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  1. This is where we can post our characters, hope it makes some sense haha c:
  2. Name: Haze Stone
    Age: 26
    SO: Pansexual
    Personailty: By just going off looks, Haze looks like a slacker. His facebis almost always relaxed, and easy going, and people almost always thinks he doesn't have any goals or anything. Though it's the total opposite. Those who know Haze Stone knows he's ambitious and keen to get what he wants in life. He's very dependable, and he's very likable. Though he does have some not so likable traits. When angered, he can become rather aggressive, and violent. He rather not talk an argument out. Though Haze rarely ever gets angry. He's also artistic, and does tattots all over his body. And even though hes amazing at tattoos, that not his goal in life like most think.

    Upbringing/Background: To most, Haze Stone seems to be a man who loves rock music, drinking, doing drugs, and is a tattoo artist. And by one good look at him, this all seems to be true. However, it isn't. Haze doesn't drink at all. The only time he drinks is if he's never tried it and wants to. And even then he only takes one sip. Nor does Haze do drugs. He's against the very existence of them. And he may tattoos himself, but that's only because he sees himself as an artist, who's art should be worn. Haze has goals in life that he set for himself way back when he was only a child, abd he stuck to those goals. And that was becoming a doctor for the mentally ill.

    Now why would a child want to become a doctor for insane people? The answer is simpler than you think. Haze's mother was mentally ill. But she wasnt always like that. Once upon a time, she was this raven haired beauty, with chestnut eyes, and evenly tanned skin. She had a smile that would stop people in their tracks just to stare. And she was as graceful as a swan, only moving with elegance. Her name was Hazel. Hazel was an average everyday housewife. She cleaned, cooked meals, and took care of her only child while her husband worked all day. Life was comfortable for the small family. And she couldnt ask for a better life. And life only got sweeter as they welcomed their second baby into the world. Haze's little sister, Cloud. Cloud was just as beautiful as her mommy, and Haze swore he would protect his baby sister. Having a five year age difference, it wasn't much the siblings could do together, but Haze made sure he always made time for her. Around the time Haze turned ten, he began to notice his father's behavior was strange. He would sometimes come home smelling like women, and lipstick on his collar, and he always said to keep it a secret from his mother. Haze became fed up with this, and finally told his mother. Turns out his mother knew for a while, but now that her son was telling her, it broke her. His mother became depressed, and Haze resented his father for it. He began to take care of his mother, no longer having time for Cloud. His mother needed all the love she could get at this point. Those one day, Cloud was five, and she was outside, in their gated backyard. She played out there every day, but one day a strange man climbed their fence, and lured her over with candy and toys, before taking her away. Turns out they were being stalked by a man who kidnapped, and killed little girls. It was late evening, the time Cloud usually came back inside, that they realized she was gone. Instantly Hazel called the police, soon the whole town was in search for this child. Hazel grew anixous, and scared, worried for her baby. She was already depressed, and Haze was afrajd his mom would do something irrational. Haze just prayed his baby sister would come home safe. But, Haze learned that the world was a cruel place, and his innocence was stolen a week later. A week later, Hazel was still searching for her daughter, and she found her baby...Not alive. Dead on the side of the rode. She had stab wonds up and down her arms, and a silt neck. Seeing her baby in this state drove the woman insane. Even though they found the man and he had the death sentence, it still didn't lessen the hurt that her baby was dead. The image of seeing the girl on the side of the rode burned into her mind. Haze knew his mother needed help, and he told his father, but what did he do? Divorce her and leave. Haze knew he had to step up. He took care of his sick morther, trying to help her. He read as many books as he could, reasearched anything he could that would help his mother. Even if she was crazy now, she was all he had. His sister was gone, his douche of a father left, and he didn't have any grandparents. All he had was his mom.

    However, even that would change. Teachers fro. His school noticed the boy wore dirty clothes a lot now, when he used to always have nice things. They also noticed that when he ate lunch, he would eat like he haven't ate all day, especially on Mondays. Wo they sent officials to his home, they instantly noticed how...dirty the home was. Haze was only twelve at the time. He tried his best to keep things clean, though with his mother having violent episodes, it was hard. They instantly put his mother into a mental home and him into a foster home. They yanked his only family from him, and this is what started Haze to dress alternative. For a little bit he rebelled, before he noticed that it wasnt going to get him anywhere. He knew if he truly wanted to help his mother, he would become the best doctor out their, and cure her. So he studied his hardest in school, and ended up with a full scholarship to Harvard University. Though he had yet to to graduate just yet, he is on his merry way. All he needs to do is help one patient, and he passes, and he graduates as the valedictorian of course. zayn-malik-fan-art.jpg
  3. ✦ D i m i t r i ✦

    Name: Dimitri Beretski
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Unknown


    H i s t o r y / B i o g r a p h y

    For some of those suffering with a mental illness, they had a trigger; something in their lives that propelled them down a path of depression, or further and worse. But for Dimitri, he had nothing. Quite literally, he was born and destined to a quiet family life. Born to two parents in Russia, who had worked all their lives in the city and moved to the country to raise Dimitri properly, he was showered with love and affection, and had everything a boy needed. He wasn't the richest, but in terms of love? He had it all. But even as young as five, he was showing characteristics that did worry his parents: he hated contact with anyone, stayed to himself and every night on the dot, left his bed to wander outside and whenever he was brought in, he would quite honestly scratch and bite at his mother and father.
    The advice was that it was normal for a child, and the parents, thinking it was the country that wasn't helping their son develop as he should, moved across a continent and to a new country, where a now ten year old Dimitri was placed in a school in the city. Their dream and hope was that he would make friends, get back on track... if only that was. Instead, violence prolonged; claims of 'seeing things' persisted; he began to forcefully make himself sick, and a new claim - his paranoid state at only ten helped to threaten his parents of wanting to kill him. At only ten, he had it in his head that they had some ulterior motive to end his very life, and in his warped mind, had only one real way of ensuring they didn't. To get in first and do it to them. On an ordinary Sunday night, with the parents slumbering in bed together, the mother was woken to see her husband of twenty years dead, a single shot to the head along with a knife in the heart having easily seen him off-- and before she knew what to expect, the same was dealt to her by her own son. He didn't flee the scene, but instead stayed sitting and cradling himself with the signature red scarf hanging from his neck.
    He was placed in a special place for young children with problems, though was the one case many of the figures were wary of. He showed no remorse, had blocked it out of his head, and whenever someone tried to break through, he lashed out and entered a manic episode. This continued for years, until he was sixteen and moved to an adult centre - Dr Fitzerpatrick's, but even there, he persists to be the most troublesome and hopeless cases, with nobody really able to break through and help him improve his schizophrenic state. Though how is he to improve when the lead doctor is RAPING him? If anything, it worsens his case with nobody believing him, causing him constant freakouts and inflicting more pain on himself and on other nurses and doctors who have no malicious intent on his part.
    In short, Dimitri is the naturally troubled case, born how he is, and unlikely to change unless someone dynamic and kind can convince him otherwise.

    A p p e a r a n c e

    Skeletally thin from years of bulimia, and with dark rings and a pale complexion almost making him appear like a dead person walking, Dimitri is easily signified as being mentally ill if appearances go for anything. While he is made to wear the hospital attire, the one thing they haven't been able to take from him is his red scarf, hand knitted by his mother when he was seven. Anyone that dares try to take it from him usually ends up harmed - one nurse tried, and she ended up with a fork jabbed hard into her left eye. Facial wise, he can be considered on the cute side, with tussled white hair and sparkling green eyes, and an array of freckles across his nose, but it can be hidden when his disorders tend to overshadow it.

    P e r s o n a l i t y

    With many disorders, his true personality, outside of his mental instability, is so far a mystery, even if he is in the hospital to be treated and to be returned to a 'normal' state of mind where a personality could shine through. Until then, Dimitri is painfully quiet, only speaking if it is demanded of him, and other than that, is just seen as WEIRD, as insensitive as it is. He is intelligent, highly so, and can be a sweet person, having shown it a few times to nurses who treat him with care and gentleness he needs; but even then he slaps them, screams until his throat is sore, and moves to stab himself or them with whatever he can to stop them touching him (but that can't be said for his doctor, who he sees as a living monster and constantly touches him up). Easily panicked and freaked out, this is only usually solved if he is allowed to sleep, which he chooses to do most the time - it's why he is forced to eat like a small baby, and spoon-fed by nurses. In total, he is the typical case of a mentally unstable young man, whose intense paranoia of the hospital and the people in it prevents him from trusting them and getting better.


    L i k e s

    ✦ Sleep
    ✦ Being treated with kindness (even if he doesn't respond to it brilliantly)
    ✦ His scarf
    ✦ Liquorice

    D i s l i k e s
    ✦ His doctor, and in general, the hospital
    ✦ The 'things' he sees (consisting usually of shadowy figures and people that aren't there)
    ✦ People
    ✦ Being touched
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