Down and Out (Possible Idea?)

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  1. Once upon a time I entered a writing contest. And once upon a time, this contest had a deadline that I narrowly met in the very last hours of the contest. And, because procrastination is a cruel mistress, (the prettiest in the world) I had to leave it as a cliff hanger.
    But I'm not done with it just yet, no sir. I was wondering if someone was to roleplay the rest out with me! I can send it to you, if you are interested, but for now, to keep things short, I'll summarize.
    "Eddie Fay never had intentions for things to turn out the way they did. She never wanted to be one foot short of a normal life, and she never wanted to relearn everything she was ever taught, either. All it took was one accident that could have been avoided.
    Eddie is your average failing adolescent. Tardy for school regularly, talking back to teachers daily, and playing drums in her families apartment nightly- she was your average New York jerk. She liked it that way, and she was scared of change.
    Change came quickly, and so did a swing."

    Please PM me if you are at all interested, and I can give you more information!
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  2. Don't forget to send me some thoughts on this as well. :)
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