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Downloading PMs?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Cosmic Castaway, Jun 21, 2015.

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  1. Is there a way to download PMs, easier than going on a copy/paste frenzy? I do ALL of my roleplaying via PM, and this is legit my first post. I've never seen a way to download them since I have been a member, but I could be missing something. Any help on the topic would be appreciated.

    Also, if there isn't a way to download them, is that a feature that could come in the future? It really would be more convenient for me, but I might be alone in this. Thanks!
  2. If you're going through all of your messages right now to copy them and paste them in a separate word document, I would suggest writing your draft in the word document, then copy them and paste them into the conversation message. That way you save yourself from doing this huge pile of work all at once.

    Of course, if you're already doing what I suggested above, then ignore me. :P
  3. Yeah, I've done that before. But I roleplay from my phone at work, so it's not always possible to avoid the work unfortunately.
  4. One other thing that might work, too, is to just take screen shots from your phone and save them. That's my last suggestion. I'll leave you alone now. xD
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  5. No problem, I appreciate the suggestions!
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  6. I know that threads have an Export function. At the top of a thread, you can go to Thread Tools > Export Thread and then copy/paste the entire thread.

    I THOUGHT this was available for PMs too but I checked and realized it is not.

    @Diana maybe something to think about implementing for PMs?
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