Down On The Farm (LadyHarpy and Wintermoon)

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  1. The country side was rather quite, very quiet...too quiet. Amanda enjoyed silence as much as the next writer but here it was deafening to her. The only sound she could hear was the classical music playing in her cars CD changer as he road along the dirt road in her Crossover. Thankfully she had owned a car that could handle all the bumps on the road that seemed cover the path she was going along. Sighing, she found her mind wandering to how she had possibly found herself out here of all places...

    She had not done well in the city, her novel was never getting past the first step of the publishing process, the readers liked it but they didn't think it had selling value. Of course it had selling value, all of the hire readers enjoyed it! Doesn't that mean anything? Well, apparently it didn't to the publishing companies. They needed some positive feed back than what the reader seemed to be saying. Her lack luster job was also barely supporting her, working as a waitress was hardly beneficial to her preferred career. Eventually, things started to change. Her loving grandfather passed away, leaving her and her sister a little farm out in the country. At first she wanted nothing to do with and told her parents to try and sell it...But not too soon after she received another failed publishing letter and decided that maybe...heading out there was what she needed.

    After some chattering with her sister she told the girl to come along, at least to figure out what the farm was like and what there really was that needed to be done on it. Maybe they could figure out how to sell it or, if they decided to, how to take care of it. Either way, Amanda needed the space and the time to figure out her path...and working a farm seemed like a really good idea to do it. If not, she could at least be working on something important and productive instead of wasting away as a waitress in the big city...

    She turned onto the drive of the farm and started to head towards the main house...Over grown field on either side of the road she took.

    "Big Bro...Get up...Come one we have to go meet the new owners..." Patrick said to his sibling as he kicked the older man in the side lightly with his cowboy boots on. Being the younger of the two he was a bit more bright eyed than his brother in the morning. But that was the life of a farm hand, early hours before the owner and getting stuff done. However, today was different. After the passing of the old man the worked for, the farm got passed to his grandchildren. They hadn't been around but the family had asked the brothers to keep an eye on the farm while they figured out the rest of the grandfather's burial and where his old things would go. Long since taken away and laid to rest, the house only had the old man's things. The brother's watched over the small animals and made sure things kept running. Now the children were finally coming around to figure things out.

    Patrick was a bit worried he'd have to look for new work with his brother. They had been working the farm for years, even when they were really young boys. It's all they had ever done. To have to try and find a ranch looking for workers this late in the year made him worried. Would anyone even take them so late in the season? Sighing he kicked his brother a bit harder. "Come on! Get up!"
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  2. Summer sigh as she pack her bag and text her sister she was on her way. She called her agent and told her she had family business to take care of and she would be back soon and to keep her touch about the new album.

    Tossing her bags in her truck she got in and started driving to the farm her grandfather owned. She remember it they use to go there as kids to play but haven't been there in years. Turning the music on she drove listening to country music and wonder if the place has change that much. She took her blue tooth and called her sister "hey I'm like a hour away I think. Once I get to the gas station do I go right or left?" She ask her

    Jason groan hearing his brother and rolled over. "You go I'll stay here" he sigh no wanting to meet the new owners. He had hope him and his brother would get the farm since they been working there for a while with the old man.

    He heard the old man passing and felt bad for the family and wonder what the grandkids are like. He groan and sat up "alright I'm up" he got up change and walk out with his brother to the truck "let's go" he got in and started driving once he brother was in. He drove up to the farm and park and got out walk up to Amanda smile "hey I'm jason this is Patrick we been watching farm since your grandfather pass. Sorry for your loss"
  3. Amanda answered her phone as she pulled up to the house, seeing that it was her sister who was calling. Answering it she listened, humming a bit before speaking. "Left, turn left...then you'll take the next right onto a dirt road....From there, it's another left since there is nothing but fields that way. It will be the very first left you see..." She said as she slowly stepped from the car, looking over the house for a minute. It was rather old, build for a tine before the internet. Thankfully her grandfather was a smart enough man to agree to have a cell tower built on his property and also have wifi established on his farm...Other wise this phone call would not be happening. At the sound of a car approaching Amanda turned around and spoke slowly into the phone.

    "Sis...I'll see you when you get here...I think the work hands just arrived." With a short goodbye she hung up her phone and put it into her pocket before walking slowly towards the approaching car. As it stopped so did she, looking it over as the two rather tall and well built men stepped out from it. She gave a polite smile to them as the approached, nodding it each man as they mentioned their names. "It's nice to meet you...Thanks for taking care of things while we were working out granddad's burial and such. He spoke fondly of his workers on phone calls so it's nice to finally have a face and name. You've done so much for him so we really do appreciate everything."

    "We're glad we got to work for such a nice man." Patrick said, stepping up and nodding his head at her. "Were were told there were two of you though...Mind me asking were the other one is?" After all, since they had been watching the place they had also been told to expect two people, when only one showed up it was a bit surprising.

    "Oh, she's on her way...We were coming from separate places to get to here so I ended up getting here first, I started earlier and had the longest drive." Amanda explained them as she reached up to adjust her bright red glasses.
  4. "Yeah we loved working with him. Good man spoke fondly of you and your sister" Jason said smile at her. He thought she is cute.

    "Got thanks sis bye" summer said softly. She turn left at gastation then right on the dirt road and drove. She saw the fields and went left on another road and drove for a bit. Then she pull up and saw her sister and the two men talking. She pull up and park and got out wearing her black sunglasses pink on the inside. She walk up "wow this place is well still look the same but older" she hug her sis and smile at the guys. "Hi I'm summer" her long red hair is hung loose to the side and In light blue dress with boots and a jacket on.
  5. "Well, we loved him a lot, even when we didn't get to come around as much. If not visits, then holidays and phone calls were when we got to hear from granddad. It's a shame we didn't get to come back here once more before he passed away but circumstances were rather complicated at the time...Being an adult sometimes doesn't make being a granddaughter easy." Amanda said with a sigh.

    It was after this that Summer pulled up in her car, catching the groups attention as she stepped out and approached her sister. Amanda smiled and hugged her sister quickly before turning back to the men. Patrick was rather impressed with Summer, finding her to be a very cute girl. It seemed it was a trait in the family. "Hello, I'm Patrick...Jason here is my older brother." He answered for them, smiling politely at Summer as he held out his hand to her to shake.
  6. "I know but he loved you both. He talk about you two a lot" Jason said softly squeeze her shoulder gently.
    He smile at summer but thought amada was beautiful

    Summer hug Amanda and smile at Patrick. She shook his hand softly "hi thank you both for watching the farm" she said softly
  7. "He was a great grandfather...But now he's resting. I suppose it was about time though, he was getting so old and frail. I'm still amazed to think he still ran this place in his old age with just the two of you." Amanda commented simply as she looked at Jason. "I mean, a farm is no easy job, I know that well enough just being here as a kid, can't imagine how much work he always had to do. Now though, its on us to see to this farm and figure things out...Do you mind giving a tour. I sort of remember things but it's been years since the last time either of us saw the place."

    Patrick smiled and shook Summer's hand, looking to Amanda then as she asked for a tour. "Sure, I'm certain a lot's changed around here since you guys were kids. The house is pretty much the same but the barn and animals are all nice and new. We can hop in the truck and take a ride."
  8. "Well we loved taking care of it and he was fun to talk to" Jason smile and led her I the truck and open the door. "Lady first"

    "Oh good I haven't changed my boots and would prefer to not walk in these any longer I have blisters on my ankles" summer chuckle and follow Patrick to the truck.
  9. Amanda stepped inside, smiling kindly at Jason as she slipping into the passenger seat. She hadn't really been around the farm in a long while so it was a bit exciting to see their old play places once again after they had grown up.

    Patrick hopped into the bed of the truck, allowing the two women to have more comfortable and safe seats inside the cabin.
  10. Summer decided to sit with Patrick in the bed of the truck. She got up and sat next to him smile "mind if I sit with ya? It to squishy in the front and I like the fresh air"

    Jason smile and close door after Amanda. He got in started truck and started driving on the farm.

    Summer move to the side almost falling off and grip Patrick arm. She laugh "whoa! That was scary!" She giggle smiling
  11. Amanda was quiet as Jason drove, looking out the window at the farm she played at as a kid with her sister. I seemed odd to see it now as an adult. It no longer had that exciting charm she remembered, maybe it was tim that had taken that away and made it just a simple looking place. Whatever it was, she couldn't help the fond memories that did come to her as they moved along.

    "So many summer's here...and yet this place still looks so different. Hard to believe that..." She said out loud as she watched the old house slip into the distance.

    Patrick laughed as Summer grabbed him, finding it a bit humorous that she stumbled. "Be careful, I don't think your family wants you to get hurt within the first few minutes of being here." He said as he let her hold him.