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  1. Hey, hello, greetings!

    You can call me Mno 6. I am a roleplayer of numerous years and with time, I feel my writing has become refined but there's always more experience to be gained at the same time of having fun.

    For a while, I've browsed this group wondering whether I could make it a new RP home. Actually, I couldn't because registration is closed but a invite code was up so here I am.

    A bit about me, hm, a former native of Florida. I moved elsewhere around the country, I'll probably move again I'm not certain as of yet. I have a spirit that just won't be settled in one place too long.

    I'd say I'm a gamer, though, it has slowed down dramatically over the years. A couple of games I'm looking forward to are Tekken 7, Nier: Automata, and maybe the forever delayed Final Fantasy XV. By this point I feel indifferent about it. I do have some of the old school Snes, Nintendo, Genesis games to keep me occupied on my computer :)

    I love oreos, every flavor except peanut butter. As a matter of fact, some mint flavor ones are in my pantry now.

    With just a bit of that to the side, I'll give a short shot about the roleplayer me at least until my resume is filled out.
    I enjoy the Fantasy, Modern Fantasy/Modern, Historical/Medieval, and Space/Science Fiction genres the most. If you do too we should talk more. Out of all genres, I can say 90% of my writing involved the above. It's easy to create a character or the world for me and I am a huge plotter meaning I like all the players on the bases before we go for that home run. I like this for long or short term plots but I favor long term more.

    I can write for female characters and I can write for male characters, it really makes no difference to me. I also have no trouble playing multiple characters, important or spur of the moment.

    The biggest thing for me is sharing the flow of the roleplay with my writing partner. It doesn't matter whose idea the plot originated from, putting together effort on both ends is what I think keeps the story fresh and both parties interested.

    There it is, my introduction!
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  2. Hi~ And welcome to Iwaku!

    Hehehe I've finally found a newbie thread that hasn't already been loaded up with messages. I am the first to say hullo! >:)

    Iwaku has a lot of little niches for everybody; and I bet we're all glad you decided to see if you could make it your new home ^^

    I'm also eagerly awaiting FF15; that delay ruined me, but I bet it's for the better. And I, too, have mint oreos presently. Alongside the half n half ones (one chocolate cookie, one vanilla) and the red velvet... And the golden. And the regular. Can you call me obsessed? Maybe. Maybe...

    Anyways. Welcome to Iwaku and don't forget to take a look-see at the Newbie Care Package! Lots of cool stuff in there.
  3. Well, it looks like you're getting the double jay salute. Hey there! I've only been role-playing for a couple years now and mostly on this site. I love character development above all else in RPs, though I tend to focus more heavily on world building in my personal fiction. I tend to step back and allow other people their creative freedom in RPs which is probably why I've never been in a 1x1 that lasted longer than a month (lol, I'm working on it). I like plotting crazy things and making up bizarre in-game conspiracy theories that make no sense, heehee. So at least I'd promise to be a weird 1x1 partner if nothing else, though currently life is kicking my butt so I'm not as active as I'd like to be.

    I'm not at all a gamer and am ambivalent about oreos, but nice to meet you all the same, and I hope you like it here at Iwaku! You seem like an articulate person, and I look forward to seeing you around in roleplays.
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  4. Hey, welcome to iwaku, I hope you find your fun times here. Make it a good home to harvest all those idea's and fun writing urges you have! I hope you find great partners and great times.
  5. Welcome aboard, Mno. >:3
  6. Welcome to Iwaku, Mno! I see we like a bunch of the same genres! I'd love to see what your writing is like! Maybe we could chat sometime! In the meantime, have fun! c:
  7. Plotting? I love plotting! Plots all around!
    Anyway, welcome to Iwaku
  8. Thank you, thank you!
    Right now, I just can't get myself to get excited about FF15. I'll believe it when I see it, maybe everything will be worked out, we'll see. Also, you and oreos, all I can say is that you are awesome. I wouldn't say obsessed, I'd say devoted to the cause of sweetness. It's getting to the fall months so they'll be bringing gingerbread or pumpkin flavor.
    I definitely will take a look at it!

    Thank you so much. So far I do, the welcomes are wonderful.

    :) Thank you as well! I'm sure I will.


    Thank you Isla. Ah, we do? Cool. I'll be updating my information in the coming days, particularly the writing sample. Of course we can chat sometime :)

    Me too! They are working their way in my head right now and not to forget, thank you so much for the welcome!
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  9. Hello and welcome to Iwaku! Hope you have a good time~
  10. Thank you!
  11. Welcome, be careful or you might enjoy your stay
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  12. Hi Mno!
    Totally my bad for the delayed welcome, but hey, better late than never, right? ;P
    Anyways, it's awesome to have you here on Iwaku (good thing you got your hands on that invite code)!
    Seeing as you're new to Iwaku, check out the "Newbie Care Package" thread - you can get a bunch of free graphics and a guide around Iwaku :)

    Also, here are some helpful threads to get you started! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
    Help Desk - HELP DESK
    Interest Checking & Creation - INTEREST CHECKING & CREATION
    Seeking One on One Partners - SEEKING ONE ON ONE PARTNERS
    Terms & Rules - Terms of Service and Rules |
    BB Codes - BB Codes |

  13. Welcome to Iwaku land of the insane totally normal people, if you wish to be a productive member of society please check out the Interest Check to find Roleplays or Roleplay Help & Discussion of you want to get or share RP advice.

    If you wish to join the ranks of the Glorious delinquent shit posters (like moi) please check out General Chatting to engage in Jolly Co-operation!
    Just two more months, and you can have your Final Fantasy... for the 15th time. :P
  14. I don't like mint oreos! But I'm ok with the peanut butter ones. But they're weird. Not a top tier peanut butter cookie. I actually weirdly enjoyed their sorbet flavor. Those were strange little fruity cookies.

    Annnyway, welcome to Iwaku! I hope that you've been settling in well and finding everything all right. Did you see the shiny ad styler yet? It's great.

    If you need help with anything, the linked Help Desk is a great first stop (especially the FAQ section at the top) but members here are also typically willing to lend a hand with stubborn issues.
  15. Too late! And thank you for the welcome.
  16. Hi Ali! Your welcome is right on time actually. Thank you very much.
  17. Haha, thank you Gwazi Magnum.

    I just can't get with peanut butter unless that's the only flavor. Maybe if they do like a peanut butter with another flavor mixed. I don't know. And I love those flavors too! Don't get me started. Thank you by the way for the welcome.

    I'm still finding my way around but I am settling in. I have not seen that ad yet though. Thank you again.
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  18. Welcome to Iwaku, Mno.

    Glad to have you onboard the Iwaku ship!

    I am sure you'll enjoy your stay here at the site.

    Anyhow, have a blast RPing, mate.
  19. Hi and thank you Akashi!
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