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  1. I've just been inspired by the sixth, and last, season of Downton to endeavor for a similar setting Roleplay in which we may try and capture the essence, struggle and drama of those years whilst attempting to expand vocabulary and writing style. It sounds serious, but really I would just like to have relaxed yet unrestrained fun with the wonderfully enticing time period. So I'd just like to see if any of you might be interested in a compilation of the setting, creation of interesting AND stereotypical characters or join me trying to create a drama, adventure worth writing.

    Writing level;
    I don't really plan on having writing standards because, if you're anything like myself, skill tends to waver with the time you've been given to write or how inspired you are. Even if one line is all you got to say you might as well make it a good one, and you probably won't be staying long anyway. I do, however, ask that you be willing to learn.

    Though there isn't anything at all set I would like to see characters before deciding; that is, if anyone is interested at all.

    I do intend to use The downton estate in Yorkshire, England because the mass of material we already have one the area.

    So there you have it. Any takers?
  2. Someone who likes Downton Abbey? THIS IS UNEXPECTED!

    I've been searching for an RPer who enjoys the show for ages. I'm not sure I understand your idea properly (I'm a bit slow), but are you suggesting that we replace the characters and come up with our own but in the setting already provided for us? If so, I'm up for it!
  3. Understandable, since I don't clearly see my idea as it is; but Yes, that is exactly what I mean. Wonderful I honestly hadn't expected an answer so soon. What about the show are you particularly adherent or admiring of?

    -I'd really like to see others interested, but for now I am headed to work.
  4. I really enjoy the writing (especially in the first three series, although I did love the last three too). I think the development of the characters we get, considering there are (I think) 16 characters we follow in the show, is fantastic. I love the set-up as well. History has always been a huge interest of mine, so this insight into the upstairs/downstairs life on a large aristocrat owned estate is fascinating to me.

    I'd love to see if others are interested too! Hope work goes well ~
  5. Oh my gosh. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! I love Downton Abbey, too. The drama, the romance, the setting - it's all wonderful. And like TheOddball said, the ensemble cast creates so much dynamic. I love shows with lots of characters to follow. I imagine a Downton Abbey roleplay with a similarly sized (original) cast would be pretty fun too! The thing is, I've not yet seen the final season. I believe the first episode of season six just aired here in the US, but I haven't seen that either, I'm afraid. Hope that's not an issue (no spoilers, please!)

    @WrittenAll Over, do you intend to use Downton Abbey (the house) specifically as the setting for this roleplay? Or do you intend to create a different setting that is also located in Yorkshire? And are you thinking of beginning during the Edwardian era (early 1900s), during WWI, or after the war, possibly during the '20s as in the later seasons? Just curious!

    In short, I'm interested! :)
  6. @Linden I'm freaking out that there are Downton fans here! Been looking for you guys :'( Series 6 was pretty good actually (won't give you any spoilers), I preferred it to Series 5.

    I have a question for @WrittenAll Over too; would you be prepared to go forward with this roleplay if it ended up only being 3/4 of us? I'm not sure how much attention this would receive (although I have my fingers crossed now) It would mean playing multiple characters each but I know I'm very willing to do so.
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  7. Ditto!
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  8. I'm So in for this!
  9. Yes @Linden, The setting is exactly downton; the entire Household from the series not the Highclere castle. That way we have an authentic setting that doesn't take years to create and still makes sense. I thought we might discuss the exact time point but I thought we might also want to follow the show's timeline so that we can get into developing and/or shedding character we do or don't want to keep.
    I live in the US too so I haven't seen the sixth either. I'm most definitely willing to do just 3-4 players. Originally I thought two was all the interest that might be had at this point but, to my surprise, we have fans! *gleeful Squeal*
  10. @TheOddball, @Linden, @Shayla

    There are a few more things you ladies and gents of interest should know,

    This is going to be pretty relaxed in the way that we aren't in a rush to create superior writing material or post every day, with my work I'd be lucky to post every other day.

    American and Irish characters encouraged. American irish language encouraged. Just try your best to make it sound fitting to the age, lol.

    We can change things up; it doesn't have to be entirely traditional or Historically accurate even though that's the feeling we're trying to give it.

    There will be religion included and used.

    Lastly, "Ugly" characters are most welcome...but not required. If you want it to be a full house of beautiful, people, fine, we'll just tell everyone there's something in the water ;) Let's have some fun

    If that's all well and good let's vote on a few things

    Follow the show's timetime OR create our own timeline

    Long, detailed character sheet OR Small required character information

    small playable character main cast OR Vast playable cast with no mains

    Bios and History OR make them up as we go along
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  11. This is preferred really; the pressure to post on a day-to-day basis in group RPs is a bit too much sometimes aha.
    I mean, I have no doubt there will be exceptions to the rule with some characters, like an American member of staff (this would be very rare though) - but historical accuracy is not something that matters to me too much, as long as its not something ridiculous aha

    I think the shows timeline will work best. Starting from the early 1910s :)
    I think a basic character sheet would be okay.
    I think it may be a good idea to have a vast playable cast, in which certain storylines will become more prevelant therefore creating a larger focus on certain characters (if that makes sense). You'd have to make a list of all possible roles and see who takes them.
    I think only a small detailed history about each character maybe? Especially staff.

    This is very exciting!! I already have an idea for a maid, and an inkling about a valet too.
  12. I'll be waiting for input from the others but I've written up some roles for consideration so that we might be as even as possible.

    Character Roles

    Earl- Joseph Jones
    Countess- Helen Jones

    Upper servants

    Ladies maids-


    Under servants

    Kitchen maid-
    House maid-
    Scullery maid-

    Senior Servants

    Head Gardener-

    Staff Information
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  13. Wouldn't the coachmen be a chauffeur at this point in history? Unless horse & carriage was common in the early 1910s - I may be wrong.

    Just at a glance, I would like to play an heir, the house maid, a valet and either the butler or the housekeeper ^^ Willing to take more roles on though obviously.
  14. HA! yes quite right, I hadn't even noticed that. Thanks. I was just reading somewhere about a motor company that began somewhere near there in 1912 too. Never even clicked.

    I've a footmen, kitchen maid, Lord, Lady and heir/heir's child and I'm debating on the housekeeper. If you think you can write for the butler that would be wonderful because I'm not familiar enough with him, I think.
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  15. I think I can write for the butler! Would be a challenge but I'll just do some extra research :) I've got the script books for the first two series and Julian Fellowes writes extra notes on people's duties, so I'm learning as I go along. If I can share any info here without infringing copyright I will!

    You'll have to assign lady's maids/valets to the Lord/Lady and heirs when the time comes too. Which makes me wonder if you'll be playing a male heir or a female heir? I'm leaning towards female, but if someone plays a male it would give me a job for my valet (if there's no male heirs my valet would serve the Lord obviously)

    Would you like me to come up with a character sheet template for this RP? It may relieve you of some of the organisation aspect of it.

    EDIT: I realised that you still need feedback from the others about how detailed sheets are going to be, but I could still make one to see if you like the idea of it if you want it :)
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  16. I'll answer these in order..

    - Follow the show's timeline.
    - I write long so whether it was short or long mine would end up long since I like going into depth and details. :)
    - Either size is fine by me!
    - Bio's & history all the way.

    I will for certain taking up an heiress who is the second born, ladies maid and house maid.
  17. Hey folks! Hope I haven't kept you all waiting too long!
    @WrittenAll Over, I think I understand you here. Do you mean that in this roleplay you want the Earl of Grantham and his family to live in Downton Abbey (though he and his family will be "original" in the sense that we will not play the canon show characters)? Is that right? And when you say "not Highclere Castle," I take it you mean we're still using the real world building as the setting, but it will exist in the roleplay as the fictional Downton Abbey. Yes?

    Just making sure I'm on the same page as everyone else!

    As per your conditions, they sound great!
    - Casual posting style/frequency is perfect. I'm more of a once-per-week poster anyhow, so I'm glad this will be a more relaxed roleplay.
    - To maintain the essence of the show and the era, I'll absolutely try to keep historical details accurate. They may not be perfect, but I'll pay close attention to language, attitude, and behavior as they fit in with the time.
    - Imperfect characters tend to be more interesting to me than perfectly pretty characters, too. :)

    As for the other questions:
    - I agree with Oddball and Shayla. Let's begin in the early 1900s. We could consider launching this story with the sinking of the Titanic, as the series did or simply start without the catalyst of such a public event.
    - Basic character sheets work for me!
    - I'm cool with a larger cast. That way we can rotate through characters based on which stories interest us the most.
    - I'm thinking simpler histories to start?

    For roles, I'd love to create a male heir, a footman, the cook, and various maids. I'm pretty flexible, so whichever roles aren't claimed that we definitely want to see/need, I'm more than happy to take up.

    Me, too! XD I've also got "To Marry and English Lord" which gives easy-to-digest tidbits about Edwardian life. I love learning about the hierarchies of the domestic servants and the aristocracy, so I'm also happy to share information if anyone has questions!
  18. I'm interested. I love DTA. And I like the idea of creating a whole new family for this roleplay. Plus period roleplays are too few, and I think they are so much fun.

    Youngest Heir (will play him as male, and if okay with you all he will be gay?)
    Cook or kitchen staff and Chauffeur.

    Gotta get to work but I'll be back later to follow up on this thread.
  19. Due to the amount of male heirs being suggested, I think I'll play a female one.

    Nice to see another person interested though ~

  20. Not quite what I mean. We have an entirely new cast. New Earl and lady with new history, even though I haven't been able to find a proper title for him yet. As to the second, I only mean that the fictional estate and castle of Downton will be the setting and not the Highclere castle which actually has a very updated grounds and gift shop buildings and the like.

    Here's an updated list of roles everyone's interested in. Feel free to begin on names and such in the Cast CS here. I'm going to go ahead and change this to group plotting. @TheOddball has already been helping my compile staff rules and the like. Everyone feel free to input on anything. I'm not a super great game master just a compiler and aspiring fan.

    Character Roles

    Earl- Joseph Waldegrave (70s)
    Countess- Helen York/Waldegrave (70s)
    Title Heir- Raymond Waldegrave
    Heiress- @TheOddball
    Heiress- @Shayla
    Heir- @Linden
    Heir- @Ex Machina

    Upper servants

    Housekeeper- @Me
    Butler- @TheOddball
    Ladies maids- @Shayla @Me

    Valets- @TheOddball

    Under servants

    Cook- @Linden
    Kitchen maid- @Me, @Ex Machina
    House maid- @TheOddball, @Shayla
    Scullery maid- @Ex Machina
    Footmen- @Me, @Linden

    Senior Servants

    chauffeur-@ Ex Machina
    Head Gardener-

    Quick Vote about gay status of a male Heir played by Ex Machina?


    Alright everyone let me know if I mixed something up other than that everyone can get started on the characters they want.

    The current CS is below. Add any detail you want, remove anything except those with the "*" before them.

    Character Sheet

    Name and Age Information
    *Name and title:
    Name Pronunciation:
    *Birth Date:

    Physical Information
    *(Insert realistic, non fictional picture here)

    Hair Color/Length/Texture/Style:

    Speech and Posture Information
    Voice Pitch:
    Average Volume:
    Speech Mannerisms (talks with hands, stutters, ect.):
    General Posture:
    Gait (walks with confidence, head down, short/long strides, etc.):
    How they enter a room (confidently, shouting greetings, smiles all round, quietly and sliding into a corner, etc.):
    Physical Disabilities:
    Tendency to Fall Ill on a Scale of 1-10:
    Extra Details Here:

    Personality Information
    Describe in three words:
    View on Humanity in General:
    Rate how trusting they are of strangers from 1-10:
    Introvert or Extrovert?
    Optimist or Pessimist?
    Realistic or Dreamer?
    Generous or Stingy?
    Methodical and Neat or Messy and Disorganized?
    Overenthusiastic or Apathetic?
    *Main Character Strength:
    *Main Character Weakness:
    Good Traits:
    Neutral Traits:
    Bad Traits:
    Religious Information:
    Tactics to Achieve ambition (examples: amuse, manipulate, beg, impress, seduce, dictate, relax, etc.):

    Background Information


    (As much history as you think is necessary to get the feeling of the character)

    (include titles/positions if known)
    Other Relatives:
    Extra Details Here:

    Present Information

    Plans if they should die (how their possessions will be divided, where they’ll be put to rest, etc):
    Known Language(s):
    *Criminal Record (if any):

    Extra Details Here:
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