who follow him and rightfully distrusted by his rivals and opponents, Marvolo is as charming and deadly as the snake charmer he is. Hiding a profound lack of empathy and a taste for bloodshed, he hid his darker nature in the more gentlemanly art of politics and teaching, a path that slightly mellowed him with time... He is not as likely to crucio you anymore, after all.

    - A prodigious mind, a complete lack of conscience and a august ancestor made the formerly bitter orphan into a formidable leader and opponent whose genius is only rivalled by Grindelwald and Albus Dumbledore themselves. Gathering a collection of promising individuals much like his former teacher Horace Slughorn, he nevertheless seems to have a far more sinister purpose for them...

    - After having travelled the world, Riddle briefly worked for Mr. Burke in Knockturn Alley before being unceremoniously chased out after his attempt at stealing the Locket of Slytherin from a certain Mrs. Smith was discovered and thwarted. He has since found a place in the halls of Hogwarts as a professor and a Dueling Club counselor.

    Narcissa "Cissa" Black

    21 Yrs Old | Pure Blood | Slytherin Graduate - Currently Employed as the Astronomy Professor at Hogwarts

    - The youngest of the three Black Sisters, Cissa have been sheltered all her life, having great respect for Wizarding and Pureblood tradition andholding a soft spot for children. Being the youngest of the Professors at Hogwarts after just having obtained her Astronomy Mastery, she can relate most to her students... as long as they are sensible to Pureblood etiquette.

    - A gifted orator and skilled manipulator, she uses her angelic looks and sweet dispositions to get what she wants. If what she wants is illegal, well... all the more reason to be sneaky about it!

    - Her mother, whom she resembles greatly in both look and convictions, recently started negotiation with the Malfoy heir for her hand, to Cissa's silent despair.


    Bartimeus "Bartie" Crouch, Jr.

    16 Yrs Old | Pure Blood | Ravenclaw - Sixth Year

    - The only son and heir to the Crouch Family, Bartie, despite his bright mind, have always been neglected by his busy father and coddled by his mother, to the young man's despair. Desperately wanting a strong paternal influence in his life, he had clutched to the welcoming and fascinating Tom Riddle as soon as the other had seen use for him. A fanatical follower now, he strives to please his Lord as best as he can.

    - With an astounding 12 OWLs and the place of a Prefect to boot, Bartie aims to make a brilliant career as an Unspeakable. His recluse ways and quiet nature help, of course.


    Regulus "Reg" Black

    16 Yrs Old | Pure Blood | Slytherin - Sixth Year

    - Always second to his older brother Sirius, Regulus has developed an inferiority complex when it comes to his worth as a wizard and as a man, prompting him to seek acknowledgement where he can, even if it means seeking it in his dark cousin Bellatrix or any older men or women that give him the time of the day.

    - Talented but not brilliant in both Transfiguration and the Dark Arts, Regulus is a hard worker and a bitter young man.

  3. A mediocre job at the Ministry, Bellatrix groaned in disdain as she approached the underground establishment once again, repeating a cycle that had become her usual routine. The eldest daughter born into the noble house of Black, she forced herself to endure the mundane duties of her position as a Curse Breaker. Although her magical knowledge and talents ensure she is very successful in the field, anyone that knows Bellatrix is painfully aware that her true desires lay within the Ministry's political system.

    However, today she clocked in as a mere employee. Bellatrix dawned the robes of the Ministry, black and form fitted to her tall frame, although she much prepared a lacy dress or even less. Sauntering through the hallways, satisfied with the lustful glances she elicited from passing males, Bellatrix entered her office and began reviewing the assignments for the day.

    Every morning she began her day with a cuppa freshly brewed tea and today was no exception. Summoning a perfectly heated kettle, Bellatrix poured herself a cup and added three sugars with some milk before drinking it greedily. Lazily scanning through the folders upon folders discarded on her desk, Bellatrix yawned and raised both arms high above her head. She lolled back in the comfortably chair, her only favorable perk of the job. Consumed by boredom, she spontaneously decided to call her sister and see if the other daughter of Black was having a more eventful day.

    * * *

    Another semester at Hogwarts, how he dreaded each and every hour that ticked by slowly. Seated beneath the shade of a large tree, a young male that wore the robes of Slytherin tried, desperately, to escape the world. His morning having gone terribly wrong, all thanks to the constant harassment he was subjected to by Gryffindor's golden boy: James Potter.

    This unfortunate student's name is Severus and his only solace can be found in the pages of his textbooks. Honestly, it's no mystery why his grades excel in Potions and the Dark Arts. When someone occupies themselves mainly with the text written inside their books, they naturally absorb the information and retain it easily. This is what has allowed Severus to score such high marks in his classes, at least, the ones he cares to study.

    Suddenly disrupted in his reading by the approaching laughter of James and his lackeys, Severus scurried to collect his belongings and flee. Sadly, despite a lanky form, he was unsuccessful.

    "Going somewhere, Greasy?"

    Oh, James really is the worst at name calling. Severus made himself an easy target, one would reason Jame could construct a more creative insult.

    "Leave me alone, Potter." Severus demanded, having surprised even himself with the momentary confidence he gathered. However, this courageous act only encouraged James and together with his friends, they raised their wands and began tormenting the innocent lad.

    * * *

    Often called the 'Raccoon of Ravenclaw' by her peers, the girl's true name is actually Eleanor. Her fellow Ravenclaws found the nickname to be suitable when they discovered her fancy towards thick, black, eyeliner and the unusual shade of plum (pink and lavender) hair. Originally not intended to be an insult, or offensive, Eleanor actually hates the title. She prefers to be called 'Ellie' rather than anything else. Yet, names are not that important when you don't have friends.

    Eleanor Dyson, the illegitimate child and Half Blood disgrace that has ruined the Dyson clan's purity, is often cast aside from everyone at Hogwarts, including her own sister. A proud Metamorphmagus, Eleanor's eyes shift colors with her emotions, but she keeps her hair in it's natural shade. A physical trait she inherited from her mother. Well, specifically through the combined genes of both parents. Her father's black hair and mother's ginger-hair is responsible for the uncommon coloring.

    Seeking a place where she could read without interruption, Eleanor wandered the halls of Hogwarts with five books tucked closely to her chest. She searched for somewhere private, secluded and peaceful. The only locations that came to mind, the Black Lake and Whomping Willow, were a good ten minutes walk away. Eleanor quickened her pace, not paying much attention to her pathway and collided into the chest of another student. Stumbling backwards, crashing down to the grass (thankfully not stone or cement), and books scattering along the ground.

    Spotting the crest of Ravenclaw on the stranger's robes, Eleanor offered a faint smile when she sat it was only Bartimeus, commonly known as simply Bartie. He never really caused trouble for her. In fact, Bartimeus didn't speak hardly at all.

    * * *

    St. Mungos informed their newest addition to the hospital that she was to be reassigned to Hogwarts as a Nurse in the infirmary, but the news did not settle well with the angered blond. She hated Hogwarts, for it was the current location where her half-sister resided.

    "I refuse to go!" Desiree protested, crossing her arms across a rather well-endowed chest and turned up her nose. This behavior was rather startling, at least for the nurses that only knew Desiree as polite, well-mannered and elegant. She absolutely rejected the relocation. However, when the Madam of the hospital approached her and explained that refusing to transfer would be a request for retirement, Desiree's attitude swung in the other direction.

    Rather than accept an untimely retirement, Desiree agreed to go and began packing her belongings. She arrived just after breakfast, having to report in with the headmaster. The elderly man escorted her to the room where she would be staying and then left her in the guidance of a dark, handsome and familiar looking man.

    Despite no longer enrolled as a student, Desiree bowed her head politely and offered a sweet smile to the charming man standing in front of her. "A pleasure to see you again, Mr. Riddle."
  4. That decrepit fool Dumbledore was still on to him, Marvolo, as he thought of himself in the corner of his mind, once more noticed. Indeed, Dumbledore had kept him busier and busier since he took over Dippet's office, the ancient wizard having died of Dragon Pox two years ago. Since then, his movement had been restricted in increasingly worrying amount, to the point where he nearly didn't have any time for the private tutoring of promising student nor could he influence the Ministry head-on anymore, making the use of his followers and allies vital to his operations.

    In fact, as soon as he finished his last class of the day did the old fool accost him with his maddeningly twinkling blue eyes of his.

    “Ah, Tom my boy!” He knew the other hated this name, he was sure of it! “It seems we are to have a new mediwitch amongst our midst, and as one of our most promising staff I thought you would do well to show her around when she arrives tomorrow... She was once your student, after all...” A chuckle, a twice damned chuckle left those odious lips! No, he had to calm down...

    “Of course, headmaster.” He purred, a fake smile perched upon his narrow lips. “Who is this new colleague of mine, if I may ask?”

    “Ah! How forgetful of me! Of course, it is one Desiree Dyson, who will take over after after Mrs. Pedibarn, of course!” Again with that trice damned chuckle...

    But... Miss Dyson the first... How interesting... This may actually work in his favor, unbeknown to the fool...

    “Ah, yes, Miss Dyson. I will await her arrival then, headmaster, if you would excuse me...” With that headache done, he gracefully sidestepped his employer and made his way to the Great Hall to take a bite to eat, his stomach nearly growling, of all unbecoming things, at the thought of being filled.

    Tomorrow was to be an interesting day, to be sure...


    After a night of studying in the extensive library he found in the Room of Requirement, Marvolo was ready to greet his new charge with his patented charming smile and purring drawl. As she greeted him with a bow and a blush, he smiled down at the slighter witch and gestured for her to follow him.

    “Ah, yes, we have much to do before you are properly settled, Miss Dyson, starting with your new workplace. Being the careful young lady you were, I don't doubt that you are quite unfamiliar with the infirmary wing, but that will have to change in the following weeks. If you need any assistance, don't hesitate to ask, of course.” Smoothly, Marvolo gallantly took Desiree's dainty arm, entangling it with his more muscular one and lead the way to the infirmary.


    One Cissa Black always awakened late since she got employed as Hogwarts' Astronomy professor, and this was with a frown that she awakened to her sister's fire call one early morning of September. Gracefully extricating herself from her warm cocoon of a bed, the youngest and palest of the Black Sisters made her way to the ornate heart in her room near the top of the Astronomy Tower. Though she just awoke, she was as radiant as ever, her blond hair nearly glowing in the early morning light and her pale blue eyes sharp even in her near asleep state. A silken negligee hugged her generous hourglass figure and would have made nearly any man stop and stare at the sight of her, should they have seen her.

    Reaching the green flames holding the dark features of her eldest sister, Cissa smiled placidly at the other witch as she gracefully folded her body in a sitting position and greeted the other.

    “Tidings to you as well, Bella my dear...”


    With a muffled 'oof!', Bartie found himself sprawled on the grass, looking up at the fair morning sky and wondering how exactly all of this happened. One moment he was brooding over his father's coldness as he was won't to do and the other something small but with the strength of a Bludger impacted on his chest, sending him sprawling... Along with quite a colorful swear from the mysterious object and the feeling of what seemed to be a small library of books.

    Sighing at his day getting even worse while it was still morning, Bartie sat back on his rump and glared silently at the origin of his fall, only to see that it was in fact the girl who had taken most of his thoughts, at least when his studies, father and Tom Marvolo Riddle were not taking residence in his thoughts, of course.


    By Morgana was he sore... Never should he had accepted the offer from those upperclassmen the night prior, one Regulus Black thought, his bright mind full of regret at having, again sought to lessen his bitterness with his hormonal body. He rued that night now, of course, and would no doubt have to be checked by the mediwitch... Again, in case he had some kind of... Infection.

    Scowling darkly and getting dressed as fast as he could, the young lad made his way from the Forbidden Forest back to the castle only to be confronted by his loathed brother's little clique. They were preying on Snape again, it seemed, and Reg just had too much dark thoughts floating in his head to be able to prevent hexing Sirius and his friend's bits to pieces... And so he did.
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  5. Having Marvolo escorting her throughout the corridors of Hogwarts, a teenage fantasy come to life, Desiree mimicked her guide's pace and carried herself with a straightened back and arched slightly to accent her endowed features. Although unfamiliar with the school's medical staff and infirmary, Desiree would easily and effortlessly adjust once being allowed to acquaint herself. Unlike her half-sister, adapting is a skill that Desiree has mastered since her early childhood.

    "Mr. Riddle," accented by the charming tone she's developed from her French heritage, Desiree happily sought to converse with her former professor along the walk. "I graciously thank you for taking the trouble of showing me to the Infirmary. It must be a nuisance to you, but I'm elated to have your company."

    * * *

    Always so prime and proper, the perfect example of a Pure Blood daughter, Narcissia Black holds no flaw in her creation and never has. Even having just awoken, Bellatrix failed to locate a single hair out of place. So unlike herself, to which a hatred has festered between them since childhood. Bellatrix twirled a ringlet around her finger, offering a strained smile in return to her sister.

    "I was wondering if you'd be willing to grace the Three Broomsticks with your presence and join me for lunch today, Cissy?"

    * * *

    "I'm so sorry, Bartiemus."

    Eleanor lifted herself from the ground, having already collected her belonging back into both arms. She offered him a polite smile, the tops of her cheeks puffing cutely and caused her, currently emerald, eyes to shut halfway. "Being in a hurry is no excuse for my lack of clumsiness, sir. My apologies." Eleanor shuffled her feet nervously, the tops of expensive black flats beginning to scuff slightly. "Well, I'll be going, then." She started to leave, happening to brush shoulders with Bartimeus as she walked by.

    * * *

    Finally the merciless torture ended, at least for Severus. Riddled by confusion as to why James and the others fled in a hurry, Severus searched the campus for the cause. It didn't take him long to realize the presence of Sirius's brother. Unlike the younger son, Regulus is the prized son of Black. Not hard to understand why, either. Regulus has been bred for excellence and that's exactly what he has become. Well, aside from his less than judgmental explorations with the feminine sort.

    "What are you doing here, Regulus?" It wasn't really a thank you, but Severus shrugged his shoulders and nodded weakly to his savior.
  6. Smiling just enough to show a hint of his perfect teeth, Marvolo patted the hand daintilly laying on his arm ingratigningly as the duo made their way to the castle's Infirmary. Of course he would rather be elsewhere, but the poor soon to be useful girl did not need to know that ! That was thus without missing a beat more than was socially acceptable that the would-be Dark Lord responded to his past student.

    « It is my pleasure, Miss Dyson. I may one day depend on your expertise, after all... » With a rumbling chuckle and a faint smile he continued on, planning the itenerary they would take during this little farce of a tour.

    No one was still alive to tell anyone that Tom Marvolo Riddle was not a morning person, a fact artfully masked by the prodigy soon after receiving his Hogwarts letter and laid to rest with the 'accidental' fire that took most of the older children and caretakers of Wool's Orphanage, who just happened to know of the charismatic man's well hid secret.

    It had in fact been his seventeenth birthday present to himself, and, after all, who would care about a few wretched muggles ?

    * * *

    A soft laugh, tinkling like crystals sounded in the two linked room as the youngest of the Black Sisters elegantly hid her mirth behind a delicately manicured hand as she listened to her sister's request. She did have the time, Cissy pondered, and rilling up her dark sister was so amusing...

    « If you wish, but you are paying, of course, won't you, sister of mine ? I don't usually go to that commoner's den, and I hope you don't frequent such a place too much either. »

    Standing gracefully and telling her sister to come in while she got ready, Cissy retreated to her bedchambers and called a house elf, her usual sneer while dealing with inferior beings than herself smoothly sliding into place on her exquisite face. With the sniveling creatures at her beck and call, getting ready with a little magic took no time at all, and soon she was back in the lounge, smiling superficially at her childhood nemesis.

    « Shall we, sister dear ? »

    * * *

    Loooking pensive as he looked on as the object of his affections walked away, Bartie mentally kicked himself into action and started to follow the youngest Dyson sister.

    « Wait... ah... I'm heading that way as well, if you would want a study partner ? » Bracing himself for rejection, the young Crouch couldn't help but think that at least he had tried...

    * * *

    After sending a last hex at the retreating bullies' backs, Regulus put his wand into it's arm holster and turned back to the one he ended up saving while partaking in the pleasurable hobby of Sirius Hexing, a slighly demented look on his handsome features.

    « Ah, I'm from... somewhere... always a pleasure to hex the little Blood Traitors. » He responded simply to Severus, continuing on his way to the castle, a jaunty tune on his lips and a slighly less pnonouced limp to his steps.
  7. Desiree's cheek darkened as Marvolo continued in his speech and guided her towards the infirmary. All to soon, they arrived and Desiree's arm was dropped. Quite sad, she'd grown comfortable in that position. When the nurses began welcoming their newest addition to the staff, Marvolo was dismissed. However, Desiree quickened her normal pace to reach him at the doorway.

    "Perhaps we can have tea sometime?"

    * * *

    Unbeknownst to her darling little sister, Bellatrix does frequent such commoner establishments and enjoys the company the she receives while there. Pure Bloods, of course, but those without refinements. Bellatrix scoffed at her sister's prudish attitude, accepting the obligation of having to pay for their meal.

    Money isn't really a problem, considering the Black family's wealth, but Bellatrix hates being assigned any responsibility. When Narcissia had gotten herself ready, Bellatrix inwardly chuckling at her sister's choice of dress, the two women Apparated and joined at Diagon Ally.

    * * *

    "You want to study with me?" No one ever wanted to join Eleanor's company, so hearing this offer from Bartimeus was rather surprising. "Um, yeah, that's fine." She wouldn't object. Eleanor's eyes brightened, turning grey and her lips turned up a smile. "I was going to the Black Lake, is that alright?" She found that studying there was always successful, not many students hang around.

    Eleanor continued to carry her belongings and walked slowly, allowing Bartimeus to follow. "So, what are you studying for?" She had brought along a History of Magic, Herbology, Potions and Charms textbooks. Just in case she got bored with one subject, she'd have other options.

    * * *

    Severus did not spare words of gratitude on Regulus. He merely allowed the elder male to walk along. However, Severus did notice the slight limp to Regulus's steps, but said nothing. Happening to chance seeing Eleanor and Bartiemus together, Severus decided to follow them.
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