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  1. Writing is practically a part of me, physically and mentally, and I usually find myself writing poetry or short stories/descriptions at school when I take a break from drawing Pokemon and/or doing my work. Iwaku has a showcase, so I have decided to show my work in this online case! /amgsolame;w;

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    Short Stories/Descriptions

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    Writing-related art (such as character art)

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  2. Post 1

    All poetry is original and created by me.

    (inspired by Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies)

    Sometimes I look to the sky
    And then I wonder why
    Why was I chosen
    To be cast out amongst this lie

    But then I realize
    I am Sentinel of the Skies
    I am needed here for now
    But once again I will arise

    Someday I will return
    But for now, all I'll do is yearn
    To fly up into the clouds
    And this quest, adjourn

    My wings will be here once again
    A halo perched atop my head
    The pink glow of a Celestrian
    I will fly home again

    The sun's setting in the East
    A sign of the waking beast
    My blade is sheathed, I will not fight
    For he brings the Salvation that we seek

    Ascend, my brothers, for I'm coming with you...​
  3. Post 2
    Short Stories/Descriptions

    All short stories and descriptions are original and created by me.

    CAUTION: Violence/blood/gore/etc

    Oh, Mary
    (a short story)
    (I wrote this when I was twelve .3.)

    A tisket, a tasket, nailing shut your casket. A tisket, a tasket, there's blood in Mary's basket.

    Oh, Mary. You thought yourself a kind soul. But you were wrong, you were very wrong. You were a bad girl, Mary, a very bad girl. So I made you pay.

    You hurt me, Mary. You drove me to The End, but instead you were ended. You hurt many of us. So I brought it upon myself to kill you. And I liked it...

    I strung you up from my ceiling by your wrists, your perfect wrists. I made it so you could not make a sound. I licked the sweet blade that was the first part of your undoing, drawing my own blood. Do you remember the beautiful red tears I drew under your eyes? I do. Do you remember the bite of the blade down your arms, making shallow cuts, and my delighted laugh? Oh, how the blood excited me! Do you recall when I ripped your pretty flowered dress off, leaving you naked like a newborn baby? I proceeded to slice down your legs, more shallow cuts. You groaned quietly and I giggled. If only you had been a good girl.

    Remember, I took that tiny knife and drew those beautifully intricate designs? The crimson droplets added to the effect. Then I got tired of waiting. I flicked my wrist, causing your stomach to open. I pulled out your large intestine and wore it as a gory boa. Your small intestine was my headband, tied around my forehead.

    Your muffled screams angered me... so I cut out your voicebox and ate it... it wasn't very tasty. You bled. You bled very much. I reveled in that crimson pool, then I planted a black kiss upon your cheek. The mark of my kill.

    I'll let them find you. They'll chase after me, but they won't find me. Nobody ever has.​
  4. Post 3
    Writing-related art

    All art is original and created by me.​
  5. Parodies

    Bimbo Queen
    My friend Larissa and I wrote this song after Miss America visited our school c: It's supposed to be sang or recited to the tune of the first four lines of the Dragonborn Chant from Skyrim.

    Bimbo queen, bimbo queen, wears duct tape-covered things
    Calls to all of your men, beware of her charms!
    She is spawned of evil, Oblivion's mistress
    Bimbo queen, bimbo queen, looks like a Hagraven!

    I know, it's rather disrespectful to her, but we were bored and she looked like a bimbo. Also, Elder Scrolls.

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