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Looking for a slice of life or light fantasy M// right now. My ideal pairing is a gay friend and a straight(?) friend. I like playing the gentle football jock in either gay or straight(?).

I'm a sucker for super long posts, which is why I selected douche. The two roleplays I am in now are 1k-9k words. That's a huge... ah, well, my ideal is 5k, but of course 1k is my minimum and I will be satisfied with such. I won't yell at you for less, but don't be surprised if I slowly slink away.

I like doubling, side characters, comedy, sappy romance and puns. I play mid-twenty year old characters and I expect the same.

OOC is a must... plotting is a must. If you have a sense of humor and like to swear and have dicks touch, we will probably be perfect partners.

Message me, post here, idc which. Thank you~
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