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  1. This week I am requesting a portrait of Dr. Jun Chao! Upper body would be fine, full body would be awesome. Ideally I would like a picture in COLOR but polished line art is also good.

    As always, EVERYONE that does art for me will get a month of Donator's Subscription as a thank you. <3 If you already have a sub, I'll add on an extra month. If you are a subscriber, I can give that month as a gift to the member of your choice.



    Dr. Chao is a Chinese descent man in his mid-30s. It's important for me that he looks like an older man, and not a young one! He needs to have masculine features in his face, particularly a strong jaw. He is most likely clean shaven, but he would also look very good with a five-o-clock shadow.

    He will have a SCAR crossing his left eyebrow. It starts half an inch above and stops level with the corner of his eye. It's faint, as if it's been there for many years.

    His hair is black and cut short in something that is military acceptable. THIS hairstyle would be perfect.

    His eyes are a dark brown. He is the kind of man that "speaks with his eyes" so attention to detail and mood here would be very good!

    His body shape should be on the leaner side, but with healthy defined muscle tone. So he'd be a little thinner than average, but still looks strong. He is also about average height. No taller than 5'8" or so.

    This man has studied alien language all his life and the Chief Xenolinguistics Officer on his ship. (That is what he received his doctorate in.) He's also a talented technician. He is quiet, stoic, a little bit on the brisk and blunt side. Most people think he is a cold asshole. He rarely ever smiles or shows a lot of emotion. His expression should probably be contemplative, mildly annoyed, or exasperated.

    As for clothing, if he is in "civilian clothes", he would wear a casual suit. Something in a very modern, classic cut. Grey color for the pants and jacket. The shirt would be a white, grey, or soft blue with two buttons undone. No tie.

    If you want to go for something to test your skills and sci-fi for a space suit, HAVE AT IT! That would be really cool, and you have total creative freedom to design something neat. 8D I'd love seeing what people come up with.
  2. Gonna try this one too. Might take a little while.
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