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  1. Same.
  2. I had what I like to call the "plague" when I was 15. I missed the last month of school and spent the entire summer sick and near dead on the sofa before mom finally took me to the doctor. >> I had to take antibiotics for weeks and still have hearing problems in my left ear.
  3. Oh... they weren't that bad :)
  4. Same mang

    I remedy myself by reading my performance in Wish through Time and MonoAwa.

    Maybe Rapture and Falls.
  5. I once had an abscess in my jaw, my temperature rose to a good 43-44 celcius, and if I hadn't been hospitalized right away, I would have died within several days. I got really lucky then. I've still got a hole in my jaw where they put the drain through.
  6. Alkura

    Alkura cocked her head to the side and studied the man curiously, then relaxed out of her defensive position. The words that followed came smoothly.

    "I'm not strong Christian Haak, you're weak. With a will to fight like that, you'll just end up a burden to everyone else, and then who'll save your sister? It's disappointing that you can't even find the will to fight me though, I was really looking forward to a good spar."

    She chuckled a little bit to herself at the thought. It was ludicrous, what Christian said that was. He wasn't going to hit a child? The fact that he wasn't willing to defend himself in such a situation showed that it was he, not her, lacking in the department of being an adult.

    "Tell me Christian Haak, if someone like myself attempted to kill Tyler, what would you do? Would you simply stand in the way? Would you step back and tell them that you won't fight simply because they are a child? I may not be an adult, but even I am mature enough to realize that there is an appropriate time to cast aside your morals and face the person that threatens you with your fists raised. Regardless of whether or not you are training with a child, or with an adult, you should always fight as you would in a situation where you have no other options."

    Alkura turned on her heel, and went over to a rack of training weapons about five yards away. Among the rack were two wooden rods, both half an inch in diameter and four feet in length, or about the size of an average sword. Without saying anything, Alkura tossed Christian one of the rods and picked the other up for herself, before turning to face him.

    "You know i'm the only one here who is actually capable of matching you blow for blow yes? My father was a founder, just like Cal, if anyone is qualified enough to face you it's me, if what I just showed you a second ago wasn't enough then you're blind or a masochist."

    Alkura cast a quick glance to the side, where the group that had previously been getting ready to train had stopped and was now looking at Alkura and Christian, murmurs going throughout the group. Among them stood the Lieutenant and Sergeant, both of them watching Alkura and Christian curiously.

    "Besides, it doesn't look like they plan to do training right now, might as well see what you are capable of."
  7. People seem to be sick all the time here, so I'm expecting more posts to this thread :P

    As far as I can remember I was sick for 3-4 weeks back in elementary school, but half of it was "WAAAH! Don't wanna go to school!".

    Other then that, I usually get a pretty bad cold every winter(mild case of asthma+ice cold air outside=cold).
  8. Sickest I've ever been was when I got dehydrated last summer and went to the hospital.

    Fever went up to a high number, shivered like a drenched dog, threw up every ten or fifteen minutes, horrible migraine, numb everywhere... dizziness also accured at times. I wanted to kill myself! >_< Stayed in that damn, horrible, unforgetting hospital from six or seven in the evening to three in the morning.
  9. Anything can be posted here
  10. MARCH 2, 2017

    "It's pretty nice, right? One of the perks of being the Archmage's granddaughter." Raven put her hands on her hips and surveyed the dormitory room with a smile, watching Natalia unpack the few items she brought with me. Her room was an unused teacher's dorm, twice as big as the average shared dorm room. It was decorated all over with Raven's style, with a couple wide love seats, a three-seat couch, and a coffee table strewn with her alchemy notes. Her walls had various paintings and new age decorations. It was very classy.

    "Mm-hmm," Natalia replied as she moved some of her jeans into a dresser in the other room. Being able to flawlessly teleport, the distressed teen packed very little - about half the clothes Raven had bought for her earlier, a stuffed animal of a black cat, and as a care package, a couple of Aunt Cherie's baked goods.

    "Too clean!" Erika commented as she looked the room over. "We need to throw a rager in here. Bring in some boys! Start a fight club! Have an orgy!"

    "Sure...whatever," she said offhand. She wasn't looking at either of them; wasn't even looking at her things as she put them away.

    "Natalia? Sweetheart, what's wrong?" Raven went up to her and put an arm around her shoulders. Natalia had already grown close to her - almost like the big sister she never had - and leaned into her for more than one kind of support. "You're not still worried about everyone liking you, are you?"

    "I am, but that's not it." She closed her eyes. "It's keep saying I'm more than just some mage. And I can feel that I'm different from the others. I'm just worried if this will actually help me. What if I'm not supposed to be here?"

    Raven caressed her shoulder as she considered how to answer this. "It was the best thing I could think of. I believe we do something to teach you here at the Tower, and whether I'm wrong about that or not, I know this time here will be good for you. It'll be good for me, too. I've been needing someone to share this room with. And I couldn't think of anyone I rather would."

    Natalia smiled at that and looked up. "Except maybe Sam."


    MARCH 3, 2017

    Some teachers had expressed a desire to put Natalia into some remedial classes, since she was so behind on her magical studying. However, Raven - after pulling a few strings and describing in detail some of Natalia's latent powers - was able to get her in a lot of the same classes as the young alchemist.

    In matters of manipulating objects, be it moving them or transfiguring them, Natalia found the lessons seeping into her easily, but the knowledge contained in the lessons she felt were...lacking. It was like she was in a college-level calculus course, but the teacher was explaining third-grade math. Stranger still, she got a sense of deja vu, as if everything the teachers were going over she already knew. But she couldn't remember being taught this stuff. She shook her head again. The nightmare last night. Always the nightmare. Even at the Tower she couldn't escape it...

    "Natalia, are you okay?" Raven asked her.

    "Um...I'm fine, Raven. Well, I'm not, but I'm supposed to be...? Sorry, I'm a little confused." She blushed and hid behind her pale blonde hair.

    "It's okay. Some of the lessons can be pretty intense, but I thought you'd be able to handle it," the alchemist assured her.

    "Actually, I'm confused by how simple it all is. I feel like I shouldn't be making fun, but when the professor pointed out the difficulties of teleporting objects, I wanted to pop right in front of him to show how easy it could be," she said, telling at least a part-truth.

    "These things don't come naturally to most of us, Natalia. Even though we're all able to sense mana, controlling it is very difficult," she said and looked away quickly. The girl squinted as she contemplated Raven. If she just probed a little past the surface of her mind...what were all those formulae? But Raven quickly changed the subject. "Anyway, I've got some study materials to gather up. Sorry I don't have the next class with you. Try to make a friend in the classroom."

    Natalia nodded, but walked to her next class alone and with her head down. She took out her books, including one she brought from home - her personal spell book. When she'd shown it to Raven, she said she couldn't read a word of it. In fact, there were no words; just inconsistent symbols. And every time the book was opened, those symbols changed. Raven said it was an impossible, ridiculous tome, and grew frustrated in her attempt to translate it.

    But she could read it. Not in words, was difficult to explain. The symbols told her things somehow. She discreetly opened it, and a few pages in she was stopped by the symbols. The instructions for small-scale atomic fission and recombination. Was this the guide to alchemy...?

    A soft poke on her shoulder made her turn and shut her book in one fluid motion. A girl about her age stood in front of her. She had light brown hair tied in a ponytail, a Doctor Who t-shirt with a button-up cardigan over it, and a nervous, fidgety demeanor. She reminded Natalia a bit of herself.

    "Excuse me. That' seat," she said timidly.

    "Oh. I can move over." Without thinking, she teleported herself and her belongings to the next seat over. The girl stared slack-jawed.

    "What? How did you do that?" she asked. She slid into the now empty seat and leaned over, getting right in Natalia's face. "That was a flawless teleportation. How did you do that without even a gust of wind?"

    "I teleported the volume of air I was going to be occupying at the same time. Easy," she said and hurriedly looked away. Too conspicuous.

    "That's amazing!" she said with definite awe. "I haven't seen you around here before. You're the new girl, aren't you?"

    "You know about me?" She pulled in on herself. They knew about her. She looked around, picking up whispers where no one was moving their mouths, calling her weird, saying she was supposed to be in a remedial class.

    "Well, there's been some talk about it. Someone new the Archmage's granddaughter found in America. Nothing much," she said. "I'm sorry if I'm making you uncomfortable. I'm Jill, by the way. Jill Baker."

    Seeing an offered hand, she shook it with a small smile. "Natalia Elmore."


    MARCH 9, 2017

    "That was really the first time you saw the Harry Potter movies?" Jill questioned with a slight grin. "I love those! Gets a lot of hate from the mage community, but I still find it good fun! Besides, it's not total bunk."

    "What do you mean?"

    The two were eating lunch at the Tower's cafeteria. Raven was seated next to them, bent over her notes and so lost in her work that she barely acknowledged the two, or touched her food.

    "Well, Rowling's wizards aren't too different from a lesser quality of mage," Jill explained. "Sometimes a mage can be mana-sensitive, but struggle to specialize their abilities or control them. They're given wands or similar objects as a focusing point so they have better control over the mana they manipulate. I did hear one guy did an experiment to try and boost the amount of mana he could interact with. Heard it turned him crazy or something."

    "I think I know him," Natalia said. She looked to Raven. "He tried to kill us."

    "Oh. Um...I-I'm sorry. I..." Jill trailed off, trying to think how to salvage this awkward conversation.

    "Don't worry about it." Natalia leaned over the table and looked at Raven's math, all molecular ratios. "Too much calcium. Not enough phosphorous. Move the decimal point over for potassium."

    Raven looked up then, her face changed from concentrated to guilty. "What?"

    "You have your numbers wrong," Natalia explained simply.

    "How do you know? You don't even know what I'm making."

    "Most of the ratios are consistent with a human body," she replied, still sounding detached from it all. She leaned over again, prompting Raven to try and hide her notes. "Though with all the lactose you're giving her, she might as well be a cow."

    "Raven, are you working on human transmutation?" Jill asked in a frightened whisper. "That's forbidden! No one's allowed to use that kind of magic because it's dangerous."

    "I'm not going to go for it. I'm just trying to correct the formula," she defended.

    "But you said 'making.'"

    "Shush!" Raven hissed.

    "But it's supposed to be impossible without a human soul. This is going into necromancy territory," Jill pleaded. "Please just put it away."

    Raven shut her notebook. "Fine. We're dropping it. Alright?"

    Jill thanked her and went back to her food, but Natalia kept her gaze upon the brunette.


    MARCH 10, 2017

    "So you and Ruth used to fuck, then you went and got Crossfire's love stick behind her back, which made Ruth pull Sam between her legs, and now you're back with her, leaving the boys with nothing to do but play with ol' righty palmer. Or each other." Erika smiled and turned on the couch to look at Landel. "That about right?"

    The doctor sighed. "It's so hard to believe you were weeks away from your doctorate. Is this Renegade trying to start a fight?"

    "Actually, Slut thinks you'll like dirty talk, since you're so uptight, so she's trying to turn you on," the young Irishwoman replied. That saucy smirk faded slightly as she added, "So why'd you cheat with Cross, anyway?"

    "I'll be honest...I had a crush on him before I got together with Ruth. But he was always so distant," Landel confessed. "When Ruth started teaming up with him, I started seeing him more often. I started learning about the more complex sides of him, and eventually we were able to hook up."

    "Bet the sex was awesome," Erika commented. "Never misses his target, if you know what I mean. Why'd you go back to Ruth?"

    "At first it was comfort, but then I realized I felt closer with her than I ever did with Cross. He didn't hold it against me when I left him to go back to her, so I sometimes wonder how much he really loved me." Landel paused in her seat and looked at Erika. "I thought I was supposed to be your therapist."

    Erika put her arms behind her head and her feet over the end of the couch. "I so deserve that degree."


    MARCH 10, 2017

    "So your favorite class is taught by a guy named Mangos?" Natalia asked as she and Jill took their seats in a room that had the set up of a high school chemistry lab.

    "Magnos, not Mangos," Jill laughed. "And yeah; enhancement is one of the classes I'm really good at, even if I'm technically cheating."


    She blushed. "Well, I've been learning all sorts of energy transference magic and have really developed an affinity for it. Enhancement is a new school of that magic, but it involves direct mana introduction, instead of mana swapping, which I've gotten really good at doing."

    "Mana swapping?" Natalia leaned closer. This was actually something new to her. It was...interesting.

    "Y-Yeah. I can swap the properties of objects, like making glass as tough as steel and steel brittle like glass. I can even absorb and borrow the properties for a short time. Like, two minutes." Jill looked away, then at the other students, who were just sitting down for class. "It's something almost no one can do. I don't think the other students like me for it."

    Natalia put a hand on her shoulder. "Erika says bosses don't care what rabble says, and we're bosses. I don't know what she means by that, but she usually follows it up with punching someone in the face."

    "You mean talking about punching someone in the face?" Jill clarified.

    "When there's no one around."

    "Good afternoon, class. Everyone - ah. I see you're already in pairs." The man who had entered the class was a glasses-wearing fifty-something year old man, but Natalia noted he had a physique like Tom Brady. It was an odd combination, but not unwelcome. Natalia kind of liked the muscles.

    "Well, since you're all paired off, we can start today's experiment," he continued. "At your desks you'll find a cup made from aluminium and a sink. Please fill the cups with water." He waited while everyone did that. Only when everyone had a cup full did he remember to go to his own sink and do the same. Natalia could see why Jill liked him. He was clearly competent, but a tad scatter-brained. It made him lovable.

    "Now, your task for today will be to pour the aluminium into the water," he said. "Allow me to explain - and also demonstrate. You use your enhancement to strengthen the bonds between the water molecules until they become solid, like so..." Professor Magnos began to pour the water onto the table. Natalia could almost see the mana he was using, watching as he compressed the water into a solid and gradually built it up like he was working with transparent clay, finishing with a clear cup just like the aluminum one. "Then simply do the opposite with the aluminium, breaking it down into a weak liquid." With that, he crushed the cup and poured it through his fingers and into the ice glass.

    Everyone started to do it, but Jill was struggling more than the rest of them. She couldn't get the water to solidify on the table, and instead was just making a puddle and had to keep refilling. And the more times she failed, the less likely she was to succeed, as she got frustrated and panicky. When it looked like she was about to cry, Natalia stepped in.

    "Here; let's try this a little differently." She pulled the water out of the cup and levitated it and its former container in mid air. She then shaped the water into a cup shape and looked at Jill. "Okay, now do your swapping thing."

    Jill nodded and stuck out her hands, smiling as the water began to harden while the aluminum lost all structure. Once they were switched, Natalia simply moved the liquid metal into the ice and set it down. The two smiled at each other at their accomplishment.

    "Friendship; the real magic," Jill said, then blushed at her own corniness.

    "Isn't that what the horse on your t-shirt is saying?"


    MARCH 14, 2017

    "So how's the jetlag?" Jade asked as she took a sip of coffee at a London café.

    "I've figured out a trick for getting around it - that doesn't involve teleportation," Sam replied from his end of the table. "Just doesn't feel right."

    "Maybe it has something to do with your Empiric Field," Jade offered. After another drink, she changed the subject. "So how are things going with those kids? As I understand it, Natalia's attending the Ivory Tower. Ruth told me."

    "Yes. And she's been getting a lot better. But Raven says she still wakes up screaming. Her nightmares haven't gone away." He sat back and fingered his cup in thought. "It's strange. In every way, she's improving and acting more and more like a functional - albeit shy - girl. But she's apparently having these disturbing, bloody nightmares every night. They should at least be less frequent by now."

    "Maybe some darker magic..." she mused. "How's Ferrara been regarding her? She's his very definition of a threat."

    "I think Karin's mastered talking him down by now. But I imagine every day's a battle not to put her and Erika in Inversion. Bet your director would be the same, given their powers," he replied.

    "I wouldn't know." Jade stared back with a suddenly intense look. "No one's ever seen Specter's director. I don't know who it is. I've been trying to get through the ranks to meet him - "

    " - and give yourself superpowers," Sam interrupted.

    "I put a stop to that program the moment I could," she repeated. "Unfortunately, it wasn't until after two others got injections, but still. You've met one of them, apparently. Hunting Lorentz in Iraq. He was a marine at the time. The serum saved his life." Jade sighed to herself and took another drink. "Anyway, it's one of the biggest mysteries of Specter, and it's part of the reason I've stayed with them for so long. The fact they don't seem to have a problem with human experimentation eats at me just as much as the hidden director."

    "So you're incognito," Sam nodded. "Or you've gotten paranoid in your old age."

    She smirked. "If I'm old, so are you, old friend."
  11. I got soaked by how much blood, sweat, and tears were put into this. I'm suing for damages.
  12. Alright, where to begin?

    Well, lots of things happened in Genesis for sure. Despite the small times where I wasn't able to check on how things were going, I was pretty invested and interested on what went down. Even if it dragged on for a bit more than intended, I really liked how everything was this game, especially how the events paced through with the basic "Murder Game" formula. Though... I'm just going to say, I don't know how Jason and Atomyk do this, on GMing an event like this, but I'm content with knowing that they put so much work into this. Claps off to them for setting sail this event for us to enjoy! Hoping that the award show period is a good breather after all of those consecutive MGs. ^^'

    I'll make another post later on for individual feedback and such, but I'm just going to leave it up for my second OC, Blake Dormi, in the Murder Series to get some feedback. :D
  13. "So it was grandma's."
  14. Will work on it.
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  16. "You're such a stiff."