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So I'm looking for FxM (I'd be the F) for some RPs. I'm open to pretty much anything sex wise -^_^- If I've forgotten any, tell me so I can edit this. I don't have very many rules, only that if you're going to drop, tell me. I don't write huge paragraphs, so I'm okay with one-liners, as long as it makes sense.

Below is a list of pairings. I'd be the one on the left

Alice in Wonderland

Alice x Mad Hatter
Alice x White Rabbit (in human form)
Queen of Hearts x Mad Hatter
Queen of Hearts x King
Cheshire Cat x Mad Hatter
Cheshire Cat x White Rabbit

Tokyo Ghoul

Touka x Kaneki
Rize x Kaneki

Vampire Knight

Yuki x Zero
Yuki x Kaneme


Asuna x Kirito
Asuna x Klein
Lisbeth x Kirito
Leafa x Kirito

Final Fantasy

Lightning x Noel
Lightning x Snow
Serah x Snow
Serah x Noel
Fang x Snow
Vanille x Snow

Kingdom Hearts

Kairi x Sora
Kairi x Riku
Namine x Roxas
Xion x Roxas

Some Real Life Pairings

Friend x friend
Girlfriend x boyfriend
Slave x master
Secretary x boss
Fan x author
Maid x employer
Private school girl x bad boy
Gamer girl x gamer guy
Student x teacher

Some Supernatural Pairings

Vampire x vampire
Vampire x slayer
Victim x vampire
Kitsune x human
Demon x slayer
Priestess x demon
Succubus x human
Succubus x incubus
Human x incubus

If you're interested, PM me :)
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Still looking~

Btw I also do incest :3

Pendulum Ghost

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*perks ears* a slave, master brother sister r.p?


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Still looking~

On the hunt for a dominant male


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Kingdom Hearts or Vampire knight <3 I would love to do either and any of the pairings listed.


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Still looking ~

Getting busy, but replies will be at least twice a day. If you have any other plot ideas, PM me! I love hearing from you guys :)