Down with sickness



Kitti has been very sick as of late, though this isn't the sickest Kitti has ever been. The question, then, is...

What's the sickest you've ever been?


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I had what I like to call the "plague" when I was 15. I missed the last month of school and spent the entire summer sick and near dead on the sofa before mom finally took me to the doctor. >> I had to take antibiotics for weeks and still have hearing problems in my left ear.

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Hmm well I had hypothermia once and almost died from that, all I had to do was go to sleep. :DD IT WAS SO TEMPTING!


Sickest I've ever been, or so I'm told, is when I nearly died when I was two to Pneumonia (I think that is how it is spelled)

But other than that I dont' get sick....well other than my normal allergies come spring.


I once had an abscess in my jaw, my temperature rose to a good 43-44 celcius, and if I hadn't been hospitalized right away, I would have died within several days. I got really lucky then. I've still got a hole in my jaw where they put the drain through.


I got dengue once, skipped a month of school, fun times.


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People seem to be sick all the time here, so I'm expecting more posts to this thread :P

As far as I can remember I was sick for 3-4 weeks back in elementary school, but half of it was "WAAAH! Don't wanna go to school!".

Other then that, I usually get a pretty bad cold every winter(mild case of asthma+ice cold air outside=cold).


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Sickest I've ever been was when I got dehydrated last summer and went to the hospital.

Fever went up to a high number, shivered like a drenched dog, threw up every ten or fifteen minutes, horrible migraine, numb everywhere... dizziness also accured at times. I wanted to kill myself! >_< Stayed in that damn, horrible, unforgetting hospital from six or seven in the evening to three in the morning.


Dengue part I: age 6
Dengue part II: age 7
Dengue part III: age 8

(I'm one type of dengue away from having dengue-immune blood.. dammit, should have waited for the fourth one so I can cash in)

and then I transferred schools

some really-long-named thingie that I can't even pronounce back then, something to do with my eyes being too sensitive blah blah blah: age 11

Epilepsy: age 16-18

Possible brain damage: 19~ we're still not sure


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In boot camp someone brought the flu back to the barracks from Medical. I felt like shit but still had to do the chore of PT.

Anyone here ever done a two mile run with a 105 fever?

What helped was the week before I had gotten my lower wisdom teeth removed and they gave me a bottle of Hydrocodine.


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/huggles Orohic tightly/

Around 6-7 years old : pneumonia
~had to go the hospital and stuff. I remember it was really scary x.X

Around 10 : nystagmus (eyes rapidly move from side to side involuntarily)
~started to control it after a while~ now its ocular flutter voluntary rapideyemovement

From like 13-16 : recurrent flu/colds
~like every other week, I would come down with a virus. My immunity was really bad~ :3

-Crazy 103 fever from the summer when I was 13 + homesick in another country
~I used to wake up, eat, cold shower, sleep for like ten days until my dad came and I started to get better (was alone with extendedfamily there)

-Used to faint a lot from low blood pressure when I was 14ish
~that was weird, some sideeffect of some antibiotic I was taking for a cold.

My parents &&doctors say my immune system is weak because I was premature a couple of weeks. So I tend to get sick easily. Old sugar in processed foods makes my throat bad, old chocolates/candies in general, any dust, if I go out in the cold, if I'm near a sick person x) I always manage to catch SOMETHING.

Like when the Swineflu craze was going around, I happened to get a cold. People thought it was swineflu so I had to sit in the hospital for like a weekend until they figured it wasn't and let me go home x3


Sickest I've ever been, hands down, was about a month and a half ago...

Got some kind of stomach virus. I puked/shat like you wouldn't believe. It was so painful, I was wretched...


The sickest I've been is when I got a lymphatic infection when I was about twelve.
I had a fever of about 103 F, I got dehydrated because I had a hard time not puking, and I couldn't help but sleep almost all day for about a week.

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Aside from puking each year when I get sick and severe ear aches when I was little...ehh..jaundice and heart murmmur when I was a newborn...Cant think of anything really.

...Does having adhd count XD

Oh and when I stand up sometimes I collapse to my ass or knees, all dizzy and lightheaded. clue why I do that...
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I got food poisoning once. It lasted for like 5 days and was probably the sickest I've ever been.

Self inflicted: I drank enough Vodka to kill a horse when i was like 17. I threw up for 2 days straight. This is why, to this day, I hate Vodka with a passion. Yes, even the good stuff.

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The sickest I've been was when I had the Sinus Infection in 2007. REALLY sucked. Thought I had the flu but it wasn't. I was in bed for so long, missed class and the worst part was, it happened during a trip to one of the Hawaiian Islands. <_< So I couldn't enjoy it or go out as much as I wanted to.

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Aww Sakura I'm sorry you had to sit in the hospital over a stupid cold!! People freak out WWAAYYY too much!!