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  1. My one plot idea was to have a woman, preppy and born and raised in Beverly Hills, has never seen the country states or a horse except in movies, breaks down in a deserted road with no service in the middle of Montana, nothing but farmland and open country for miles. She gets picked up by a handsome down home country boy, the stereotypical cowboy. Born and raised in Montana, and a small town boy. The girl stays at his place while he fixes her car and they end up falling in love.

    The plot needs improvement. I also want two other characters which can be split between us; the girls best friend which the girl contacts through email and text, and the old ex boyfriend from New York who is too attached.

    I would like a roleplayer who:
    1. can roleplay a stereotypical rich girl and or a stereotypical country boy.
    2. Knows about the United States, ie. Lives in the US to know about Montana and Beverly Hills, California, and New York.
    3. Must post a paragraph or more
    4. Someone who can keep the roleplay going with twists and turns.

    We can discuss the rest via. PM.

    PM me if interested.

    Thank you
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.